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When looking for a new home in one of the suburbs of Seattle, it’s a good idea to contact reputable local Avondale movers to help you with the relocation. With great housing and many schools and parks in the area, you can find something for everyone. Here are some great things about this beautiful suburb.

Avondale Is a Great Place to Raise a Family

Located at the crossroads of Redmont and Union Hill-Novelty Hill, Avondale is one of the best suburbs of Seattle. The location is a part of North Redmont, with the residential area separated from the main roads with plenty of land remaining under forests and other vegetation. Many housing options possess acres of land but are still generally affordable.

The place is an excellent pick if you’re moving with pets. It’s close to Redmond’s more urban surroundings, and Seattle proper is around 16 miles away. There are plenty of great elementary schools and two high schools in the area. Redmond High School is close, but if you go out a little further, Nikola Tesla STEM High School is also a great pick. All of this makes the location one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families.

There are many different things to do in each Seattle neighborhood. With lots of greenery surrounding the location, outdoor enthusiasts and sports lovers will have plenty of things to explore. Before venturing out to any of these, make sure you check if the spots are open during the COVID-19 lockdown. Some may limit the capacity, while others will require you to wear a mask.

Check Out Some of the Numerous Parks

Numerous parks in Seattle provide different experiences. If you’re looking for sporting areas or even a pool, Hartman Park has it all. Perrigo Park has a large playground for kids and great volleyball courts. There are a community garden and unique open spaces ideal for picnics in the nearby Juel Community Park. Famous for its barn animals, Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park attracts lots of families. It’s also suitable for picnics, and there’s even a horse arena.

Visit One of the Nearby Country Clubs

There are many country clubs in the area where you can relax and play gold. Closest ones are Redwood Golf Center, Willows Run Golf Club, and Bear Creek Country Club, but there are plenty more in all directions if you’re willing to hit the road.

Hiking Enthusiasts Will Have a Blast

Some of the best hikes near Seattle are right here in the suburb. If you want to hike somewhere else besides the local parks, there are plenty of options. Audubon Bird Loop in Marymoor Park is a great place for birdwatching. Evan Creek Preserve has several trails with variable difficulty. There’s sufficient parking space, and the trail usually isn’t crowded. If you’re willing to make time, check out Cherry Creek Falls trail northeast of the suburb. It has an easy 5-mile trail with low elevation, but you’ll be awarded some incredible views. Be aware that the trail is quite popular, and there’s limited parking space.

Seattle Professional Movers Are One of the Best Moving Companies in Seattle WA

When relocating locally, it’s not that easy finding reliable cheap movers in Seattle. Thankfully, our moving company in Seattle offers everything you may need for your move. You might be asking yourself, Why should I hire Seattle movers? It may surprise you that Seattle moving companies provide their services not just in the city but throughout the Washington state. With 15 years of experience in relocations, our company has you covered whether you’re living in Downtown Seattle or one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs.

Packing Is What Our Mover in Seattle Does Best

When starting to pack, it’s very important that you make a moving to-do list. This way, you can keep track of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. However, if you get our packing service, you won’t have to bother learning how to pack dishes for moving and some other tricks. Remember that there are items movers won’t move, such as explosives, highly toxic substances, and flammable materials.

Our Local Movers in Seattle Offer Many Moving Services

Depending on the nature of your relocation, there are several different services we can provide you. If you’re relocating a business, a good Seattle moving company will help you save a lot of time. Our commercial move team is especially careful when handing any expensive items and appliances your business might have. If you’re relocating your home to a new house, you can use our residential moves. For other buildings, you can use our apartment moves. If you need help moving boxes in Seattle, we got just the thing for you. With our labor service, you can relax and let our team do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our Avondale Movers Provide Best Rated Moving Services in Seattle

Avoid concerning yourself with all the tedious tasks when relocating by hiring great local movers in Avondale. With our help, your moving stress will disappear. There are many services available, and here are some of our most requested ones.

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