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Are you planning to move to one of Seattle’s better neighborhoods? Whether you’ve got some experience or relocating for the first time, our local Phinney movers can make the whole process significantly less complicated. Whether you need packing or a large workforce, our company will handle any request you might have.

This Neighborhood Is Affordable, Safe, and Has Excellent Schools, All While Being Close to Downtown

Phinney Ridge is a beautiful neighborhood in the north-central part of the city. The community offers many amenities, including excellent schools, low crime rates, and plenty of things to do, all while being relatively affordable. Besides being only 15 minutes away from Downtown, it’s also located between Ballard and Green Lake, some of the better places to live in the city.

You Won’t Have to Pay Large Amounts of Money to Buy a Home Here

If living in Downtown Seattle is too expensive for you, but you still want to be close to all the action, this is just the place for you. Phinney’s median home value of $612,750 is about 26% higher than the capital’s $484,600, while the monthly rent cost of $1,400 is only 12% higher than the city’s $1,250 (*according to AreaVibes). Although it’s not as cheap as some of the affordable Seattle suburbs, locals compensate for the difference with better earnings. While the income per capita of $52,050 is only slightly higher than Seattle’s $48,700, the median household income of $94,100 is 26% higher than the city’s $74,500.


This Is One of the Better Places to Raise a Family in WA

Living in a secure environment is crucial for raising children, and this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. According to some estimates based on income per capita, property value, and other demographic factors, Phinney’s crime rates are 60% lower than Seattle’s, with violent felonies occurring 68% less often. What’s more, upon further review, year-over-year crime is down 13%.

Excellent schools are another characteristic of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. Thankfully, Phinney’s institutions are run by one of the best school districts in Seattle, and they provide a great educational foundation for the community. Over 98% of all adults graduated from high school, which is higher than the 92% in the city. Furthermore, 75.6% have a bachelor’s degree, and 34.4% completed their master’s.

There Are Plenty of Outdoor Activities Nearby

Outdoor enthusiasts will love this community, as they can enjoy some exciting activities without having to travel to the best hikes near SeattleGreen Lake is just east of the neighborhood, and it’s surrounded by a 2.8-mile path, excellent for biking and rollerskating. The park is also a popular spot for playing roller hockey, golf, baseball, and soccer, while the lake offers various water sports activities. Discovery Park is also relatively close by, and it provides one of the best views of the Sound. It’s the largest of all public parks in Seattle, and you’ll need a few days to explore its 534 acres, which have over 11 miles of trails.

If You’re New to Relocations, Hire a Moving Company in Seattle to Assist You

Hiring one of the moving companies in Seattle, WA, is always a smart move, whether this is your very first relocation or you’ve moved before. Well, you’ve hit the jackpot, as Seattle Professional Movers is one of the best businesses in the city. If you google our Seattle moving company, you’ll find that our customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. One of the things people love the most about us is that we cover everything from Downtown to the best suburbs of Seattle. In the fifteen years that we’ve been in the industry, we had over 20,000 satisfied customers, and we’ve yet to let down even a single person.

Our Phinney Movers Can Help You in Many Ways

If you’re not sure what you need exactly, take a look at some of our moving services in Seattle before you get anything:

  • Residential move – Having to move your house doesn’t need to cause you moving stress. With the right Seattle movers there to aid you, you won’t experience any difficulties during your move.
  • Apartment relocation – Our local movers in Seattle know how to handle all the problems that come with relocating to/from multi-story buildings.
  • Commercial move – There are not that many cheap movers in Seattle that can help you relocate your business efficiently. Fortunately, we have a large team of professionals who can move the company without unnecessary downtime.
  • Labor-only service – If you’ve already got most of the things you need, such as supplies and a truck, you can still get a mover to do the heavy lifting. We’ll load and unload all the boxes, saving you the trouble of suffering a painful injury.
  • In-and out-of storage move – Unless you’ve already planned to donate furniture in Seattle, you can always store it for later use. Not only can our team pick up the objects and place them into your storage, but they can also take some things out of the unit and have them delivered to a specified location.

Packing Is One of the Jobs Our Movers in Phinney Do Best

Our local team is especially good at providing a packing service. DIY would take you too much time, and to be honest, you likely wouldn’t be able to pack everything you own correctly, especially the delicate belongings. Hire us, and you won’t even have to look for moving boxes in Seattle, as we’ll bring all the necessary supplies.

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