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People looking to move to one of Seattle’s wealthiest suburban cities have a lot to look forward to. It has low crime rates, excellent schools, and short commute times. The relocation will be a lot simpler if you hire local Mill Creek movers to assist you. While all companies may claim their service is the best, we’re backed up by numerous excellent customer reviews. Take a look at what we have to offer.

How Does Life in Mill Creek Compare to Emerald City?

Mill Creek is located in Snohomish County, approximately 20 miles northeast of Emerald City, between Lynnwood and Everett. While the city was conceived as a planned community in the 1970s, over the years, it became one of Seattle’s wealthiest suburbs. The continued development caused the population to rise, and the city is still growing. Lower crime rates, excellent schools, and affordable housing make it a desirable option for families.

Despite the Community Growth, the Housing Is Still Quite Affordable

While the overall cost of living is similar to Seattle’s (according to AreaVibes), the median home value of $411,700 is about 15% cheaper than the city’s $484,600. However, those looking to rent would need to pay more. The average rent of $1,450 per month is 16% more expensive than Seattle’s $1,250. Considering that the community was planned, it’s not surprising that owners occupy 60% of all households.

Many Locals Are High Earners Working in Nearby Cities

According to Census Bureau data, only 3% of all employed residents had a job in the city by 2018. This raises the question, Do you need a car in Seatle? While the city’s public transportation is accessible, driving to work will save you a lot of time. Even though a majority of residents work outside the city limits, the average commute time is about 31 minutes. Emerald City is the largest destination with 21%, followed by Everett with 16%, and Bellevue with 8%. The per capita income of $43,300 might be 11% lower than Seattle’s $48,700, but that doesn’t mean that a home will earn less as well. In fact, Mill Creek’s median household income of $88,350 is more than 18% higher than the Emerald City’s $75,500. Higher earnings combined with cheaper housing make the city one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs. Furthermore, in 2019, only 2.5% of adults were unemployed, while about 7% were living under the poverty line, almost half the Settle’s 13%. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re witnessing a surge in the number of the homeless in Seattle, while the suburb has only experienced smaller increases.


Schools and Safety Make the City Especially Attractive for Families

The city is more secure than even some of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. In 2019, according to FBI data, the city’s crime rates were 72% lower than Seattle’s. Even on their own, the number of criminal offenses is quite low, with 307 total crimes occurring in 2019, out of which only 17 were violent, with no murders. What’s even better, statistics show that year-over-year crime is down by 13%. Besides the low crime rates, excellent schools are another reason why families find the city attractive. Students score 74% on tests, which is a lot better than the 57% that their Seattle counterparts score on average. So if you were searching for the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, consider looking into the suburb as well.

Nature Enthusiasts Are Going to Love It Here

There are plenty of things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, and this suburb is no exception. With numerous outdoor opportunities within walking distance, nature enthusiasts will find the city particularly attractive. If you don’t have time to visit some of the best hikes near Seattle, you won’t be disappointed by Mill Creek Community Assoc’s Private Nature Reserve. It has a nice paved path, perfect for a short hike, and there’s even an off-leash area for your dog, which is great if you’re moving with pets. The 78-acre McCollum Park features wetlands, a forest trail, sporting fields, and even a biking track. Thorton A. Sullivan Park offers limited boating in Silver Lake, but it’s a great choice if you want to go for a swim.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress by Looking Up Some Seattle Moving Companies

While some people are more susceptible to moving stress than others, nobody can argue that it takes a lot to prepare for a relocation properly. While somebody who’s experienced might be able to DIY without problems, most people would agree that hiring one of the moving companies in Seattle, WA, is a much easier option. With so many professionals on the market, going through customer reviews is the fastest way to find a company that suits your needs. You won’t need to look for too long, though, as you’re already in the right place. Seattle Professional Movers are here to help make your relocation experience as stress-free as possible.

Our Mover in Seattle Provides Various Services

A professional mover should be able to provide a wide array of moving services in Seattle. Let’s go over some of the options you can get if you hire us:

  • Packing Services – Whatever the nature of your move may be, packing is the first step in every relocation. Besides saving you a lot of time, trained packers will take care of all your belongings, both large and small.
  • Apartment Move – Depending on the layout of the building, apartment relocations require careful planning. Avoid hiring the first cheap movers in Seattle you come across and employ a team with years of experience in high-rise moves.
  • Residential Move – House relocation is one of the most common services. By getting our full package, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll do all the packing, loading, and unloading of the truck and everything else in between.
  • Commercial Relocation – If you need to move a business, this option is made for you. Our Seattle movers don’t waste time, so your company doesn’t have to suffer any losses because of the relocation.
  • In-and Out-of Storage Move – Now that your home finally has the space for that piano you kept in storage, contact our team, and we’ll deliver it to your new location in no time. On the other hand, if you can’t fit something in your new place, we’ll safely transport the objects into your storage unit. Just remember that there are certain items movers won’t move, like toxic substances or explosives.

If You Need Labor Moving Services, Out Movers in Mill Creek Are Here to Help

Some people like to book a truck well before hiring other professionals, or your company might already have some transportation options. If you’ve already secured a vehicle but need assistance with moving boxes in Seattle, our team is at your disposal. With our local movers in Seattle on your side, you won’t have to worry about loading a moving truck in WA. All you have to do is get our labor-only service and let us do the heavy lifting.

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