Things You Forget to Do When You Move – A Checklist to Look at Before Moving From One Seattle Neighborhood to Another

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No matter how many times you change your home, relocations never get easier. They are stressful – that’s the universally known truth. There will always be some things you forget to do when you move. But, you can fight all that stress-induced forgetfulness with the help of our guide. Follow our tips, and there won’t be any things you forget to pack for your upcoming move.

Boxes and plants in the living room

There’s always something you can overlook when you move. Let’s prevent that

The list of things to remember to do when moving is quite long. Some tasks such as packing are apparent, but relocations are about so much more than just that. Sure, you’re at risk of overlooking some everyday things people forget to pack, but what you should pay more attention to are non-packing-related issues, and we’re going to tell you which ones so that you can handle everything on time.

What Are the Most Common Things You Forget to Do When You Move?

Preparing for a move is never easy, even if you’re only planning a local relocation and you’ll still be in the best suburbs of Seattle. If you thought that the short distance would make you remember all of your tasks easier, you were mistaken. Whether it’s house or apartment moving, all the work you have to do is the same, and there’s a lot of it. Relocation stress will make you overlook a few tasks, that’s for sure. But, which ones, and how to prevent that? Usually, people neglect those that aren’t related to packing or some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. However, we can show you how to avoid these basic mistakes.

Moving To-Do List and an Expenses Checklist Are Unavoidable Part of Preparations

The best way to prevent forgetting anything before you move to your new cool neighborhood is to write down a detailed list of tasks you have ahead of you and stick to it. Your to-do list will be lengthy, we can’t lie, but that’s better than remembering something when it’s too late. Besides the main list, you should have an expenses checklist to keep track of your spending.

Yes, that’s necessary even if you feel like you’ve got your finances under control since you’re going to one of the affordable Seattle suburbs. In the following lines, we will mention some of the tasks that people commonly overlook, so you can be sure to add them to your list. That’s the most straightforward way to move efficiently.

A plant, notebook, and a pen on the desk

Our article will ensure you have the most thorough to-do list

It’s Best to Start Checking Off Items on the Checklist About 8 Weeks Before Your Move

It may sound like it’s a bit early to begin preparations two months before the move, but trust us – if you’re not relocating in a hurry, this is the right time to start checking off items on the list. Why is that? According to experts, two months are just enough to take care of everything and not be in a horrific rush that will stress you out. Of course, you won’t pack up your wardrobe months ahead of the relocation day, but you will be able to finish some tedious tasks such as decluttering and making all the necessary lists.

Tips on What to Do Before You Start to Wrap Up Your Home

You probably figured out by now that a good organization is the ultimate solution to all your problems. Combined with excellent, provenly efficient moving tips, it will become the most fantastic move you will ever have. There are so many tips out there that can ensure you move house easier, so we recommend you do your research – it will be pretty beneficial.

People have found numerous tricks to fasten the relocation process, and a few relocation hacks can go a long way. So, it may sound ironic, but the best one out of all the tips would be – research and learn more tips. Additionally, it’s wise to keep all that knowledge stored somewhere. Online moving folder is a must-have, as well as a binder for organizing important documents.

Research Your New Neighborhood

Knowing about the place you’re heading to is vital for settling in, but you don’t have to wait after the move to explore the new surroundings. Pay a visit to the best neighborhood for families before you move, and you will see how that can ease the stress of changing home. There is stuff to do in each Seattle neighborhood, so figure out what will make your life in this new place spectacular.

Help Kids Adjust to the Idea of Relocating to a New Home

Naturally, you will need to bring your kids on board with the whole idea of relocating to an unknown place. If you are relocating with pets as well, that will be an even more challenging task since kids and pets are both prone to relocation anxiety, and you will need to be gentle with them. Talk openly with your kids, and let them know your reasons to move and what benefits they will have from that. It could be that you got one of the best jobs in Seattle.

Maybe they will be able to enjoy the best parks near their new house, or perhaps you are going to the best school district so they’ll have better education opportunities. Whatever it is, make sure kids know that the move will be good for them and that everything will be fine. After a while, they will be okay with it, but they will need to process the information – that’s why you should have the talk weeks ahead of the move. Additionally, you must get the transcripts from the old school, and of course, choose a new one on time, so the kids don’t fall behind with the school work.

A girl and a boy painting on the floor

Your kids will be on board with the move, but the approach you take is crucial

Feel Free to Declutter as Much as You Can

Decluttering is the essential phase of the move, the one before you start to pack everything you own. So, what kind of items should you declutter? The best approach is to go room by room and see what is of no use to you anymore. Getting rid of the excess stuff will ensure you pack faster, and you’ll be able to donate much – that will help the homeless in Seattle a lot.

Check out where you can donate clothes, books, or other household items. Maybe you can even donate furniture if you are relocating to a smaller home that can’t fit everything you own. Some places even accept mattress donations. Stuff that can’t be donated can be recycled, and in the worst case, you can throw it away if it can’t be of use to anybody.

Coffee mug, napkin that's written on, and a pen

Decluttering is unavoidable, as it is easier to pack less stuff

Get Supplies on Time So You Can Start Packing 4 Weeks Before the Moving Day

You will have to get packing supplies before you pack anything. Different objects are packed differently, so you will need a lot of material. However, the basic ones such as boxes, bubble wrap for fragile stuff, and paper are always useful. Don’t hesitate to buy a lot of tape and remember markers for labeling boxes as well.

Try to Get Free Boxes Before You Buy Huge Amounts of Supplies

Proper amounts of supplies are essential. Now that you are done decluttering, you can assess how many boxes you will need. Before you overspend, make sure you check out where to get free boxes. Try asking at a few bookstores, like one of Barnes & Noble stores or Elliott Bay Book Company on 1521 10th Avenue.

Liquor stores will also be glad to get rid of the unwanted boxes – check out Northwest Liquor and Wine, Bottleworks, Bob’s Liquors, or Capco Beverages. And lastly, if this doesn’t work, take a trip to one of the University of Washington campuses – students move all the time, and most campuses have free boxes in the box disposal areas.

What Stuff People Rarely Remember to Pack?

Ironically, we often overlook important documents, but if you took our advice on making a binder for all the paperwork, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. There are other belongings more likely to be left behind, and that is why we recommend you start to pack on time. Here’s a list of stuff we frequently leave at our old house:

  • Paintings and decorations,
  • Chandeliers and lamps,
  • Stuff from a garage/basement/attic,
  • Medication,
  • Shower curtains,
  • Bag with essentials for the relocation day.

You should first pack the rooms that you use the least, and leave the kitchen and the bathroom for last. Packing books from your living room will be easy, or figuring out how to pack clothes, but kitchenware will require more of your energy as you probably have no clue how to pack glasses or stemware. Check out this video for ideas on how to pack dishes and the whole kitchen.

Remember to Change Your Address and Transfer Utilities

These two tasks are often overlooked, even though they are crucial. If you don’t change your address, you open yourself to plenty of trouble – the worst one being identity theft. Why risk that instead of simply enjoying your new home? Take a few minutes to change an address online – it isn’t a big deal, and the US postal service made the process relatively easy. Plus, it barely costs anything – it is 1,05$.

Silly price for the security of your identity, right? Also, the next tenant of your place won’t be wondering how to stop getting mail for previous residents. When it comes to utilities, forgetting to transfer them isn’t a huge deal but more of an inconvenience for you. Don’t put yourself in the position of not having water to shower after an exhausting relocation day. City of Seattle utilities won’t be any problem to transfer. Head to the city’s official website, and with a few clicks, you are all set.

Mailman holding letters

You wouldn’t want your mail to keep getting lost after the move – change your address

Make Sure Kids and Pets Will Be Out of the Way on the Relocation Day

This often slips our minds – what are the kids going to do during the truck loading? Indeed, you wouldn’t want your little ones running around while the workers are figuring the best way to move a piano. They’ll get hurt, and the same goes for pets. The only logical conclusion to this problem is to find a close relative or family friend to take care of your babies while you are dealing with the move.

Maybe they can take them to the Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Great Wheel at pier 57, or even one of many Seattle museums. As for the pets, your babysitter probably won’t have to go to such lengths to ensure their happiness, but it is essential that they are comfortable for the day.

A kid behind two balloons

Organize a fun day for your kids while you handle the move

Don’t Overlook Those Last-Minute Tasks

As the move finally approaches, we tend to relax. Most of the work is done, and all that’s left is waiting for the day when you finally leave the old residence. This is why we occasionally miss a few steps. But, you won’t forget anything since you will have our list to guide you through the whole process.

Check to See That You Didn’t Forget Anything From Your To-Do List

Go through your list again. Did you pack everything? Check room by room, so there isn’t even a tiny thing left. Of course, you need to throw away hazardous or flammable materials since they are considered items movers won’t move. They also can’t move food, so if you have any left, it would be better to find out which charities accept food donations. The last night in the old residence is excellent for treating yourself to the best takeout in Seattle – you should be in a good mood for the relocation day, as it will be exhausting.

Clean the Home Before You Leave

You can never leave a dirty house behind you – imagine if you move into one that’s not cleaned properly. It doesn’t sound like fun, does it? There is likely a mess after your going-away party (which, of course, you organized according to Seattle renters’ rights), plenty of boxes you didn’t use, bubble wrap, or dirt – you did move large stuff, after all. It wouldn’t be polite to leave it like that. So, do not get rid of your cleaning chemicals before you scrub every room. Check the video below for some cleaning hacks that can ensure you clean everything like a pro.

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