Guide to Fun Ideas on Things to Do in Each Seattle Neighborhood

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You have decided to move from one part of Seattle to another, but in such a versatile city, it might be difficult to choose a neighborhood. Luckily there are fun things to do in each Seattle neighborhood. Whether you’re more of a laid-back, easygoing person who enjoys a cup of coffee with a view to Lake Washington or an adventure-seeking individual, the Emerald City is here to deliver. We curated a list of fun ideas, so feel free to check which one suits your residential and fun needs.

Seattle Skyline

It isn’t easy to pick what to do in the city’s great neighborhoods, so make sure you try the best things out there

Ballard – a Dash of Scandinavia in Seattle

Ballard was founded back in the 1800s by immigrants from Scandinavia. If you chose to visit this place, you could catch some of its heritage at the Syttende Mai Festival, a traditional Norwegian holiday. You shouldn’t skip visiting the National Nordic Museum that explores the impact Scandinavian immigrants have had on today’s Ballard through its exhibitions. Apart from that, plenty of fresh local food can be found in Ballard Farmers Market and in other restaurants where you can eat and drink at a reasonable price.

The Best Coffee in Seattle Is in Ballard – Have a Sip

Besides the fresh local food you can find in many of Ballard’s restaurants, this neighborhood offers several exceptional coffee shops. We highly recommend Slate Coffee Roasters. This family-owned shop treats coffee as a special chemical and is always trying to prepare something unique. If you are a coffee enthusiast, be sure to stop by and try some exceptional brews. An example of what they offer is a deconstructed latte, which is like a normal latte but divided into three glasses.

Coffee on table.

Your favorite coffee is now served in a way you’ve never seen before

Visit Fremont and See Why It’s Called the Center of the Universe

Want to start living in downtown Seattle? Your better option is Fremont, which is located north of downtown and is known for its self-proclaimed name – Center of the Universe. And we must agree with them! Fremont is among the cool neighborhoods in Seattle that exudes a lively creative vibe and is also known for its charming restaurants. We highly recommend Pomerol, which is known for French cuisine. In case you’re moving with pets, you’ll be happy to hear that there are many dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle. Those who enjoy spending time with friends over a beer, check out Fremont Brewing Company or Brouwer’s Café. Fremont is also known for its tree-lined streets, where you can spend hours walking and enjoying a beautiful landscape. Take a look at this video to find out more about this place.

West Seattle Is a Picture-Perfect Place for Nature Lovers

As the name suggests, this place is located on the west side of downtown, and it is the largest neighborhood. With its beachy summer vibe, West Seattle is a perfect place to spend long summertime days on the local lake beach. Some great parks in Seattle, where you can play volleyball, roller skate, or jog along the water are also nearby. To get the most amazing view, be sure to walk down along the pier and enjoy watching a breathtaking sunset in the evening.

West Seattle Highlights – Food Tour With a View That Stays With You

You can complete the beachy summer ambiance by visiting the Marination Ma Kai restaurant, which serves Hawaiian dishes. The water taxi can take you directly to the front of this restaurant. Stay here for dinner and taste highly affordable and delicious food. The view from it is breathtaking. There is also a market where you can buy the ingredients of your choice.

Various food on table.

West SEA is a place for seafood lovers

Capitol Hill – the Trendiest Neighborhood With the Best Nightlife in Seattle

Capitol Hill is known as the LGBTQ center that encourages both community and individuality. Locals who are searching for entertainment and art should come to this trendy neighborhood. This authentic place offers vibrant cultural entertainment and vivid nightlife. Capitol Hill is also a place where you can find the Jimi Hendrix statue or visit the gravesite of Bruce Lee.
Capitol Hill abounds in many unique restaurants, where you can stop by and find the most delicious meals at any price range. For example, you can dine at the rooftop in Terra Plata or pay a visit to Mamnoon and try delicious middle-east cuisine. Take a look at this video for a quick tour around this neighborhood.

Have a Slice of Asia in Chinatown-International District

Chinatown District is more of a quiet and peaceful area. However, here you can witness some of the most exciting festivals in the city. Be sure to pay a visit to this place during its largest local event – Night Market and Autumn Moon Festival. You can try some of the most famous culinary meals while enjoying art performances too.
When you visit Chinatown-International District, be sure to stop by the Uwajimaya store. This is the biggest Asian grocery store in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s a guarantee you’ll find a lot of great groceries there. Besides that, at the Uwajimaya store, you can buy some of the most unusual household items.

Picture of marketplace.

Search no further than the Uwajimaya store for the best shopping experience of your life

Queen Anne Is a Foodies’ and Beer Lovers’ Paradise

If you want to settle down in one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, choose Queen Anne, a quiet and family-friendly-oriented neighborhood. It’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, famous for breathtaking views of Lake Washington. If you need a serene and peaceful place, you can hang out in some of Queen Anne’s most charming coffee shops. In addition to this, Queen Anne offers plenty of cozy restaurants where you can chat with friends over lunch. Many of them serve the best takeout in Seattle, in case you don’t have time to eat in the restaurant.

Beer Hopping Tours Are a Must in Queen Anne

Queen Anne is also home to some of the coolest Seattle breweries and rooftop bars in Seattle. Rooftop Brewing Company just happens to be both – you can enjoy the view from the rooftop while sipping some of the best craft beer in Queen Anne. It’s a pretty chill place where you can grab a bite to eat and bring your furry friend along. Queen Anne Beerhall is another locals’ favorite that offers 25 premium draft beers as well as some exotic cocktails, so give it a visit.

Lake Washington view.

Enjoy amazing views of Lake Washington

Smell the Ocean Breeze in Belltown

Belltown is an urban waterfront community and one of the cool neighborhoods known for its trendy boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and nightlife. Besides that, it offers amazing views of the ocean, with some of the prettiest sunsets in the city. If you catch yourself in this area, don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum – a diamond among the city’s attractions. Enjoy viewing the colorful glass blowing pieces of art in the museum, and you can even give it a try yourself in the nearby Glass Blowing Studio. After this fun, artistic adventure, visit some of the neighborhood’s restaurants for some amazing food and take a stroll along the waterfront to enjoy the sunset.

Belltown Is Home to Olympic Sculpture Park

Not only is the Olympic Sculpture Park a great spot to visit, but it’s also one of the coolest free things to do in Seattle. Entrance to this community gem that boasts around twenty sculptures is entirely free. It’s a great spot for art aficionados and nature loves. Another gem in the area is Myrtle Edwards Park, which is a cyclists’ favorite. Cycle through the cycleway, walk through the walkway, or have a picnic – either way, you’ll have a blast in this park. Have yourself a slice of serenity in Myrtle Edwards Park.

That’s a Wrap on Things to Do in Each Seattle Neighborhood

We have here assembled the most exciting neighborhoods and what to do in each one of them. Hopefully, you discover some new activities and places the Emerald City offers. You can have a true Seattle staycation as soon as you relocate with the help of local movers in Seattle. When you decide which one will become your new residence, be sure to hire local moving services in Seattle and avoid moving stress by hiring the right Seattle moving company. Don’t hesitate to contact Seattle Professional Movers if you have any questions regarding your move. We provide excellent packing services, and our Seattle movers are here to ensure you have the swiftest residential move of your life.