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Are you going to relocate to a suburban community near Seattle? Try searching for experienced Riverton movers. It would make the whole relocation process less challenging if you book their services. And they will give you a free quote to help you prepare your budget. Now, read more about this South Seattle neighborhood, located between South Park and the SeaTac border, and prepare for your upcoming relocation.

Things You Should Know Before Relocating to This Neighborhood

This is a neighborhood in King County, Washington, and it has a population of 6,400. Riverton was once part of the Riverton-Boulevard Park, but in 2010, they were divided into two separated neighborhoods. Downtown Seattle is only 8.5 miles away if you want to explore the Emerald City or find a job there, but the area has all amenities you might need, and it is also close to the airport.

Housing Options and Costs

In the neighborhood, the estimated median household income is $89,600. Furthermore, the median house price is $563,600, and the rent is $1,300. The unemployment percentage is significantly below the US average. When it comes to house types, home designs vary from condos to single-family homes, so there’s really something for everyone’s preference.


Find Out More About the Neighborhood’s History Before Moving

An early 20th-century bridge, known commonly as the Riverton DrawBridge, the Drawspan, and King County Bridge 622-A, was named after this community. Constructed in 1903, the bridge acquired a reputation for being somewhat dangerous. In 1919, it was closed to cars and demolished in 1927. As of 2009, a trace of the bridge can still be seen in the water, visible either from the shore of the river or from the 119th St. S. bridge and the Allentown Bridge, and it is a tourist attraction now.

Nearby Parks and Outdoor Activities

The 4.8-acre Riverton Park opened in 2000. The city added playground equipment and a concrete path to provide access for the disabled to the park and playground. Also, park upgrades include drainage, fences, and a large grassy field. This is a quiet, open park for families in the area and is built on the grounds of the former Tukwila Community Center. A picnic shelter, a fountain, and new landscaping can be part of future plans. If you are moving with pets, this is a great place for them. Hilltop Park is another great spot, and it can be reached from South 128th St. This park is known for its grassy and peaceful nature.

Book the Best Seattle Moving Company in the City

Even though we started out a long time ago as a small family firm, we now work in and around Seattle in more than 100 locations. We can help you wherever you’re heading to. This may not be the first relocation you have had, but some tricks and moving hacks can still be useful. Having a moving to-do list is the essential part of the early stage. Make it straightforward and modify it according to your objectives. The next step is hiring local professional help, which is a smart way to avoid any additional moving stress. Many moving companies in Seattle provide different helpful services if you are relocating in and out of the area. Seattle Professional Movers is one of these companies.


Whatever Service You Might Need, Our Local Riverton Movers Got You Covered

Our team is here to assist you with everything during the relocation process that you can require. We will let you know about the most commonly forgotten things to pack and show you how to pack dishes for moving or how to pack books for moving. Just check what items movers won’t move, so you don’t have any problems in the process. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the services we provide. Our company offers different moving services in Seattle, depending on what the client requests:

  • Residential relocation service – When relocating to a new home, start by hiring our inexpensive local movers in Seattle. You will not face any problems during the move, with our movers in Riverton by your side.
  • Commercial relocation service – Our Seattle movers are here to assist any businessmen who need to move their business rapidly. Contact us now and book your date.
  • Labor-only service – Do you need assistance with relocating boxes? All you have to do is rest and leave all the heavy lifting and loading the truck be handled by our local team.
  • In-and out-of storage moving service – We will move your things to your storage facility or from your old storage to your new home.


Our Riverton Movers Provide the Best Packing Services

Many individuals are not conscious of the sheer number of possessions they own. It will take weeks to finish everything if you try to pack by yourself. There are more than a few reasons why the essential relocation service is the packing service. Having a skilled team of experts will encourage you to learn several relocation tricks that you can use the next time you travel, but it will also save you loads of time you can spend on tasting the best burger in Seattle or visiting some of the many Seattle breweries.

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