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If you’re relocating to one of the wealthiest communities in Seattle, why bother with all the details when you can just hire our professional Broadmoor movers to do the work for you. You’ll get some top services that are also reasonably priced, enabling you to have a much more relaxed moving experience. Contact us today so we can start planning the move immediately.

This Is One of Seattle’s Wealthiest Communities

Broadmoor is a luxurious private community about 3 miles away from Downtown. Due to being gated, the whole area experiences very little to no crime. This is a perfect place for successful, affluent people looking to get away from the city noise while remaining relatively close to the action.

Residents Are Both Highly Educated and Among the City’s Top Earners

Broadmoor’s excellent schools place it among the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. The community is served by the Seattle Public Schools, one of the best school districts in Seattle, but the education levels are very high in general. Over 85% of all residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, more than 60.4% in the city as a whole. Furthermore, 37.7% of people have a master’s, and just below 5% have a Ph.D.

Locals are not only highly educated but are among the highest earners in the city. According to AreaVibes, the per capita income of $98,200 more than doubles Seattle’s $48,700, and the median household income of $188,650 is 153% higher than the city’s $74,500. Only 1.4% of all adults are unemployed, and with no one living under the poverty line, we can assume that very few homeless in Seattle, if any, live in this community.

Broadmoor Is a Small Distance Away From Many Outdoor Activities

You won’t have to travel for too long to find some excellent outdoor activities. Washington Park, one of the top parks in Seattle, is just west of the community. While most of its 230 acres are taken by the botanical garden, the southern part includes a playfield and a beautiful Seattle Japanese Garden. Those that can’t find time for the best hikes near Seattle can visit the nearby Foster Island, Interlake Park, or check out the Capitol Hill Observatory. If you want to have a fun day outside, Madison Park Beach is only a short distance away.

You’ll Have to Look Long and Hard to Find a Safer Place to Live

The fact that the community is gated significantly reduces the number of crimes that occur within its borders. While no data is available for 2019, an estimate based on many demographics, including income per capita and home value, places the community among the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. It’s estimated that it has 73% lower crime rates than the city overall and experiences 96% lower violent offenses, with year over year crime decreasing by 13%. With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that the residents prefer living here to living in Downtown Seattle, where there’s a lot more crime overall.

We Are One of the Top Moving Companies in Seattle WA

If you need a local company to help you out with your relocation, there’s no better choice than our own Seattle Professional Movers. We’ve been operating for more than 15 years, serving over 20,000 customers in that period. Our local movers in Seattle cover not just the city but also its surrounding areas. We’ll ensure you have a much more enjoyable moving experience, whether you’re relocating to one of the affordable Seattle suburbs or closer to Downtown like this community.

Our Seattle Moving Company Provides an Excellent Service

While we offer many different options, these next few moving services in Seattle can fit almost all customer needs:

  • Packing service – Our Seattle movers use all kinds of packing materials, ensuring your belongings don’t suffer a single scratch during the transport. We can pack everything from the smallest delicates to large and heavy furniture.
  • Residential move – Switching houses is pretty simple if you hire a professional mover in Seattle. You’ll get not only a truck but also a few movers that will help with all the hard work.
  • Apartment relocation – Depending on the building’s blueprints, this move may require a little more planning. Luckily, our team can execute any task even with the added difficulty.
  • Commercial move – If you need to move a business, we’re one of the best Seattle moving companies for the job. We’ll appoint you an appropriate workforce that can handle anything you throw at them.

Labor and Storage Relocation Are Some of Our More Unique Options

Even if you don’t get any of our other services, the labor-only move is there to help you with all things related to moving boxes in Seattle. Our movers in Broadmoor know how to load the truck properly, so you can at least allow us to do the heavy lifting.

Our in-and out-of storage relocation is specifically designed for people that want to move something out of their existing warehouse unit. We can also place anything you don’t need into your storage, freeing up a lot of space in your home. Unless you plan to store some items movers won’t move, which may be anything dangerous or uninsurable (like explosives, for example), get this service, and you’ll be good to go.

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We’re one of the few cheap movers in Seattle with transparent prices. Requesting a free quote is fairly simple. You’ll need to contact our moving company in Seattle either by calling or through the website. Learning more about our fees will enable you to easily plan out your moving expenses checklist, eliminating any awkward surprises that could have occurred after the move.