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If you are looking for a vibrant small town in Washington to settle down and raise your family, you definitely shouldn’t overlook Normandy Park. The right local Normandy Park movers will help you relocate there, no matter the distance of your local move. And, you’re in luck because one of the best moving companies in Seattle city and Washington state covers the area.

Welcome to Normandy Park, Washington

Nestled in King County, between the City of Burien to the north and the City of Des Moines to the south, Normandy Park, WA is home to about 7,000 people and some of the best hikes near Seattle. Take a look at our tour of the place to know what you can expect if you are keen on calling it home.

Cost of Living in Normandy Park, Washington

This charming town is an upper-middle-class neighborhood with an overall cost of living index of 166.4, according to Best Places. Housing attributes to the high cost of living index the most, as an average house around here will cost you about $670,000. Most people own their homes, but if you choose to rent, we advise you to familiarize yourself with Seattle renters’ rights and set aside about $1,300 per month.

A Safe Haven for Young Families and Retirees Alike

The fact that this town is extremely safe and it has excellent schools has put it on the top of the list for many parents. It’s a peaceful retreat that offers that quintessential Washington lifestyle to families and retirees alike. The local community is big on preserving the pedestrian-friendly lifestyle and shows care for the environment. Once you move here, you’ll get to live side by side with nature.

Things to Do in the Area

The biggest attraction around here is the abundance of beautiful nature and the waterfront overlooking Puget Sound. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the annual Arts Festival and the weekly ‘Music in the Park’ events in the summertime. A favorite gathering spot for the young and old is Cove Beach, which hosts the beloved 4th of July parade. Then, there are pools, swimming clubs, and shopping areas. All you need is right here for you to enjoy.

Seattle Professional Movers Are Among the Top Moving Companies in Washington

If you are certain about wanting to live in the town, don’t waste much time before you start making your moving to-do list and decide which one of the best moving companies in Seattle, Washington to put on your moving expenses checklist. You won’t go wrong if you choose Seattle Professional Movers as we are a reliable moving company with a 5-star reputation and a long list of satisfied customers. And we cover your new area, as well.

Count on Our Normandy Park Movers No Matter the Distance of Your Move

Our local Movers in Normandy Park are reliable, hard-working, experienced, and ready to help you every step of the way, no matter the distance of your move. They will show up on time, treat you and your belongings with respect, and safely and smoothly transport your things to your new address. They’ve got the skills and they know all moving hacks that will make sure you don’t experience any moving stress.

We Go the Distance When It Comes to Our Services

We’ve been in this business long enough to know that each relocation is different and requires different services. So, we go the distance in a bid to satisfy each customer’s needs, and we have a set of services that fit everyone. You can find some of our most common services in your new area below.

Our Professional Packers Will Have You Packed in No Time

If you are not sure how to pack glasses for moving or how to pack dishes for moving so they don’t break, contact us for our packing service and let our professional packers do their magic. Our professionals are the best in the city, and when they pack you, you are sure all your items will arrive at your new home unharmed. Take a look at what most commonly forgotten things to pack, so you don’t forget them. What’s more, if you decide to book this service, all the belongings packed by us will be covered by insurance.

Residential Moving Service Is Our Normandy Park Movers’ Specialty

Residential moving service is the most sought-after in your new area, and it’s the one our local crew does best in the city. You can have a brewski in one of your favorite Seattle breweries in peace, knowing that your belongings are in good hands with our well-trained staff.


If You Need Help With the Heavy Lifting – We Are Here for You

If you want to rent a truck and relocate on your own, you’ll likely still need someone to help carry the heavy items in and out of the truck. Instead of bribing friends with the best takeout in Seattle, contact us for our labor services, and let our highly-trained professionals carefully carry, lift, load, and unload your furniture in and out of the truck.

We Also Provide in-and-out-of Storage Service

If you have lots of stuff, it’s a good idea to declutter and donate furniture in Seattle to avoid having to rent a storage unit. If you still end up renting a storage unit anywhere in the city, and you need help getting your things into storage or moving them out – contact us and choose our in-and-out-of storage serviceWe will transport your belongings from a storage space to a destination of your choice or vice versa.

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