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If you are planning to move and are trying to decide if this neighborhood is suitable for you and your family, we have some information that can be helpful. You’ll find out lots of useful things about the neighborhood amenities and detailed information on the services our local Laurelhurst movers provide, so stay tuned.

What Should You Know Before Relocating to Laurelhurst, WA

This neighborhood is located in King County, on the shore of Lake Washington, bounded by Ivanhoe Place N.F. on the north, Mary Gates Memorial Drive N.E. on the west, and Union Bay on the southwest. It offers its residents many historical and cultural amenities, lovely shopping places, and exclusive restaurants. It is mostly a residential neighborhood, and the majority of residents own their homes.

If you have to commute daily, the distance to downtown is only six miles, so it usually doesn’t take long to get there – approximately 15 minutes. If you wonder do you need a car in Seattle, you should know that occasional traffic jams might appear, but driving might be the fastest way to get to the desired destination. Although living here can be expensive, this place is considered one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle and one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families.

Keep in Mind That This Is One of the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Seattle

If you are already familiar with Seattle renters rights and city of Seattle utilities and looking at the real estate market prices, you’ll find out that the median home value here is about $1,278,530. This price is significantly higher than the national median home value of $184,700. Renting is more affordable, but the prices are still much higher than the national values. The median rent here is approximately $1,818, according to Niche. Overall real estate prices are 117% higher than the city average, and the cost of living index is 41% higher than the average. Although living costs are much higher, so are the median household incomes, according to Niche, here it is $198,969.


Crime Rates Are Low

If you are relocating with your family and looking for the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, this place could be a suitable location for you and your loved ones. Judging by the data provided by AreaVibes, this place has 63% lower crime rates than the rest of the state area, making it an exceptionally good living place.

Some of the Top Rated Schools Are Located Here

We understand that your children’s education might be crucial when deciding whether a certain neighborhood can suit your needs. If you are considering relocating here, you can stop worrying. You’ll children are very likely to get excellent knowledge in almost every school around the neighborhood. Some of the top public schools serving this area are Laurelhurst Elementary School, Roosevelt High School, Cascadia Elementary School, and Thornton Creek School.

Free Time Activities and Things to Do

For those of you who like outdoor activities, Laurelhurst Playfield Park might be the perfect place for light recreation. Check out the excellent Tennis Courts in the Park and nice walking trails. If you are moving with pets, you can take them for a walk to some of the lovely small parks in Seattle located in the area. Check out the Waterway 1 and Belvoir Place. These places are also popular among locals who like water sports. Smartsearch Bakery serves some delicious pastry, and JaK’s Grill and Varlamos Pizzeria have the best takeout in Seattle.

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If you are looking for a trustworthy company that will value your time and money and offers great local distance relocating options, we are the right choice for you. We will undoubtedly amaze you with the excellent services we established many years ago and upgraded them according to our clients’ unique requirements. Many years of experience turned us into one of the best moving companies in Seattle, WA.

Our Laurelhurst Movers Have the Lowest Prices

Unlike the other moving companies in Seattle, we always try to upgrade our service and keep our prices low and affordable for our customers. Our cheap movers in Seattle will use only quality materials and modern equipment while offering you insurance of your items and the most convenient charging rates.

Our Seattle Movers in Laurelhurst Offer Convenient Moving Services

Forget about asking friends and family for help, or even worse, trying to do it all by yourself. We have a crew of professionals who do this daily. They are fast and efficient, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any hiccups during the process.

Moving Services We Have in Our Offer

No matter the size or the amount of stuff you have, our team can help you move. Check out what our moving services in Seattle include:

  • Residential relocation – If you want to relocate your home, our moving company in Seattle can offer you outstanding relocation facilities. Our local movers in Seattle can pack all of your household furniture and other inventory, transport it with an adequate truck and unload everything at the desired location.
  • Commercial relocation – This is a specially designed service, ideal for business office relocations. If you don’t want your business to suffer due to a long relocation, contact us, and we will relocate it promptly.
  • Packing services – If you got everything sorted out and only need additional Seattle movers who have excellent packing skills and know how to secure fragile items, we have the right crew for the job. We can also offer you insurance for everything our packers and movers in Seattle pack and supply you with moving boxes in Seattle and other convenient packing materials.
  • In-and out-of storage moving – If you need to move your storage inventory to your new home, or vice versa, we can transport it all.
  • Labor-only service – Ideal for different types of heavy duties if you have a relocating truck and lack a workforce.

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