Public Schools in Best School Districts of Seattle

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When relocating with a family, you want to provide the absolute best for your kids, and that includes choosing the best school districts in Seattle. A significant benefit of relocating to another part of the Emerald City is that there are so many districts with great campuses. Here is a brief list of the best districts in the Emerald City.

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Does Seattle Have Good Public Schools?

Nothing is more stressful for your kids than starting at a new institution after a move – even your kids suffer from moving stress. You’ll have to do your part and add finding a suitable institution as apart of your moving to-do list. You’ll want to pick the right institution for them so that they can have an easy transition into their new life in a new area. Fortunately, the Emerald City has multiple educational institution sectors with institutions for every grade. Whether you’re living in downtown Seattle or you recently moved to one of the best suburbs of Seattle, you’ll be able to find the right institution for your kids.

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Emerald City has many excellent public institutions for your kids to attend.

Mercer Island School District

The Mercer Island District is located on Mercer Island, east across Lake Washington from the Emerald City. MISD has campuses all over some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. According to many parent reviews, it is one of the top-rated educational institution sectors with over 4,500 young scholars with levels K-12. There is a current number of 500 staff and administration workers who proudly work for MISD. According to Niche, MISD has a graduation rate of 98% with an 87% reading proficiency rate and an 83% math proficiency rate.

Lakeridge Elementary

Lakeridge Elementary is located on the south end of Mercer Island right next to Pioneer Park. It’s considered one of Washington’s best institutions with a current student population of 463 young scholars with a 17:1 student to teacher ratio. Lakeridge offers an excellent curriculum with plenty of student resources to give them every advantage available. There are also fun programs, activities, and opportunities for parents to be directly involved and view their child’s progress.

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Lakeridge Elementary is one of the best elementary institutions in the state

SPS is One of the Best School Districts of Seattle

Seattle Public Schools are located all over the Emerald City and have the most institutions of any educational institution sector with a total student population of over 55,000 in levels K-12. You can find SPS institutions in many of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle. According to Niche, most of the campuses have a 17:1 student to teacher ratio and have a 86% graduation rate with a 72% proficiency in reading and 65% proficiency in math. This educational institution sector also has excellent college prep schools and community colleges.

Catherine Blaine K-8

Catherine Blaine K-8 is located near Southeast Magnolia and is a top-rated institution with a total student body of around 750. There is an excellent staff with a 19:1 teacher to student ratio, an excellent curriculum, and fun programs and activities. You and your children will have plenty of accessible resources to ensure that they will get the best education possible.

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SPS has a vast number of institutions in the entire metropolitan area.

North Kitsap School District

NKSD is located in the northern part of Kitsap County and serves Poulsbo, Keyport, Port Gamble, Hansville, Kingston, and other affordable Seattle suburbs. NKSD has many institution locations throughout northern Kitsap, levels K-12. It has a total population of 6,000 young scholars with a 19:1 teacher to student ratio. The overall graduation rate in NKSD is 95%, with a 64% proficiency rate in reading and a 54% proficiency rate in math.

Kingston Middle School

Kingston Middle is located west of the Kingston neighborhood. It’s one of the top middle institutions in the state with an above-average curriculum for young scholars. There is currently a total of around 500 students with a 20:1 teacher to student ratio. It offers excellent resources for young scholars and parents and a fantastic staff dedicated to giving the young scholars the best opportunity for a fulfilling education.

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Kingston Middle is an excellent, above-average institution that offers students great programs and resources.

Lake Washington School District

The Lake Washington district serves the Redmond and Bellevue communities with many institution locations grades K-12. It has 31,000 students, and most campuses have an 18:1 teacher to student ratio and many dedicated staff members. The overall graduation rate of LWSD is 98%, with an 84% proficiency rate in reading and 79% proficiency in math.

The International Community School

The International Community School is one of many choice institutions in LWSD and includes grades 6-12. It’s considered one of the top-rated institutions in the state and has a lot to offer pupils and parents. They have a fantastic curriculum with many great and convenient resources available. The current student body is around 430, with a 22:1 teacher to student ratio. Check out the video below to learn more about this institution.

Snoqualmie Valley School District

The Snoqualmie Valley educational institution sector is above average with some of the state’s best institutions. It has a total population of around 7,200 students, including grades K-12. It has a great staff with a 19:1 teacher to student ratio and has many campuses in the Snoqualmie neighborhood.

Mount Si High School

Mount Si High is located in the center of Snoqualmie, WA. It’s an above-average institution and has an excellent curriculum for young scholars, plenty of resources, and many great programs and activities. The current student body is almost 2,000 students grades 9-12, and a 24:1 teach to student ratio. The graduation rate at this institution is 97%, with a 88% proficiency in reading and a 67% proficiency in math.

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MSHS Is one of the best institutions in King County

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