How to Pack to Move in a Hurry – Tips for Last-Minute Moving From one Seattle Neighborhood to Another

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Even when you have months to prepare for your move, you can find yourself under plenty of stress – there are countless things to think of. But, can you imagine if you had to handle all those preparations in only a few short weeks? How to pack to move in a hurry without losing your mind? Is it even possible?

Worried woman sitting on the floor with a mug in her hand, surrounded by packages

What to do when you have to rush with your move?

If you feel like this task is impossible, we’re here to tell you that you are wrong. Quick relocations, although more demanding, are still possible. But, how to pack for a move quickly and efficiently? Lucky for you, we know all the best hacks that will make your nightmare move not only bearable but pleasant.

How to Pack to Move in a Hurry? Here’s What You Need to Know

All those who recently became aware that they must move pretty soon probably started researching this topic – how do I pack for a fast move? What’s the key to pulling off a successful move if you don’t have time to think about the details? Whatever your reasons to move are, the chances are that you will be under a lot of relocation stress, especially if you’ve just got a job in Seattle and you want to avoid a long commute. When it comes to quick relocations, this is unavoidable, but what’s important is that you know how to deal with the pressure. Good organization is the most important thing you need right now, and with our great relocation tips, we do not doubt that you will soon realize how to move efficiently.

How to Pack Quickly for a Move?

How soon should you start packing for a move when you have to move quickly? The shortest answer is – immediately. Why waste even a second? As soon as you know for sure when you are relocating to one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle, do a quick research on the relocation hacks, and apply that knowledge to your move. Wrapping up your whole home in a matter of days or weeks will require your total concentration, or you will end up overlooking the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

Couch, plants, and cardboard packages in front of it

With our tricks, your stuff will be packed before you know it

The Ultimate Tip – Don’t Panic About Your Move

We’ve already mentioned that anxiety about the move is a common issue, and the fact that you are going to one of the best suburbs of Seattle isn’t going to make that easier. It may sound like an obvious thing to say, but you mustn’t let the panic overwhelm you. That will make your problem even worse, so it would do you good to find some ways to relieve stress that work for you.

Relocation Checklist Should Be Your Best Friend From Day One

With local moving, just as any other, you will need a thorough to-do list. Writing down everything you have to do will give you a more detailed look at how many tasks are ahead of you. Don’t be scared if your list seems too long – you will see that things will go quickly once you start checking off tasks. So, be brave and get to work. Another thing we should mention is that, besides your regular list, you will need an expenses checklist. It’s wise to keep this as a separate list to avoid confusion. Keeping track of your finances is essential when you have to move, whether you’re relocating to the wealthiest and safest neighborhoods or some of the more affordable Seattle suburbs. Additionally, here’s a smart hack for those who wouldn’t want to lose valuable documents: when you start to organize important documents, get a binder to store them together.

Notebook, pen, coffee, and keyboard, plant in the right corner

Having a list with your goals clearly stated will ease the process a lot

The First Step Is Decluttering

The chances are that your first instinct will be to take with you everything from your home, but if you want to help yourself, that isn’t the best idea. Proper decluttering of items is essential for every move, especially when you are trying to pull it off in a small amount of time. Think of it this way – the more you declutter, the less you have to wrap up. Plus, you will require fewer supplies, and that will save you some money. When you have to rush with wrapping furniture and numerous other things that are hard to relocate, you can’t get sentimental.

Divide Items From Your House Into Piles – Recycle, Donate, Throw Away

Excellent organization is about 50% of the job done. Start decluttering room by room, and when you spot stuff that isn’t of any use to you, throw it into one of the piles. Recycle what can be recycled – we must always think of the environment, even when in a rush. Before you throw away anything, think – can somebody else use this? There are many homeless in Seattle, just like in any city. You can help somebody and ease your relocation process at the same time. Be sure to check where you can donate clothes in Seattle – we’re sure you have much stuff you haven’t worn in a while. Wrapping shoes is another tricky task, so try to declutter some of your pairs as well. Also, some things people commonly donate when they move are pieces of furniture they can’t fit in the new home. There are also places for mattress donation in Seattle.

Remember to Get Rid of the Items Your Seattle Movers Won’t Move

Decluttering is the perfect time to think of the items movers won’t move. You’ll have to take care of that eventually, so better do it sooner than forget about it altogether. You’ll have to throw away chemicals such as cleaning supplies, or you can give them to your next-door neighbor. Anything flammable or hazardous isn’t allowed on the relocation truck, and your movers in Seattle can’t transport that for you. Also, you must clean out your fridge – food can’t be moved as well. Try not to order the best takeout in Seattle – we know it might be hard, but the best burger in Seattle will have to wait after your move. Also, consider paying a visit to some places for food donation, such as University District and Eating Lifeline.

Napkin that's written on, pen and a coffee mug

Decluttering is the essential step, and without it, your home will be in a mess

Get Quality Boxes and Other Moving Supplies

Once you’re done with decluttering, you’ll have an approximate idea of how much stuff you have to move, and you’ll be able to get the right amount of supplies. Of course, you can always find free boxes in your local store, but if you want top-quality ones, better order them from our moving company in Seattle. You’re going to need sturdy boxes that can hold the weight of your fragile items once you get to wrapping up your kitchen and packing dishes.

Besides Moving Boxes, These Supplies Will Be of Use

Naturally, you can’t put everything in the box without any protection and call it a day. Maybe you can store Christmas ornaments and not worry they will break (at least, some of them), but wrapping plates, for example, will require some additional effort on your side. Here’s what we suggest you buy if you are in a rush:

  • Bubble wrap,
  • Wrapping paper,
  • Tape and markers,
  • Paddle materials,
  • Moving blankets.

Keep in mind that relocating large items requires a lot of these supplies – you want to wrap your stuff well so that they won’t get damaged during transport. Also, if you aren’t familiar with the basics of how to move a piano, know that pianos need a lot of padding materials to keep them safe. Electronics require special attention, too – unless you are okay with buying new ones after the move. It’s better for your budget if packing a tv to move is done the right way, and we must emphasize that screens are damaged easily if you have no clue how to wrap up a computer.

Plane view of the box with bubble wrap, little package, and styrofoam

You should get additional supplies such as bubble wrap and paper

Don’t Be Shy to Ask Your Friends for Help

Your friends can help you get to the new home in time. There’s no reason to hesitate to ask them to assist you. But, how to make this fun? The best idea is to organize a going-away party in the form of a packing party – yes, that’s quite common. You invite your closest friends, and they help you with filling boxes. Then, when you add some excellent music, drinks, and snacks to that, you get quite an enjoyable afternoon. Plus, you can give your friends some stuff they like that you can’t take with you. Just be careful not to disturb your neighbors – you probably already know most of the Seattle renters’ rights.

friends lifting a couch

If you get your friends to assist you, you’ll have fun and get the work done – it’s a win-win

Here Are Our Best Tips on How to Pack Quickly

Once you start wrapping your belongings and filling box after box, you will quickly realize that this requires a lot of energy. So we thought that some tips would come in handy here – check out how to speed up the tedious process of packing everything you own.

  • Try not to bother with sorting everything – Since you are in a rush, you can’t lose precious minutes sorting your books or clothes. So instead, just try to place stuff in a box as fast as you can. It’s only necessary that your belongings are protected during a move.
  • Suitcases are perfect for carrying books – Throwing clothes in a suitcase sounds logical, but remember that you’re not going for a Seattle staycation. Instead, it would be more practical to use your suitcase for wrapping books.
  • Breakable stuff can be wrapped in clothes or towels – This is a genius little trick often used for wrapping glasses or vases. It’s top-quality protection for your ceramics, stemware, or even pots and pans, and you’ll have fewer clothes to place in packages.
  • Garbage bags can protect clothes on hangers – Simply pull large bags over the hangers and secure them in place with tape. It’s a quick and efficient way to move clothes.
  • Wrap drawers in plastic wrap – Why waste energy and materials to wrap everything separately when you can wrap the whole drawer?
  • Have a bag for essentials – Get one bag you’ll take with you on relocation day, and put important stuff inside: medication, phone charger, money, documents, snacks, etc.

couple packing

With these smart tips, you can do it all

Make Sure You Transfer Utilities and Change Your Address

In all the rush, people often forget about the utilities. If you prefer to have water and electricity in the first days after the move, we suggest you transfer your Seattle utilities. You can do it online or by phone, and if you prefer to do it in person, Seattle Public Utilities has a customer service center at Seattle Municipal Tower. Change of address is also significant – why risk losing your mail? This is a simple process – head to the USPS website, and you’ll be done with a few clicks. You wouldn’t want new tenants to wonder how to stop getting mail for previous residents, right? If you are unfamiliar with the change of address process, check the video below that will show you how to do it.

The Best Way to Handle Packing to Move in a Hurry Is to Hire Our Local Movers in Seattle

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