How to Move Efficiently – Tips and Hacks That Will Make Your Local Seattle Move Easy

If you ever moved before, you know how crazy it can get and how quickly things can get out of control if you are not sticking to a plan, or even worse, you do not have a plan. If you are wondering how to move efficiently, you’ll find many interesting tips and tricks in the following article and learn every important step of a successful move. Following these simple steps will make your experience much more enjoyable, and you’ll stay focused and organized during the process.

Woman with a list

Following these tips for an efficient move will keep you focused and organized

Relocations are challenging, especially when you do not have much experience. If you do not have enough skills and energy to do this on your own, you can always hire one of the moving companies in Seattle, WA, for help.

How Can I Make Moving Less Stressful? Follow These Tips

We get it, relocation never comes easy, and it may cause a lot of stress. Once you decide which of the affordable Seattle suburbs or best neighborhoods in Seattle for families is perfect for you, you might start thinking, where do I begin? These golden rules will help you stay focused, and you’ll finish the whole process left with enough time for enjoying some of the most beautiful parks in Seattle or relaxing at the finest Seattle breweries. No matter what your reasons to move are, enjoying this process won’t harm anyone.


Follow your schedule

#1 Make a Moving to-Do List

How can I make moving easier? This is just one of the questions that often come up, even if you’re not planning a last-minute move and have plenty of time in advance. But the best thing you can do is to write a substantial moving to-do list. This list should be visible and easily approachable so you can make changes when you finish your goals or want to add new ones. The more in-depth you go, the better, write down every detail.

Make a Moving Expenses Checklist

Making a moving expenses checklist is very important if you don’t want to overspend money on your upcoming move, especially not on the first step, which is gathering supplies. You need to save for other necessities, so try to stay economical and follow the budget limits you write down on this checklist. If any unexpected expenses occur, try to lower the costs for some other step in your to-do list. For example, if you think that you will spend too much money just on materials and still do not know how to pack glasses after buying all of them, it’s probably better to hire one of the Seattle moving companies. They can supply you with moving boxes in Seattle and offer experienced packers and movers for assistance.

To-do list

Write a substantial to-do list

#2 Get Rid of Items You Won’t Need – Sell, Recycle, Donate

There is always an option to throw away stuff that you don’t need anymore, but that is probably the most inconsiderate way to declutter. It’s always better to sell some of these belongings or recycle them if you want to get rid of them. Besides donating food in SEA, you can even donate furniture in Seattle or donate old mattresses if you’re feeling generous or looking to buy new furniture.


Get rid of old furniture

#3 Start With Getting Boxes From Local Stores

Do you know some employees from the local store you are often visiting? You can ask them to give you some unnecessary containers and secure your belongings inside of them. Check if they are clean, and secure their sides with tape. If they are made of cardboard, and you’re relocating in winter, you should also consider waterproofing them.

Use Smaller Boxes For Heavy Items

Another useful tip is to use small boxes when you’re packing heavy objects. If you don’t know how to pack books or how to pack dishes and want everything to go smoothly during the relocation process, it’s probably best to hire local movers in Seattle for assistance.

Check if You Still Have Original Electronics Containers

If you own a large TV or some other bulky electronic items, it’s probably best to pack them inside their original containers. Make sure to use a lot of cushioning materials to protect them, and you’re good to go.


Gather convenient supplies

#4 Buy Additional Packing Materials

This is an essential part of every successful move. Get a pen and paper and write down a list of things you might find useful:

  • Boxes,
  • Wrapping paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Cushioning,
  • Labeling materials,
  • Marking pens,
  • Tape.

Keep in mind that you can also take old newspapers and blankets for cushioning if you want to save some money.

Don’t Forget to Use Some of These Labelling Techniques

This is another crucial step you have to take. Labeling your containers with proper materials is essential if you want to keep your fragile belongings in one piece. You can choose a couple of useful labeling techniques, depending on which packing method you decide to rely on:

  • Numbering boxes – write an agenda, so you won’t forget the meaning of numbers you write on containers,
  • Color labels – prepare an agenda for color-coding,
  • Room-by-room – separate objects from each room and mark containers as kitchen or bathroom,
  • Item type labels – mark according to things inside the box – books, glasses, clothes.


Mark fragile pieces with loud colors

#5 Start Packing in Advance

How do you move efficiently? The organization is the key. Of course, this is much more doable if you have enough time to start planning in advance and begin proper preparations. Don’t start procrastinating just because you feel that you have plenty of time – it’s always better to prepare one box per day than everything at once. That way, you will keep things less chaotic, and you’ll feel more in control.

Begin With Packing a Storage Room or Garage

In case that you have a separate storage room or garage space where you keep items that you rarely need – maybe some Christmas decorations or a Christmas tree, it’s an excellent idea to begin by packing them first, especially if you have weeks in advance to prepare. This way, you’ll avoid moving stress and have enough time for other important things when it comes to the time to pack them.

Go Room-by-Room

The most efficient way to pack for moving is to go room-by-room. This is even easier if you have assistance. No matter if you hire professional Seattle movers or ask your friends for help, each person can be in charge of a separate room. That way, you’ll avoid crowds in halls and stay more organized and productive. If you decide to rely on professionals, they can also remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack and show you some other cool hacks like how to pack plates or how to store Christmas ornaments.

Pack Decorative Objects in Advance

How to efficiently pack to move? Start by packing less significant objects like decorative objects – paintings, vases, and lamps. This could be any other belongings that you won’t be using daily, perhaps some exercise equipment or even seasonal clothes.


Prepare decorative inventory first

#6 Protect Fragile Belongings With Bubble Wrap or Other Cushioning Materials

No matter if you want to learn how to pack shoes or how to pack fragile items, one of the simple rules you should follow while packing fragile belongings is to wrap each item separately with bubble wrap. Place heavier objects on the bottom and fill out empty spaces with cushioning. Remember to tape the bottom of your box, and leave some empty space on the top that you can fill out with more cushioning. Check out this video tutorial on how to protect fragile inventory.

#7 Take Pictures

Another interesting tip is to take pictures of your shelves, dressers, and other parts of your home – that way, it will be easier to remember how to arrange everything in your new home once you start unpacking. You should also do this if you are disassembling some of the pieces.

Keep Dresser Clothes Inside of Drawers

Speaking of shelves and dresses, here is one of the more interesting moving hacks people forget about. You do not have to take out clothes from drawers and put them in containers separately. You can simply keep them inside and secure the whole dresser with wraps – this will save you a lot of time and energy. Once you reach your destination, you can simply unpack the entire dresser and place it wherever you like.


Keep clothes inside of drawers

#8 Pack a Bag With Essentials for the Big Day

When the relocation day finally comes, you want to have some essentials with you. By that we mean clean clothes, towels, toothbrushes, chargers and everything else you find necessary and you use daily. If you are moving with pets, keep some extra food for them by hand.

People with boxes

Keep essentials close to you

#9 When Loading a Relocating Truck, Load Large Furniture First

What should you move first when moving? Once you begin loading vehicles used for relocation purposes, you should load them with heavy pieces first. They require the most room, and you can easily add boxes to spare space around them. If you already packed storage items and things you rarely use, it’s probably best to put them in a relocating vehicle last. That way, you can easily place them in the new storage space once you get to your new home and finish this part in a few simple steps. After doing that, you’ll have the energy to arrange other essential belongings.

Disassemble Large Pieces if Possible

If some furniture pieces can be disassembled, it’s always best to do this before the relocation. It will be easier for you and your helpers to carry these pieces around and load them into the truck. For example, if you don’t know how to move a piano, professionals can be more than helpful in this process.

Keep Track of Small Parts Like Screws When Disassembling

The important thing when disassembling is to keep track of all the small pieces like screws and keep them together in smaller bags. Remember to write labels – that way you won’t forget which screws you should use for your bed and which ones for your wardrobe.

Bag of screws

Keep tracks of your screws

#10 Remember to Clean Out

The final step of a successful move is cleaning. Some people forget about this part, but you should keep in mind that you can make a lot of mess while carrying out your belongings and leaving pieces of wraps and papers everywhere around the house. Once you finish loading a truck, clean out and leave your home in nice condition, as you would like to find in your new home. Also, remember to clean your new place before you put your belongings inside, especially bulky pieces that are hard to move around later.

Woman with cleaning supplies

Remember to clean

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