City of Seattle Utilities – All You Need to Know

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Before your local Seattle move, one of the most important things you should always remember to do is transfer your utilities. It would be best if you got to know how the city of Seattle utilities do business, so you can make sure that they are appropriately managed before you move. Here is all you need to know about the Emerald City resources and how to control them properly.

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Understanding the Companies Behind the Resources You Use

Before we go into getting everything set up and marking utilities off of your moving to-do list, you must get to know the companies behind the resources you use. The majority of your resources come from two main government-owned companies and three privately-owned companies covering most of the main resources like water, natural gas, electricity, telephone, etc. All of the services they provide are easily accessible and don’t take much time to set up or transfer.

Government-Owned Utility Companies

The two government-owned companies are Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Seattle City Light (SCL). Both companies cover most of the main resources you need in your house and don’t take a lot of effort to manage. Both companies provide for 1.3 million King County residents and have been in the business of providing resources for many decades – unless, of course, you’re homeless in Seattle.

Privately Owned Utility Companies

Aside from the two government facilities, other privately-owned companies provide resources and services for millions of Seattle residents that have been in business for years. These companies are Puget Sound Energy for gas, Enwave Seattle for heat, and Century Link for telephone and cable. You can also find many other internet service providers like AT&T, Cox, Frontier Communications, etc.

Learn All About Seattle Public Utilities

SPU is one of the main utility companies that provide much-needed resources to many citizens of Seattle. Get to know all about SPU and what they provide to the great Emerald City.

What Does Seattle Public Utilities Cover

As we mentioned before, SPU is one of the two main government-owned facilities responsible for providing households all across the Emerald City. They have provided water, sewer, drain, and garbage disposal services to millions of Seattlites since 1997. SPU currently owns two water facilities and distributes millions of gallons of water a day through an improved system that has been in use since the 1950s. SPU also has two waste sorting facilities, each with a station in charge of transferring your waste to the proper landfills. There is the north transfer station and the south transfer station.

Have Utility Policies Changed Since the COVID Shutdown

A major setback from many Americans has been the oncoming of the Coronavirus outbreak. It has affected the population with sickness, and it’s affected business and the economy as a whole. Many people are and are still furloughed due to companies having to make cuts. This negatively affects the utility companies because many customers struggle to pay for their resources, from the best suburbs of Seattle to the most affordable Seattle suburbs. Seattle’s main utility companies have been graceful enough to change specific policies to accommodate the city’s community and ensure that each household has access to the resources they need.

Contact Customer Services: Information on Utilities During the COVID Crisis

Many resource companies have changed policies to alleviate some of the pressure from the COVID impact. To help, the SPU and the SCL have the Utility Discount Program to help families with affordable resource options. All you need to do is call the 27/4 call center and customer services line for more information regarding sign-up. If you or a loved one is impacted by the virus in any way during your relocation, signing up can help you save some money on your moving expenses checklist.

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SPU has the Utility Discount Program for those in need of assistance from being furloughed due to COVID

Information and Help With Utility Setup and Shut-Down

Now that you’re familiar with the companies and current policy changes, you can find out exactly how to set up, shut down, and transfer your main resources for when you relocate. The providers have taken great strides to make the management of your main resources as streamlined as possible with automated services. However, you can still reach customer representatives in case you need more personal assistance. We highly suggest that you schedule to transfer your resources weeks in advance for an easy transition and less moving stress.

How Do I Set Up Utilities in Seattle?

The business of setting up your resources is quite simple, and all you need is to provide the necessary information. First, you’ll have to set up an account and provide contact information for each service. For example, SPU set up requirements include contact information, billing information, and your full name; from there, you’ll need to provide your current address. There is also a service charge fee when opening your account that can cost you $40 to $60. You can call a customer representative to help you with payment or transfer your resources to a new address.

Manage Your Open Account

For utility account management, you have different options, and access to other online resources regarding scheduling, payment methods, vital information regarding service changes, or you can contact your main service providers for any questions or concerns. If you have concerns or issues, you can refer to billing assistance or file reports if you have a problem.

How Do I Close My Account?

It takes a bit more time to close out your account and cut off your resources, as you’ll have to finish out your last billing cycle. The requirements are paying service fees to close some of your main services like water, which can cost you up to $60. You’ll have to schedule to have your resources cut off and pay the last bill for the date scheduled. You can contact customer service to help you close your account – it’s as easy as that.

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Managing your utility account is very simple and streamlined

Billing Cycles and Payment Management

For the billing cycle, you’ll always get your utility bills a month after you schedule your main resources to be turned on. If you want to transfer your resources, you’ll have to pay a service fee of $23. You’ll be able to see your accounts and reports online, or they can be sent to you by mail, which you have a few ways to pay. You can walk to the service provider’s location to pay, pay online, pay through a mobile phone app, or pay by phone.

How Do I Pay My Seattle City Light Bill?

For SCL, payment management is simple, as there are many ways to pay your bill. To understand how billing requirements work, you’ll need to have an active account. From there, you must create a payment plan with the company where you will have to pay 25% of your main monthly bill for the first month. If you have a past-due bill, you have to pay 50% of your main monthly bill. Once you’ve made your plan, you can pay online, by phone, or through a mobile app at any time during the day.

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There are several methods for paying your monthly bills and plans that you can set-up to make it easier.

Contact Professional Movers After You’ve Managed Your Utilities

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