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Excellent Outdoor Opportunities in the State Are Only a Short Distance Away

Are you looking to move to Ravensdale, one of the best suburbs of Seattle? This Washington census-designated place (CDP) is about 28 miles away from both the capital and Tacoma. It features very affordable housing, almost no crime, and some of the state’s top outdoor opportunities.

Ravensdale’s Real Estate Is Very Affordable

Ravendale’s housing costs certainly make it one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs. The median home value of $343,300 is 30% cheaper than the capital’s $484,600 (*according to AreaVibes). Considering that most local households are occupied by owners (71%), there are less renting options available, which slightly increases the prices. While the median rent of $1,400 is 12% higher than Seattle’s $1,250, it’s still relatively affordable. Remember that having some basic knowledge of Seattle renters’ rights is crucial when renting a place, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.


The Community Is an Excellent Place for Families to Call Home

Most of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families have two things in common, safety, and excellent educational opportunities. The suburbs are no exception, with some estimates showing that Ravensdale’s overall crime rates are 75% lower than in Washington and 85% lower than the capital’s. Furthermore, the data indicates that year-over-year crime is down 9%, which in addition to the crime data, easily places the CDP among the safest neighborhoods in Seattle.

The educational results are similar to neighborhoods covered by the best school districts in Seattle. Students earn 68% on average when tested, which is higher than the city’s average of 57%. Graduation rates are also higher, with over 93% of all adults having at least a high school diploma.

You Won’t Have to Travel for Long to Experience the Best Outdoor Activities

With numerous parks and nature reserves in the area, you can go on some of the best hikes near Seattle without having to travel for too long. You’ll find the Ravensdale Retreat Natural Area just east of the CDP. It covers 145 acres of coniferous forest, with hiking and horseback riding trails spanning the park’s entire length. On the west, the Ravensdale Creek connects the namesake lake and Lake Sawyer in the south, going through the whole Black Diamond Natural Area. Very few parks in Seattle can provide as many activities as this location. In addition to excellent wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities, the 1,240-acre area features 17 miles of trails built for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Other great nearby outdoor locations include Henry’s Ridge Open Space and Natural Area, Lake Wilderness Park, Rock Creek Natural Area, and Danville-Georgetown Open Space.

Seattle Movers Can Help You a Lot With Your Relocation

While some people like to DIY, the simplest way to avoid annoying moving stress is to hire a professional mover in Seattle to assist you. Since there are so many Seattle moving companies on the market, going through some customer feedback is the easiest way to find the one that suits you the most. By hiring Seattle Professional Movers, you’ll be getting top tear affordable services that are tailored to your particular needs.

Professional Movers in Ravensdale Provide a Free Estimate on All Moving Services

Before getting any moving services in Seattle, you’ll need an estimate so you can plan your budget accordingly. Getting a free quote from our company is relatively easy. All you need to do is contact us through our website or by phone, and we can start planning the move right away.

Our Seattle Moving Company Has Everything You Need for Your Move

By choosing to hire one of the top moving companies in Seattle, WA, you’ll be able to get several customer-friendly services:

  • Packing service – Packing should be one of the first things on your moving to-do list. Our local movers in Seattle will significantly shorten the time it takes to pack everything and secure even your most fragile items.
  • Residential move – Hiring our team of trained professionals will enable you to have a stress-free home relocation. Though houses can vary in size significantly, we’ll provide you with an appropriate truck that can fit all your furniture.
  • Apartment relocation – Despite the fact that residential buildings can have various additional conditions, such as the absence of elevators, getting this service allows you to switch apartments easily.
  • Commercial move – Most cheap movers in Seattle lack the necessary experience to handle business relocation. Luckily, our company has more than enough resources, allowing you to have a quick and simple transition.
  • Labor-only service – Why bother with moving boxes in Seattle when you can hire someone to do the heavy lifting for you? Our team will not only load all the boxes carefully but also unload them at your new destination.

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