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Scouting all the moving companies in Seattle, WA, for your perfect local Briercrest movers might waste your time and drain your energy. And that’s just the start of the long relocation process. When you read this article, the decision will be easy, and you’ll know which Seattle moving company to turn to when the time comes. Plus, we will tell you more about the place.

Briercrest, Seattle – a Short Distance Away From Each Part of the City

Briecrest is a waterfront neighborhood in the Lake district of The Emerald City that offers great views of the water. It’s a densely populated area that houses around 2,000 people. Learn more about it below.

Briercrest is a Peaceful Retreat Near the Water

This is a peaceful neighborhood with a suburban feel, perfect if you are looking for a calm area within the city. You will enjoy the vicinity and the serenity of the waterfront and some picturesque views, especially at night. This school district is one of the best school districts in Seattle, with highly-rated schools and devoted teachers. That’s what draws young families to this particular neighborhood. If you are moving with pets and your family has a furry member, you’ll be happy to hear that one of the best dog parks in Seattle with an off-leash and swimming area is nearby.

This Suburban-Like Neighborhood Offers Easy Access to Other Parts of Town

This area is pretty walkable and doesn’t get much heavy traffic. You will often see people biking to work in another part of the city. There’s also bus access, and the Burke-Gilman Trail goes along the lake right through the area which is a great advantage. Here, you will enjoy living in a peaceful oasis but remain close to just about anything – all that in a friendly and welcoming community. You could say that this neighborhood offers the best of both worlds.

What’s the Cost of Living in Briercrest, Seattle, Washington?

Living in this neighborhood is not quite like living in the affordable Seattle suburbs – it is a bit on the pricey side. According to Neighborhood Scout, the median real estate price is around $700,000. If you are considering renting, learn your Seattle renters’ rights and expect the monthly rental fee to be around $2,000. But, it would be money well spent as this neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families.

Seattle Professional Movers Offer the Finest Moving Services in Seattle and Beyond

Seattle Professional Movers can keep all the troubles and hassle a long distance away from you. We have been working in this field for over twenty years and with flying colors. We have the knowledge and, over time, we have gained all the moving hacks to make sure your moving to-do list is really short and you experience no moving stress during your relocation. Another great aspect of our local moving services is that they are affordable, so your relocation expenses checklist will stay in order, and you won’t have to dig in your savings.

Other Companies Can’t Match Our Local Briercrest Movers

No one knows the neighborhood quite like our crew, and no one does moving as they do. They know how to pack dishes if you need help packing. They can even tell you what items movers won’t move, so you don’t bother packing them. They are knowledgeable, skilled, organized, and friendly, and they will go the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly. You can rely on them to assist you with any part of your move.

A List of Moving Services Our Movers in Briercrest Provide

We make a great effort to provide support to all those who need it, and in all ways they need. That’s why we offer various services to our customers. Feel free to review our list and choose the service that fits your relocation plan.

Ask Your Neighbors What Mover to Choose

Ask your neighbors what Seattle movers they turn to when they are relocating. Or all Seattlites, for that matter. And if you haven’t got any acquaintances that have moved recently, turn to online reviews of companies that do relocations. Compare those reviews to find out why we have had the trust of the people who have moved around this town for over twenty years.

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