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If you’re looking for a perfect suburb in King County to settle down and raise your family – Federal Way is the right choice. This little town has the safety and peace of a suburb and lots of amenities to keep you entertained. All you need are the right Federal Way Movers to help you relocate there and set up a home for your family. You’re in luck because your favorite Seattle moving company covers the area and has an experienced crew of movers Federal Way, WA.

What’s It Like Living in Federal Way, WA?

Are you dreaming of living in a coastal town in the Pacific Northwest? If so, this is the perfect fit for you. Situated in King County, Seattle, this peaceful town is home to around 100,000 people. Would you like to join them? Read more on what it’s like living in this quiet community.

Cost of living in Federal Way, WA

With an overall cost of living index of 126,5, this is an affordable place to live when compared to other cities in the area, especially SEA. According to Best Places, the median home value is around $375,000, and you would have to set aside about $1,200 for rent each month. And according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the average household income is around $80,000 among the residents here.

A Hidden Gem of the Pacific Northwest

This is one of the affordable Seattle suburbs and a place that shouldn’t be overlooked when house hunting. This peaceful oasis full of breathtaking green spaces is truly a hidden gem that will give you that quintessential Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Go on some of the best hikes in Seattle or take the kids out to Steel Lake Park. The whole family can enjoy swimming, canoeing or playing volleyball.

Have a Blast at One of the Amusement Parks

Did you know that this little town is home to not one but two huge amusement parks? The Wild Waves Theme Park and King County Aquatic Center are both located here and are huge attractions among the residents, especially the young ones. The Wild Waves is the biggest theme park in the whole state, and the most popular attractions there are The Zooma Falls water rides. If you are relocating with kids – they will for sure love living here!

Seattle Professional Movers Is the Best Moving Company in Washington

If you’re decided on this little town, it’s time to make a moving to-do list and find the right local mover to include in your moving expenses checklistSeattle Professional Movers are among the best moving companies in Seattle and the whole Washington area. We have been in this business for over twenty years and have tens of thousands of satisfied customers. And Federal Way, Washington is included in the areas we cover.

Movers Federal Way Are Like No Others

Our local crew can beat the competition on any given day. They are reliable, hard-working, experienced, and up to each and every relocation task. With them around, you won’t feel any moving stress. They’ve got all the moving hacks and are there to make sure everything goes well on relocation day and that all your items arrive safely and undamaged to your new home.

Moving Services Our Mover Offers

We understand that each relocation requires different services. Each customer has a different idea and approach to it, so we developed a set of services to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. Listed below are some of them:

Our Mover Also Offers in-and-Out-of Storage Services

During relocation, many people realize that they own many things they don’t really need. Owning lots of unnecessary items can give you a headache during relocation, so it’s good to declutter and donate furniture in Seattle. If you still want to rent a storage unit, call us if you need someone to handle transportation. Opt for our in-and-out-of storage services, and we will transport your items into a storage space or from a storage space to your desired location.

Feel Free to Check Our Reviews and Ask Around

Finding the right moving company Seattle isn’t easy, so it’s good to ask around and browse online reviews. Reading reviews about different moving companies in Seattle WA might help you decide. Google our reviews and see what our customers have to say about how we do our business and learn why we have maintained a 5-star rating over these two decades.

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If you like what you see, don’t waste your time on other Seattle moving companies, contact us for your free quote. The quote you get is reasonable and reliable, so there will be no unpleasant surprises with our company when the work is done, and you get the bill. If you like your quote, book your appointment with our company’s representative and get ready for the easiest relocation of your life.