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If you’re planning to relocate to one of Seattle’s biggest neighborhoods, our professional Magnolia Bluff movers will make your move a lot more comfortable. Our Seattle moving company offers all kinds of services that will cover anything you need. Make sure you contact us, and you’ll get a free estimate on your move.

Many Things Make Magnolia’s Higher Price Point Worth It

This community is the second-largest neighborhood in the city. The area is surrounded by water, with Lake Washington’s ship canal, Salmon Bay and Shilshole Bay on the north, Puget Sound on the west, and Elliot Bay on the south. It’s home to the biggest park in Seattle, which offers numerous outdoor activities. Magnolia’s excellent schools and low crime rates make it one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. All these things make the community’s higher housing prices worth it.

The Housing Is on the More Expensive Side, but Residents’ Higher Earnings Make It Affordable

Magnolia’s cost of living is about 11% higher than Seattle’s, according to The median home value of $645,000 is 33% more expensive than the city’s $484,600. Interestingly, the median rent of $1,100 is 12% cheaper than Seattle’s $1,250, making renting a viable option. However, even with the lower rent costs, around two-thirds of all homes are occupied by their owners. If you decide to go this route, learn everything you can about your Seattle renters’ rights before signing anything. If you’re looking for an apartment, the Pleasant Valley Plaza has some incredible yet affordable options.

With it being one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle, it’s no wonder Magnolia’s housing is more expensive. The per capita income of $61,000 is 25% higher than Seattle’s $48,700. With the median household income of $108,600, a home here earns 46% more than the city’s $74,500. Locals are also highly educated, with about 69% having a bachelor’s degree, 27.4% have a master’s, and 4.7% have a Ph.D. All the percentages are also higher than Seattle’s.


Low Crime and Highly Rated Schools Make the Neighborhood an Excellent Place for Families

The neighborhood is served by one of the best school districts in Seattle, making it an excellent place for families with children. The Seattle Public Schools district has three schools in the neighborhood: Catherine Blaine K-8, Magnolia Elementary, and Lawton Elementary. Students here perform significantly better than other Seattleites. Their tests score 76% on average, more than 57% in Seattle overall. These results also translate into higher graduation rates. Another thing that makes the neighborhood excellent for families and everyone else are its low crime rates, which place it among some of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle.

The Biggest Park in the City Covers a Large Portion of the Area

If you go through things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, rarely any other place in the city has this many outdoor opportunities. The outstanding Discovery Park is one of the best parks in Seattle, and, in fact, the city’s biggest. Covering 534 acres, it’s more than double the size of Green Lake Park. When you can’t spare time to cross the distance to some of the best hikes near Seattle, its numerous trails can serve as a fitting replacement. The Discovery Park Loop Trail is 2.8 miles long and runs through it, connecting its 11.8 miles of trails.

Hiring a Local Moving Company in Seattle Will Make Your Move a Lot Easier

You’ll need to properly prepare for a move whether you’re relocating to Downtown or some of the best suburbs of Seattle. While some prefer to organize a relocation independently, most people would require some professional assistance. Fortunately, many moving companies in Seattle, WA, can help you have a smooth transition. You may think that finding reputable, cheap movers in Seattle is going to be hard, but you’re in the right place all along. Our own Seattle Professional Movers is here to provide you with the best service on the market.

Magnolia Bluff Movers Are Trained to Provide Various Services

Seattle moving companies should provide a variety of services to suit all kinds of potential customers. Our company offers a lot of options, so before you contact us, take a look at some of the things we provide:

  • Residential move – Professional Seattle movers will ensure your home relocation doesn’t cause you any unnecessary stress. You focus on handling the documents while we do all the physical work.
  • Apartment relocation – A move like this may be a bit harder for an inexperienced company. Luckily, our mover knows how to handle stairs and the narrow hallways these buildings often have.
  • Commercial move – When relocating a business, hiring a professional company is almost always necessary. A mover will handle all the expensive furniture and equipment your company might have and enable you to quickly resume your work.
  • Packing service – We can’t talk about relocations without mentioning packing. Getting this service will save you a lot of time, and you’ll also have an opportunity to see some useful moving hacks that can help you a lot in the future.

Professional Movers in Magnolia Bluff Offer Excellent Labor and in-and Out-of Storage Moving Service

Don’t risk a likely injury when you can hire someone to do the heavy lifting. With our labor-only service, moving boxes in Seattle has never been easier. If you already secured transportation, our team is there to help you load all the belongings. If your new place is a lot bigger, you can finally take out some of the items you placed in storage all those years ago. Opt for our in-and out-of storage move and we will transport these objects to your new home, or we can take some things and put them in the unit.

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