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If you want to base yourself in one of the suburbs of Seattle, enjoy all the perks of a suburban lifestyle but remain close to The Emerald City – give Hobart a chance. The right local Hobart movers will keep the stress and problems at a distance from you and make sure you have an easy move. We help you choose the best among the Seattle moving companies that are present in the area, and we even introduce the place a little, so read on.

Hobart Is a Short Distance Away From the City of Seattle

Hobart is an unincorporated community nestled in King County, Washington. It is home to around 7,000 people and one of the best suburbs of Seattle, located just a short distance away from the big city. Let’s take a look at what it would be like to live here.

Cost of Living in Hobart, King County, Washington

You will want to hear about the cost of living first, as it is crucial information regarding everything, especially if you are considering buying a property here. With an overall cost of living index of 157, according to BestPlaces, this town isn’t really one of the affordable Seattle suburbsThe median home value is around $590,000 if you are buying. If you are renting, take a look at Seattle renters’ rights and expect to be paying around $1,700 for a 1-bedroom apartment.


Acres Upon Acres of Lush Greenery and Picturesque Views

This is the place that will offer you stunning vistas of natural beauty. Here, you won’t be living door-to-door to your neighbors – you will have lots of land and space for yourself. If you are moving with pets, count on your furry friend appreciating that. And, even though neighbors aren’t that close to each other physically, the whole community is tight-knit and family-oriented. That’s what makes this place perfect for starting or raising a family. That, combined with exceptional safety and great schools, of course.

What Else Is There in This Town?

The greatest way to spend a sunny day is to head to Lake Wilderness Park. There, you can take some of the best hikes near Seattle, go swimming at the beach, and the kids can play at a designed playground. There’s also a beautiful botanical garden for the whole family to enjoy. After a day full of activities, you may feel like grabbing a bite to eat. You will have plenty of options to choose from, mostly family-run restaurants. Whether it is fast food you crave or innovative Asian cuisine, or traditional American – you will find it here, and the service will be exceptional either way you go. Bigger towns are about half an hour away, and you’ll have easy access to them, as well.

Seattle Professional Movers Is Better Than Other Seattle Moving Companies That Serve the Area

We beat other moving companies from Seattle by far, and that’s not something we say – it’s what everybody says. We have kept our 5-star rating over the years because of it, so when you need a mover in Seattle that will go the distance and take away all your moving stress – come to us. Once you have chosen a mover, continue with making a moving to-do list to stay focused, and create a moving expenses checklist to make sure you have your expenses in check. And that’s it – that’s the key to a stress-free and easy move.

Ask Around and Comb Through Our Online Reviews

When you are in need of a mover, ask around to see if someone you trust has recommendations. If not, use the internet to scout online reviews of various companies, compare the reviews, and go with the best-rated option. You will notice that our reviews are excellent, and we have maintained our 5-star rating over the long period of time we have been in this line of work. You will know why when you see our reviews.

Rely on Our Local Hobart Movers – They Are Good for It

Our moving company in Seattle has great local movers in Hobart, and they have all the moving hacks there are. They also know the city very well, so they will easily navigate traffic or any other issues. If you don’t know how to pack dishes for moving – they are there to handle your packing or refer to the most commonly forgotten things to pack to make sure you have them with you. After booking them, all you will need to think about is which of the dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle to use for your moving-away party if you are bringing your furry friend with you.

When It Comes to Moving and Storage Services, You Have the Following Options

We try to appeal to and assist all those that need our assistance. To do so, we had to come up with a plethora of services so everyone could have the kind of assistance they need. In the following part, read more about what services are available in your new city:

  • Packing service – Contact our professional packers and let them deal with things like how to pack glasses for moving – it comes easily to them as they have had training and a lot of experience with it. They can have it done in no time and in the best way possible – give them your trust.
  • Residential moving service – You can also contact us if you need a company to load your belongings into a truck and drive them to your new home in no time and with no loss or damage.
  • Labor service – If you’ve packed your truck and driven it by yourself, you can still count on us when it’s time to unload it. Our highly-trained and experienced team can both load and unload your truck at an affordable rate.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – We can get your things into a storage unit or out of a storage unit, no matter the distance between it and your home. If you need to rent a storage space even after you donated furniture in Seattle, contact us to transport your belongings into and out of it in no time.

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