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Have you thought about relocating to one of the best Washington neighborhoods? Our Boulevard Park Movers can help you move fast and efficiently. Known for its classic suburb vibe and upscale city feel, this Seattle neighborhood attracts high-class residents looking for a new perspective and possibilities, followed by the rapid growth of the area’s economy. Continue reading if you are intrigued by the idea of living here and want to find out more interesting information about this neighborhood and the relocation services that our company provides.

Things You Should Know Before Moving to This Neighborhood

Boulevard Park is a small suburban neighborhood located in King County, Washington. Downtown Seattle is eight miles away to the north, and Seattle Tacoma International Airport is also very close – just five miles away. Driving is the most popular way of navigation through the city, but a couple of bus lines pass through the area as well.  If you decide to hire professional movers in Boulevard Park to help you with your move, you can save your precious time to explore and enjoy beautiful arts and culture in this area’s attractive city setting.

Cost of Living

There is a massive demand for all types of properties in Boulevard Park, even though monthly rent for an average apartment is around $2,600, which is much higher than in other neighborhoods in Seattle, WA. The per-capita income in this neighborhood is 70% higher than the US average. Relocating your office here might open up some great business development possibilities.

Things to Do in Boulevard Park Area

It is hard to narrow down a bucket list of things to do in this exciting place. If you are a fan of golf, you’ll be delighted to know that there are two professional golf courts in this area. Both Glen Acres Golf & Country Club and Rainier Golf and Country club offer many events and tournaments, special memberships at affordable prices, and restaurants with delicious beverages. If you want to try out more exotic and spicy food, make sure to check out Tasty Craves and Buxx Teriyaki. For those of you who like water activities, nearby Lake Washington in Seattle is the largest natural freshwater lake in King County. It offers many exciting activities for team-buildings and other occasions.

What is Boulevard Park Known For?

According to Google research, some of the significant Seattle companies are located in Boulevard Park, some of them being Burienvet and White Cap Frozen Yogurt. Another interesting fact is that the car ownership rate here is around 98% higher than in all other county neighborhoods. This means that, on average, every household owns approximately four or five cars. With its numerous amenities, a mix of cultures, and diving architecture, this place is definitely attention-worthy.

Boulevard Park Movers Provide a Variety of Professional Services

Considering you got this far reading, we assume that you are interested in finding out more about our moving services in Seattle. Hire us and learn why we are different from other moving companies in Seattle. Seattle Professional Movers is a trustworthy company with an excellent reputation in local distance moves.

Moving Tips for Beginners

Planning a local move for the first time can feel overwhelming and cause a lot of moving stress. If you are attracted by many amenities Boulevard Park has to offer and decide to move, your main goal is to stick to the plan, so start with writing down a moving to-do list. Adding more steps and crossing out accomplished goals will make you stay focused and motivated to pursue your plan. In the process, you may discover that you don’t know how to pack glasses for moving and that you need additional packing materials in order to protect and secure fragile items. When you start buying boxes and bubble wrap, it’s a good idea to make a moving expenses checklist. Don’t forget to think about the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Aldo learning these moving hacks might be fun at the beginning – in the long term, you could realize that doing all of this on your own is quite exhausting. That’s when our professional movers can jump in with precious help.

Highly Efficient Movers

Every mover in our Seattle moving company is licensed and trained, with experience in different types of relocation services around the area. We can help you decide on the right solutions for any of your requirements for the move. Depending on what exactly you need, we provide different kinds of local moving solutions.

Storage Moving Services

Our devoted movers in Seattle will kindly help you relocate your things between storage units. If you found a new storage facility or would like to move your things from one and into your home – we’re here for you! Your safety and satisfaction are our only concerns. Contact us for the best in-and out-of storage moving services.

Residential and Apartment Moving

Our local movers in Seattle are well-acquainted with residential moving and everything that goes with the process of apartment moving. Relocating your home is a challenging task without the help of our professional packers. Hire us if you want this process to run smoothly and efficiently while handling your other responsibilities.

Commercial Moving

Relocating to a new home can be stressful, so imagine relocating your business without the help of reliable movers! We offer outstanding commercial moving deals that will save you precious time and earnings.

Need Any Other Service?

Last but not least are our additional packing services. Moving boxes in Seattle and need a pair of extra hands? We also provide a labor-only moving service. With our extraordinary packers and moversyou will be happy and settled in your new home in no time!

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Cheap movers in Seattle might be hard to find, but we make sure that our service is affordable and that our valuable customers never regret hiring us. If you are interested in finding an estimated price for your local move, contact our customer service and request a free quote. If you prefer doing this online, you can simply fill out the form on our website. Also, feel free to contact us for any additional information about our moving company in Seattle. Once we’re done, don’t forget to write a review that can be useful to other interested parties.