Everything You Should Know About Used Mattress Donation in Seattle

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If you’re planning a local move and want to make some changes, this might be a perfect opportunity for a mattress donation in Seattle. When you first think about this topic, it might seem like an easy task, but if you’re not well informed few things can easily go wrong, and you could end up with additional expenses. In order to present this, you should learn some basic information about this process and decide what works best for you.


Donations have many benefits

In the following article, we explained details of this challenging process, problems that might occur, and solutions for them. Once you make a final decision about your relocation and you know exactly what you plan to do with your belongings, you’ll already have everything you need sorted out, and you’ll know every step of the process in advance. If you have trouble relocating on your own, and you want to move smoothly and efficiently, hiring one of the professional Seattle moving companies might be a good idea. They can also help you handle your bulky and heavy belongings without any problem.

Mattress Removal in Seattle Could Be Challenging

People usually underestimate this step as an easy one – but don’t let this fool you. Unfortunately, the removal process isn’t as simple as it sounds, and it could cause a great amount of moving stress if you don’t follow strict instructions and guidelines. These could vary depending on your location – if you’re living in downtown Seattle, terms might be different than in some of the best suburbs of Seattle, for example. Hiring professional Seattle movers can save you the trouble if you’re planning apartment moving or residential moving to a new community in town. Apart from handling bulky inventory, they can also show you how to pack glasses or how to pack dishes and handle any other fragile belongings since they offer excellent packing service. They can even remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack and show you many useful moving hacks.

Don’t Just Throw Out an Old Mattress

If you thought that you could just throw it away around the corner, you would probably get a fee for doing that. That’s right – this could be illegal in some areas, so you should be extra careful and well informed. Contact some of the services or look for information online. If you know someone who recently went through this process, ask them about their experience. For example, some companies like Casper and Saatva have interesting options – if you buy new mattresses from them, they can bring them to your place and remove the old ones for you!

Mattresses on a car

Throwing these items on the street is illegal

Mattress Disposal in Seattle Guidelines

Mattresses get damaged overtime – after all, they are one of the most used things in your home. They can get dirty, breakout, and start feeling less comfortable to sleep on. That’s when you know that the time for disposal has come. The best way to dispose of it, if you think that it could not be used for any other purpose, is to break it down in pieces and dispose of it in that condition. Keep in mind that you can recycle some of the pieces – for example, metal inside or box spring. Include some of these steps in your moving to-do list, and you’ll be good to go.

Scheduling a Seattle Mattress Disposal

There are several things you can do, so first, take everything into consideration and decide which option works the best for you. You could:

  • Rent a dumpster,
  • Check with curbside trash collection service.
  • Rely on junk removal service.

Renting a dumpster is one of the economical and easy options, and it also allows you to dispose of other clutter. Unfortunately, beds are not permitted in dumpsters in some areas, so make sure to check this depending on your location. This option is also not the best if you only have one item to get rid of. Curbside collection services in some affordable Seattle suburbs collect beds during their weekly service on some specified days. If you’re using their services, call your provider and make sure this option is available in your county. This might cost you additional fees, and your inventory must be stored until the specified date.
If you decide to rely on junk removal services, they can offer you a pick-up at your location. Unfortunately, they can’t give you a quote, and you can’t find out the price of their service until they find out how much space your inventory will take in their truck. This is an easy solution, but not the most economical one.

How Much These Services Cost?

Disposing through junk removal services can cost you between $100 and $150, depending on the chosen service. The average cost of dumpster rental is about $430, but this price covers 20 cubic yards of junk, so it might be economical for big removals of multiple beds. Housing service, on the other hand, covers nine cubic yards’ of clutter, and it costs approximately $300 around some of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. Keep in mind that Seattle mattress donations pick up is much more affordable – fees go from $20 to $40 for each item. If you already have a moving expenses checklist, you can calculate and include these fees as well.

How to Prepare for a Pick-Up?

Depending on the chosen method, you will be instructed on the ways to prepare. As we already mentioned, if you decide to rely on curbside collection services, for example, you’ll need to keep the item stored until the specified date. For other services, you may need to call a few days in advance and decide the date that works the best for you. Junk removal service, for example, can only offer you a two-hour window for a pickup. Apart from these mentioned terms, you should also:

  • Seal your mattresses appropriately,
  • Don’t miss out on the pick-up date because rescheduling can take a lot of time,
  • You need to make sure if your item is 4×3 feet or larger because larger items should be scheduled, and smaller could be left for pick-up on the curb during the precise time.

Money in wallet

Pick up expenses can vary

Benefits of Mattress Donations in Seattle

If you have beds that are still in a solid condition but you want to get rid of them for any reason, Seattle mattress donation is a great option. You probably know some local charity places where you can donate furniture in Seattle or clothes and other goods, but you should check about mattresses since these items can be tricky. Unfortunately, there are some organizations that won’t accept them, no matter how good your intentions are. Depending on which of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle you are currently living in or relocate to, you can decide from the following options:

  • Salvation Army,
  • St Francis House,
  • Donation Town,
  • Charity Navigator.

Person calculating

Donating is cheaper than disposal

Mattress Donation in Seattle Pick Up

There are many exciting things to do in each Seattle neighborhood. If you’re already living around the city for a while, you probably heard of some of these services, but you didn’t get a chance to use them. Now that you’re relocating locally, it might be the right time to contact them and donate used items. Some of the best furniture donations pick up around the city include:

  • Junk Express,
  • Junk206,
  • KT Recycling,
  • Cascade Clean Our Service.

Mattress Donation Seattle Pick Up in King County

Seattle mattress donation pick-up is available at some of the mentioned companies, but another excellent option is the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – Council of Seattle/King County. They accept other donations and also offer a free pick-up. You just need to contact them and schedule a pick-up – and they’ll show up at your address at the chosen time.

Person using a tablet

Consider scheduling pick up in advance

Mattress Recycling in Seattle

If you don’t like mattress donation pick up in Seattle options, you might decide to recycle instead of donating. This could also be the right solution if your beds are in bad condition and can’t be used anymore. When it comes to recycling, these items are usually torn to pieces, and they are reused for different purposes. Steps you should take if you decide to recycle are:

  • Consult the Mattress Recycling Council,
  • Find a recycling location in your county,
  • Ask about retailer take-back options.

Besides Donations, You Can Consider Recycling Furniture in the City

If you are interested in recycling furniture pieces around the city area, you can contact some of the following companies:

  • Angel’s Junk Removal,
  • Mr. Junk B Gone,
  • Action Junk Hauling.

Recycle bin

Decide from many convenient options depending on your location around the King County

DIY Projects and Ideas

If you didn’t say yes to donations, another great thing you can do with old beds is to use their parts for DIY projects and make some interesting and useful things out of them. Some of the creative ideas include:

  • Turning it into a couch,
  • Building a planter wall of inner coils,
  • Making a dog bed if you’re moving with pets,
  • Using the stuffing for pillows and other objects.

This interesting tutorial shows how to make a sofa at home

Hire Professional Movers in Seattle to Help You Move Mattresses and Large Furniture Pieces

If you’re already familiar with Seattle renters’ rights and decided which one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families is right for you, it’s time to call Seattle Professional Movers. We are one of the most reliable moving companies in Seattle, WA, with years-long experience providing our clients with the best local moving services in Seattle. Our packers and movers are trained professionals who will do everything in their power to make your move pleasant and comfortable.
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