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If you want to live a peaceful and fulfilling life, relocating here might be the right option for you. Our Sammamish movers are trained professionals who can make your relocation a comfortable and efficient process. In the following pages, you’ll find more information about their services, and you’ll learn interesting facts about this charming place.

Why Should I Relocate Here?

This place is located in King County, WA, just about 22 miles away from downtown. While living in downtown Seattle might be interesting, this place is much more quiet and tranquil. It offers its residents friendly surroundings and a pleasant suburban atmosphere. It is one of the best suburbs of Seattle, ideal for family life. If you decide to relocate here, you can enjoy beautiful landscaping, including mountains, hills, lakes, and endless green areas ideal for any type of outdoor activity. You can live a happy and active life, while your children attend some of the highly-rated schools. This area has about 70,000 residents, and most of them own their homes. Although real estate prices might be high, you’ll never regret relocating here.

The area is Safe, and the Schools are Excellent

This community is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, according to Niche’s reviews and safety statistics. It is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, and schools are highly-rated. Some of the best public schools in the area are Tesla STEM High School, International Community School, and Redmond High School. If your children want to attend some of the private schools in the area – you can also decide from some excellent choices. Eastside Catholic School is one of the best private schools serving this neighborhood.


You Can Find Many Interesting Amenities Around the Area

If you are moving with pets, and like long relaxing walks, you’ll be amazed by the local parks and various possibilities for outdoor activities. Sammamish Commons Park has nice long trails, a beautiful pavilion, a skate park, and a children’s playground. Illahe Lake is also a perfect place to visit with your friends – surrounded by a nicely patted trail, it is also great for a romantic walk. After seeing some of the beautiful parks in Seattle, you can try the best takeout in Seattle in Mommy’s Kitchen.

Cost of Living is Above Average

Unfortunately, this is not one of the most affordable Seattle suburbs – the cost of living here is significantly over the average. This might be the only negative fact about this place. The median real estate price in Sammamish is about $750,000, which is more than $500,000 higher than the national median home value. Median rent prices are also high – approximately $2,300, but most of the residents own their homes. If you are familiar with Seattle renters’ rights, we suggest considering these prices before making a final decision to relocate here. On the other hand, median household incomes here are also high above national median incomes – about $170,000, and the city of Seattle utilities are about 27% lower than the national average, judging by BestPlaces’ reviews.

The Relocation Process Can Be Much Easier if You Hire Sammamish Movers in Seattle, WA

No matter what kind of local moving services you need, our movers in Seattle are always there to help you out. Seattle Professional Movers is a company with long experience in providing clients with outstanding service and convenient assistance. Trust and loyalty are major priorities in our company, so you can feel completely safe if you decide to hire us. According to our reviews, we are among the top Seattle moving companies. Every mover in our company is a trained and kind professional, who will do anything in his power to make every customer feel comfortable and satisfied. Feel free to contact our customer service at any time if you have any additional questions about the solutions our company provides.

We Can Offer You the Best Local Moving Services at an Affordable Price

If you need to relocate your home belongings, our residential moving and apartment moving services might be ideal for you. Our local movers in Seattle can pack all of your furniture and secure it with quality tape, boxes, and other packing materials before they load all of your belongings into a relocation truck. Once they deliver everything to the desired location, they can also unpack and reassemble the furniture according to your instructions. If you already have the transportation planned out and need help to load the truck, we can also offer you labor-only moving. You can always hire an extra mover or two to help you move heavy furniture around. The same thing applies to packing services – if you don’t know how to pack books for moving and don’t want to be bothered learning, our kind and cheap movers in Seattle can help. They will use modern equipment and secure all of your items from breaking. Everything our packers and movers pack will also be under insurance, so you don’t need to spend your precious time on any worries. In-and out-of storage moving service is also available if you want to relocate your storage unit inventory.

Movers in Sammamish Also Offer Commercial Moving Services

The commercial moving service is specially designed for business office relocations. All of your office inventory can be relocated in a blink of an eye if you hire us. Trust is earned slowly, but in this quick and efficient process, you’ll learn in no time that trusting us with your business was one of your best decisions.

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