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We guarantee you won’t find better University Place movers than our team of experts. If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient professional to guide you through the process, consider hiring us. What separates Seattle Professional Movers from other companies is our unwavering commitment to our customers. Keep reading to learn more about what kind of services we offer!

What Is It Like To Live In University Place?

The city got its name when the University of Puget Sound, a private college of liberal arts, bought the land surrounding Grandview Drive street. The school wanted to create a new campus there but ended up selling the property back to the municipality. The area remained an unincorporated portion of Pierce County until the mid-nineties. The boasting clean community, a great waterfront, and beautiful parks make U.P. one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families.

The Cost of Living

When compared to other areas in Washington and the United States, the cost of living has its ups and downs. Amenities are approximately 31% less costly than the state average. You will also be able to save up around 20% when it comes to medical bills and healthcare. The average housing price is $420,000, with a 7.5% hot demand growth in the last 12 months. The statistics indicate another growth of 4.1% in the same amount of time, so start planning on time.

Plenty of Beaches and Orchards

You’ll never have to worry about what to do for fun because the city is home to a range of outdoor activities. Titlow Beach Park, a rugged beach setting rich with marine life, is one of the most popular hangout spots. There is also a boardwalk, as well as a playground and trails in the surrounding forests for some of the best hikes near Seattle. The city is home to Curran Apple Orchard Park, a beautiful 7.33-acre apple orchard. Established back in the early 1950s, today it provides endless opportunities for outdoor fun. In addition to many birds, bees, small animals, and deer, there are over 200 trees with more than 15 types of apples adorning this wondrous place.

Chambers Bay Golf Course

The Chambers Bay Golf Course is an award-winning course with a stunning view of Puget Sound. Over the years, it has hosted many major tournaments, including the U.S. Championships Open. You can also tour the nearby Chambers Bay Park, where you can find 930 acres of hiking trails, beaches, and other fun recreational facilities.

Seattle Professional Movers Have the Best University Place Movers

Here at Seattle Professional Movers, we believe the customer is always right. If you’re relocating to this picturesque Puget Sound neighborhood, we have the best movers in University Place. Our local moving company in Seattle provides expert relocation services that guarantee a pleasant experience. There’ll be no moving stress with our experienced staff! We can understand you’re reluctant to take our word for it, so we encourage you to read the reviews left by our former customers. That should put your mind at ease and convince you to hire us.

We Provide Expert Moving Services, Including In-And-Out Storage Transportation

If you need help with your moving to-do list, hiring professional movers is always a good idea. Our local company specializes in moving services that encompass even the most tedious, time-consuming errands. Our team can handle it all, from packing, loading/unloading the truck to in-and-out storage removals. If you’re interested in the quality of services, consult the customer reviews included on our website. Here’s what our company has to offer:

  • Residential Moves: Having to move your entire home is a complicated process, even if it’s just a short-distance relocation. To ensure a stress-free experience, rely on our team of experts to organize your residential move. Our well-trained employees have more than a few moving hacks up their sleeve.
  • Commercial Moves: If you schedule our cost-friendly commercial service, you won’t have to worry about office relocation logistics. Whether it’s a big business with several workspaces or a family-owned shop, our team can handle it. Our professionals are well-trained in office furniture transportation, packing electronic devices, and more.
  • Packing Services: Hiring our professional packers ensures everything’s ready to go when the day arrives. If you need high-quality packing materials, our team is fully equipped with the best supplies. They will make sure you bring even the most commonly forgotten things to pack. There’s no need to worry about how to pack glasses for moving or how to pack dishes for moving
  • Labor Only Service: Subscribing for our labor-only service means you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. Our crew will safely load and unload the truck, handling everything from small boxes to appliances and furniture. However, there are some items movers won’t move, like perishable foods, combustibles, or hazardous materials. It’s better to get in touch with our agents beforehand to confirm.

We Specialize in In-and-Out Storage Service

If you need help with storage space removals, we have just the deal for you. We are among the few Seattle moving companies that specialize in in-and-out storage service. Our crew will transport your belongings from one storage facility to the other, all while making sure they arrive intact. If there’s some stuff you no longer need or won’t fit in your new home, we know where you can donate furniture in Seattle, along with other items.

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Our company runs a customer-oriented business that ensures your journey goes without a hitch. We will gladly review your moving expenses checklist if you request a free quote. You can rest assured full transparency is guaranteed, and there will be no hidden expenses. The final price is determined based on an hourly rate and the services you enlisted. We also take into consideration the number of people hired for your move and transportation fees.

We Are a Trustworthy Seattle-Based Company

We pride ourselves on being among the best local moving companies in Seattle, WA. The glowing reviews vouch for our reputation as the most dependable mover in Seattle’s metropolitan area. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have enjoyed their experience with our company. We would like nothing more than if you became one of them!

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