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If you were looking for a charming suburb in King County to raise your family, you must have heard of East Renton Highlands. If you already chose this area, you’ll need the right local East Renton Highlands movers to handle your relocation. That’s where we can step in – we are a reliable Seattle moving company that covers the area you’re interested in. So read more about this endearing place and get to know our company and the services we offer below.

East Renton Highlands, Washington – Neighborhood Guide

This is one of the best suburbs of Seattle, nestled between Issaquah and Renton. It’s kind of like a mix between a town and a suburb – it has the qualities and amenities of both. The same goes for its population – there are just short of 13,000 people living here, and it’s a pretty diverse place.

This Is a Perfect Place to Raise a Family

This peaceful suburb is a great place to start or raise a family. Some of the pros of living here are top rated schools, safety, lots of greenery, and a diverse community. The place was built on woodland, and there are still many trees here, so the air is fresh. Some of the best hikes near Seattle are around here, and people are big on outdoor activities. Who knows, maybe you unleash your inner mountain climber or hiker when you move here.

Things to Do Around Here

This is not your typical suburb – there are quite a few things to do around here. Grocery stores are within walking distance, and there are some exquisite restaurants. There are also gyms and small spa retreats. The nightlife scene is existent but not as great as in bigger cities that surround this lovely suburb. If you don’t mind that – you will get easy access to both the mountains and neighboring cities for more amenities.

Cost of Living in East Renton Highlands, Washington

This is a nice place and a bit on the pricier side. The cost of living index is 145, which is well above the national average, as well as Washington state average. You would have to cough up half a million dollars for a median home. If you rent, get to know your Seattle renters’ rights and expect to pay around $1,700 for a 1-bedroom apartment, $2,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment, and $3,000 for a 3-bedroom apartment. But it’s well worth it.

Our Local East Renton Highlands Movers Are Readily Available No Matter the Distance of Your Move

Our local movers in East Renton Highlands are highly-skilled professionals who know the terrain well and can successfully overcome any possible obstacles along the way. They’re the ones with years of experience, training, skills, and the right moving hacks to make sure you’re in for an easy journey. Don’t know what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are or which items movers won’t move? Ask them; they can help you out with that too. They’ll handle everything relocation-related so you can focus on preparing your moving-away party.

Our Movers Offer Storage and Moving Services in Seattle and the Area

We try to tend to all our customers’ needs in the relocation process. That’s why we have several services readily available for you to choose from. Read on to familiarize yourself with our services and choose the right one for you:

  • Packing service – If just thinking about how to pack dishes for moving or how to pack glasses for moving, let alone doing it, is making you nervous – don’t. Opt for our packing service and let our professional packers pack you quickly and properly, so nothing gets damaged in transport.
  • Residential moving service – Our crew will get you moved easily and quickly, so the whole experience is stress-free.
  • Labor service – If you already own a truck and want to move your things on your own, call us if you need someone to carry the heavy items in and out of the truck.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – You can avoid renting a storage unit if you set aside what you won’t need and donate furniture in Seattle. If you still need extra storage space and end up renting a storage unit, call us to transport your things into the storage facility or out of a storage unit of your choice.

Read Our Reviews to Get a Better Understanding of What to Expect

It’s always beneficial to each customer looking for moving companies in Seattle, Washington, or anywhere else to first take the time to research and review the ratings of various companies online. These will reveal the true colors of companies, so compare the reviews and choose the best. We have maintained a 5-star rating over the two decades we’ve been in business for a reason, and our customers will tell you why.

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