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If you are searching for local Kenmore movers, you must be considering relocating to this charming little town. It’s a good choice if you are craving living in a place that has that small-town feel to it and where neighbors know each other but is still close to The Emerald City. We’ll give you a glimpse into what living here would be like, and we’ll tell you more about our Seattle moving company that serves the area as well.

Welcome to Kenmore, WA

Located along the northernmost coast of Lake Washington, in King County, 12 miles away from Seattle, lies its bedroom community called Kenmore. It is home to around 23,000 people, most of which work in Seattle or the nearby Bothell. So, what’s it like living here?

Cost of Living in Kenmore, WA

With an overall cost of living index of 167, this place is growing and hardly one of the affordable Seattle suburbs. A home around here will cost you around $500,000, which is the median home value for this suburb. Most locals here are homeowners, but renting is also an option. In that case, read Seattle renters’ rights before you sign anything, and expect to be spending around $1,500 for a 1-bedroom apartment around here.

A Bedroom Community Transforming Into a Small Town

This small suburb is evolving from a current bedroom community to a self-sufficient town. More and more people are moving in, businesses are growing, and more houses are being built. If you plan on living here, you better hurry up before the prices go up. The community here remains tight-knit and appreciates the charms of a small place. Also, the community is remarkably diverse for this area, and the diversity enriches the place and the food scene here. There are many family-owned restaurants with amazing food, and you are bound to love them.

A Perfect Place to Raise Your Family

This place can offer your family a perfect start and a safe harbor. The schools are within the Northshore district and are exceptional, especially the award-winning Inglemoor High School. There’s also a university – Bastyr University located in St. Edwards Park. Your kids will have great schools to go to, and they won’t lack entertainment options either. There are even accessible public beaches when you head towards Kirkland as the nearer ones are private. And there’s easy access to Seattle, Bellevue, and Bothell for commute or Lynwood for shopping.

Seattle Professional Movers Is a Moving Company in Seattle That Works Throughout Washington State

When you make your decision regarding the place, you should set your relocation budget and make a moving expenses checklist so you can stick to it. A moving to-do list will help you stay organized throughout the process, and you will find that one of the essential first steps is choosing the right mover. Seattle Professional Movers is a proven mover in Seattle that also operates in the surrounding areas throughout Washington state. We’ve got a long track record and an even longer list of returning customers.

Our Local Kenmore Movers Excel in Moving and Storage Services

There is one sure way to get around all the moving stress – by hiring our local Seattle movers in Kenmore. Relocating shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience, but a happy time when you and your family are moving to a new home, hopefully, a better one. You should be thinking about how to make the greatest moving-away party for your loved ones, not trying to figure out what items movers won’t move or how to pack dishes for moving. That’s why you should hire our company’s local crew – they’ve got the moving hacks, experience, and they are willing to go the extra mile for each customer and fulfill all their relocation needs.

Our Mover Offers the Most Cost-Effective Residential Moving Services

When it comes to relocating, the most popular service is the residential moving service. And our crew does it best. They will come on time, load your furniture into a truck fast, and take the best route to transport them to your new address as quickly as possible. You can grab yourself a beer from one of Seattle breweries and drink it without a worry because you’ve chosen the best.

Our Professional Packers Will Pack Your Things Safely and Swiftly

Contact us for our packing services, and you won’t have to bust your head wondering how to pack glasses for moving. Our packers pay attention to each customer and each item they pack, and that’s the best recipe for all your items to stay intact after the ride, even the most fragile ones. They are the solution to your packing needs.

Make Sure to Use Our Labor-Only Service if You Need Help Carrying Heavy Furniture

If you are the one to hire a truck and move your furniture by yourself – you will likely need some help carrying the heavy and bulky items into your house. Contact us for our labor-only service, and our team will carry all the items into your home safely and quickly. Have a rest from all the driving and the best burger in Seattle while our team does the heavy lifting part.

Contact Us if You Need Help Getting Your Things in or Out of Storage

If you want to avoid the expense of renting a storage space, you can choose a place to donate furniture in Seattle if there are some items you won’t need. But if you rent a storage space and need someone to drive your things in or out of storage, opt for our company’s in-and out-of storage services, and you’ll be covered.

Our Reviews and the 5-Star Rating From Our Clients Attest to Our Quality

Over the years our company has been in this line of work, we’ve maintained a 5-star rating from our customers for the way we’ve performed and met their relocation needs. You can find their reviews online, so you can get a glimpse of what you can expect. Feel free to check our reviews and leave yours after your relocation is finished – we are happy to hear about your experience with us.

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