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Relocating to Factoria is a great option for those who want to enjoy Washingtons’ best mixed-use neighborhoods. If you’re planning on relocating here, you should hire our Factoria movers in Seattle. This suburban neighborhood is perfect for families trying to get away from the fuss of the big city. Continue reading to find out more about what sets us apart from other companies.

Is Factoria, Washington a Good Place to Live In?

This is a neighborhood with a population of 4,000 in south Bellevue, Washington. It is located in King County and is one of Washington’s best places to live in. Living in this neighborhood provides a dense residential feel to inhabitants, and most of them are homeowners. A lot of pubs, coffee shops, and parks are situated here. The public schools are well ranked, and the crime rate is lower than Washington’s average.

Cost of Living in Factoria

The cost of living is 38% higher than the Bellevue average. The median household income is $96,200, which is a lot higher than the US average. The median home value is $465,800, and the median rent price is $1,600. The unemployment rate is 2%, which is much lower than the US average.


Things to Do Around the Area

There is a marketplace, an eight-theater cinema, and many other places to visit in your free time. With today’s top retail, lifestyle, and fresh food brands at the Factoria Marketplace, you’ll find whatever you need in one venue. Lake Sammamish State Park is a short drive away, and there you can have a picnic, swim, or just enjoy the sun. If you have children, you can visit the nearby Cougar Mountain Zoo, where you can see many endangered species, exotic birds, and big cats,

Transportation and Traffic

King County Metro bus routes 240, 241, 245, and 246 represent the main form of transportation in the community. The Emerald City is only 9.6 miles away, and if you take I-90 W by car, it should not take longer than 20 minutes to reach Downtown if the traffic is good. The major roads that go through the area are Factoria Boulevard, Richards Newport Way, Eastgate Way, and Coal Creek Parkway.

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It’s time to contact Seattle Professional Movers if this lovely neighborhood is a great choice for you and your family. Our team has the right professionals who can guarantee that the relocation goes smoothly without triggering any moving stress. Our services are fully customer-oriented, as you can see from reading any review from our past customers. We are sure of our status as one of Seattle’s most reliable companies.

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Our company specializes in a range of relocation options provided by our local Seattle movers. The aim was to include all elements of relocation, from complete household movements to loading and unloading. We will help you fulfill even the most stressful tasks, no matter how long the moving to-do list is. Check out our services:

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  • In-and out-of-storage moving service – If you have items in your storage space and you need to move them to your new home or vice versa, our crew will take care of it in no time.


We Also Offer Labor Services – Our Local Team Will Load and Unload the Truck for You

We are among a few moving companies in Seattle that provide labor-only moving service. Because our crew will load and unload the truck for you, you will not have to do anything. They can also direct you to where to donate furniture in Seattle if you need to get rid of any noticeably heavier items.

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