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There are many ways professional Foy movers can assist you. These companies offer various services, such as labor, packing, and relocation. Here’s how you can find a company that suits your needs the most. Start your search by going through some customer reviews, after which you’ll get quotes from a few professionals and compare the prices. But, before finding a mover, take some time to learn more about the neighborhood you’re relocating to.

The Community Features Numerous Housing Options Close to the City

Located about 10 miles from Downtown Seattle, Foy is one of the city’s northernmost neighborhoods. Despite being on the city border, you won’t spend a lot of time commuting if you move to the area. The location is also relatively affordable and features plenty of residential housing options.

The Neighborhood Offers Plenty of Rental Options

According to NeighborhoodScout, Foy’s median home value of $431,500 is more expensive than 58% of other locations in the state. While the prices are not as low as some of the most affordable Seattle suburbs, they are still lower than many other city neighborhoods. Most of the real estate is newer, built after 2000. It primarily comprises smaller one- or two-bedroom apartments, and medium-sized complexes, and family homes.

The neighborhood is dominated by residential real estate, with 75% of all listings being apartment buildings complexes. The median rent price of $1,700 is lower than 56% of all other Washington communities. Considering the abundance of residential units and the low asking price, many people relocating here choose to rent. Before signing anything, get familiar with all the Seattle renters’ rights.

Commuting to the City Won’t Take Long

There are plenty of things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, so you won’t have to travel a large distance to get to some cool places in the city. The only question that remains is, do you need a car in Seattle? The answer is both yes and no. If you have a car, it will take you about 15 to 25 minutes to get to Downtown Seattle. While public transit connects the neighborhood to the city, the trip lasts about twice as long compared to driving. However, since drinking and driving don’t mix, having an alternative is welcome when you want to visit some Seattle breweries. A car is convenient when you want to go on some of the best hikes near Seattle, as some spots are located more than 30 miles away from the city.

Explore Some Excellent Parks in the Area

While living in Downtown Seattle may offer more opportunities overall, the community is great for outdoor enthusiasts, as it has numerous parks within walking distance:

  • Explore the nearby Jackos Park – Opened way back in 1928, this is one of the older parks in Seattle. Covering about 160 acres, it features golf courses, hiking trails, and a community garden. There are also a cafe and bar, driving range, and car rentals.
  • Boeing Creek and Shoreview Park have a pet-friendly section – This 88-acre park features many recreational facilities, including soccer and baseball fields and tennis courts. If you’re moving with pets and looking for the best dog parks in Seattle, Shoreview has a dedicated section where your furry friend can run around unleashed.
  • Enjoy the beach at Carkeek Park – Covering about 220 acres, the park features numerous picnic areas, hiking trails, and a sand beach, where you can enjoy some beautiful sunsets on the Puget Sound.

Local Seattle Moving Companies Will Make Your Relocation Simple

Relocations don’t have to be too complicated. Finding the right moving company in Seattle is key for making the whole process significantly more comfortable. Luckily, your search is done, as you’re already in the right place. Seattle Professional Movers is here to ensure all your relocation needs are satisfied.

Which Services Can You Get From Moving Companies in Seattle WA

Depending on what you need, many companies offer various moving services in Seattle that are tailored to each customer. By choosing us, you may get some of the following options:

  • Residential Move – If you want a stress-free experience, finding reputable cheap movers in Seattle is a lot better than DIY. With us on your team, relocating to a new home will feel like a vacation.
  • Apartment Relocation – If you plan to move here, this service is the best option since the neighborhood consists mostly of apartment buildings. Maneuvering the corridors while handling heavy furniture may be complicated, but our mover in Seattle is well equipped to handle everything that comes with this type of relocation.
  • Commercial Move – Having a short downtime is crucial when relocating a business. Thankfully, with the right Seattle movers by your side, your company won’t have to suffer any losses due to poor organization and time management.
  • Labor-Only Service – This option is excellent if you need help with moving boxes in Seattle. There’s no need to strain yourself. Just leave all the heavy furniture to our movers in Foy.
  • In and Out of Storage Move – If you find that you have some items you don’t need, we can move them into your storage. We can also take something out of the unit and deliver it to your desired location.

Why Do I Need to Get Professional Packing Services?

You’re probably wondering Do I even need packing services? It turns out that most people had no idea that proper packing takes weeks to complete, sometimes even months, depending on the number of items you own. By hiring a professional, you won’t have to worry about planning everything or even getting supplies. Plus, most of the packing will be done within a single day. Our team will also throw in some bonus moving hacks, so you’ll have a much easier time preparing for your next move.

Hire Some of the Best Foy Movers in the City

We significantly grew as a business since our Seattle moving company launched some 20 years ago. Our main focus is to develop the most customer-friendly experience on the market, and numerous excellent reviews left by our previous clients tell us we’re succeeding. By choosing our team, your relocation will be done in no time and without any difficulties.


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