Don’t know how to move a piano on your own and looking for the cheapest way to do it? By reading this convenient article, you learn some useful tips and tricks that you can benefit from. Keep in mind that this is a serious task and the best thing you can do is hire professional Seattle movers for assistance.

Professional mover
Consider hiring professionals

What Is the Easiest Way to Move a Piano?

Are you looking for the best way to move a piano and unsure how to do this on your own? This is a challenging task even for people with a lot of experience with relocations. You’ll have to make a significant effort if you don’t know how to move a piano yourself. You should also buy special equipment and ask friends for help. But the easiest way to do it is, without a doubt, to hire a professional Seattle moving company for help. Trained and experienced Seattle movers have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to do this without any inconvenience. If you still prefer doing it yourself, follow this short guide that will show you how.

Is Moving an Upright Piano Easier Than Moving a Grand Piano?

In case you already know how to move an upright piano and wonder how to move a grand piano, you should keep in mind that the method varies because of the size and weight differences in these instruments. For upright pianos, you’re going to need specialized dollies, and for grand pianos, you’ll need a special board or a skid board to move it. Apart from this board, whose size should be adjusted, you’re supposed to get more strapping and padding materials.

Photo of a guy struggling to lift an instrument
Pianos are very heavy, so you’ll need helpers

Include as Many Helpers as You Can and Guide Them Through the Process

If you decide to do this without professional assistance, you will need as many helpers as you can get. If you’re making a moving away party and plan on gathering all of your friends and family there, ask if anyone wants to assist you with this serious task and explain to them how it’s done.

Don’t Forget That These Instruments Are Very Heavy and Bulky

We’re not talking about getting any assistance. For example, you shouldn’t involve your children in this process, since pianos can be very heavy and potentially dangerous for youngsters if you don’t secure them probably. If you remember that some of your friends lift heavy weights at the gym or are included in some heavy duties at their workplace, they should be your first choice.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment and Materials

Based on the type of instrument you are relocating and its size and measurements, you should gather some specially designed materials that will help you move it and protect it. Keep in mind that these instruments are fragile and expensive, so if you are moving a piano yourself, you should invest in this equipment. These specific supplies include:

  • Four-wheel dolly,
  • Special board or skid board,
  • Dolly straps and weightlifting straps,
  • Padding,
  • Ramp,
  • Van or a truck.
Photo of boxes and blankets
Gather padding materials and proper equipment

Disassemble Your Instrument if Possible and Secure It

When relocating grand pianos, you’re supposed to disassemble them and remove all the removable parts first:

  • Secure its top lid with tape,
  • Disassemble its pedals and legs,
  • Wrap all sides with blankets and tape them properly to stay tight.

Be extra careful when you’re lowering it down once you remove its legs, and make sure your helpers stick around later when you need to assemble it again. When you’re relocating upright pianos, you should:

  • Close and tape the lid over the keyboard,
  • Wrap the pedals with plastic wrap or cloth,
  • Wrap the front, backs, and sides of your instrument and secure it tightly with tape.

If you need a bit more guidance, check out this video that shows the easiest way to remove legs from your instrument.

Measure Your New Space and Clear the Paths

You’ll have to check if you have enough space at your new home for your old instrument and decide where exactly you want to place it. Once you’re aware of that, remove all the things in the way from the entrance to that point – everything you think could get in the way of your helpers. It’s also a good idea to clean the area first because once you place it down, you’ll hardly have access to clean it properly again.

Secure Your Floors

You should also consider securing your floor and delicate surfaces in your home, even your door jambs. Another pro tip if you’re moving with pets – make sure you keep them away from your path, so they don’t come to the wrong place at the wrong time. These simple actions and moving hacks will prevent any possible moving stress from appearing.

Photo of a door and an empty room
Make sure your helpers have clear access to your new home

If You Don’t Know How to Move a Piano Yourself, the Best Thing You Can Do Is to Hire Seattle Professional Movers for Help

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