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If you are looking for Oskams Corner movers, you are probably eyeing this urban area of Kirkland for a move. Relocating here would be a great choice – all you will need is the right local Seattle mover to get you settled. We are one of the finest moving companies in Seattle, WA, and we serve Kirkland, as well. We are here to offer you our services and give you the gist of your new neighborhood.

Welcome to Oskams Corner, Kirkland, WA

Oskams corner is an urban, upscale community in Kirkland, which is located on the north shore of Lake Washington in King County, Washington. Close to 6,000 people get to call it home, and they love living here. Let’s take a look at the neighborhood guide to see if you will like it here.

Cost of Living in Oskams Corner, Kirkland, WA

The cost of living in a neighborhood is what can be a make-or-break factor in the decision-making process. If you plan on settling down in this neighborhood and buying a house, you should know that the current median home value is around $620,000. This neighborhood has an even rate of owners and renters, and if you plan on joining the latter, first go through Seattle renters’ rights. As for the rental fees, the median rent is set at $2,800 per month.


A Waterfront Community With Lots of Job Opportunities Nearby

So many people are relocating to this beautiful neighborhood and Kirkland, as well, that one’s gotta ask – why? Well, the city is obviously very beautiful, adjacent to the water and surrounded by beautiful nature, but it’s also due to job growth. Kirkland has been experiencing stable, sustainable, and constant job growth in recent years. Many big tech companies have offices in the city and contribute to the community. If you are seeking job opportunities, you will find plenty in this town, and this neighborhood is a beautiful and safe place with easy access to anywhere in town and the surrounding areas.

The City of Kirkland Is Bustling With Activities for the Whole Family

While Oskams Corner is mostly a peaceful residential neighborhood, the city of Kirkland is a vibrant city with many amenities. The biggest attraction is Washington Lake, and its beaches, and a big portion of those are actually public beaches where you can go swimming, fishing, soak up some sun or enjoy sports. There are also many playgrounds and shallow swimming areas for kids, so if you have kids, this is a great place to be. The Tech City Bowl and Fun Center is another great place where your kids will enjoy arcades, bowling, and billiards. While the kids play, you can grab a beer at the Chainline Brewing Company to see if the quality of their beer matches that of Seattle breweries.

Seattle Professional Movers Offers Storage and Moving Services in Seattle and the Neighboring Towns

We have been in this line of work for a long time, and we are well-known and a customer-favorite all around Washington state. We are here to offer our services and help you avoid moving stress. Choosing the right mover in Seattle is half the battle. To optimize your experience, you should also make a moving to-do list. This will keep you focused, and a moving expenses checklist will keep your expenses in check and save you a buck. We will be here to assist you and make sure this process turns out to be a joyful experience for you and your family.

Rely on Our Local Oskams Corner Movers

Our moving company in Seattle prides itself on our local movers in Oskams Corner. If you are puzzled with things like how to pack dishes for moving, knowing what items movers won’t move, or what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are – our packers and movers can help. They have long years of experience during which they’ve gathered all the moving hacks of this industry, and they will put them to work and all at your disposal. You’ll just need to find the right dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle, if you are moving with pets, to serve as a venue for a moving-away party if you intend to host one.


Our Movers Offer Residential and Commercial Moving Services

We are here to help whether you need to move a family home or your business. Contact us for our residential moving service, and our professionals will have your home moved in no time. If it’s your business that needs to get moved into a new location – contact us for our commercial service. We also have professional packers that will resolve the question of how to pack books for moving for you. Our packers will pack your items securely and easily, so everything stays in its place until it’s time to unpack. If you need the help of our packers, opt for our packing service.

Feel Free to Call Us if You Estimate You Will Need to Rent a Storage Unit, or Even if You Plan on Relocating on Your Own

A good way to avoid having to rent a storage unit is to donate furniture in Seattle. That way, you get to get rid of what you don’t really need, and you do something nice for someone else. If you end up having to rent a storage unit still, we can move your things in or out of it if you contact us for our in-and-out-of storage service. Or, if you plan on moving your own household, count on us to help unload your truck and choose our labor service.

Turn to Our Reviews if You Need Help Deciding

If you want to see what kind of experience you can expect to have should you choose to hire us – turn to online reviews from our previous customers. Online reviews can tell you what company to avoid and, in our case, why we are the best choice. So, feel free to find reviews of our services on any website and hear from our happy and returning customers.

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