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Are you looking for a nice suburb, where you can enjoy a relaxing small community atmosphere and pleasant surroundings? You should consider hiring our professional Browns Point movers. They are a team of trained and dedicated professionals who can make your move a memorable experience.

What Should I Know Before Relocating Here?

This small Seattle suburb has a population of about 1,000 residents, and it offers them a unique suburban-rural mixed lifestyle. This community is very safe and family-friendly. Here you can enjoy watching breathtaking sunsets from almost anywhere in the neighborhood area. It also has a very relaxing atmosphere, completely different from living in downtown Seattle.

It might be one of the best suburbs in Seattle, ideal for families and young professionals. The distance to downtown is about 30 miles if you take the shortest driving route. That way, you can save your time and get there in less than 45 minutes. The distance to Seattle-Tacoma international airport is about 22 miles, and you can get there in 30 minutes if you drive along the I-5 N.

Cost of Living in This Neighborhood Might Surprise You

If you already studied Seattle renters’ rights and want to find out more about real estate prices, you should know that life in this area might be expensive. Unfortunately, it is not one of the most affordable Seattle suburbs. The median home values here overcome $500,000. On the other hand, rents are quite reasonable – about $1,250, which is slightly higher than the national median rent price.

With that said, you should consider the fact that the majority of residents own their homes. The median household income in this area is approximately $100,000. Transportation is about 10% cheaper in Browns Points, and by that, we mean the average cost of gasoline, car insurance, and maintenance expenses. You should consider some of the mentioned information if you want to make a substantial moving expenses checklist.

Free Time Activities

Browns Point Playfield is the best local place for light recreational activities. It has tennis and basketball courts and a baseball field. With lots of green areas and long trails, it is also an ideal place for walking your dog, in case you are moving with pets. It is close to the beach, and it has a pleasant Commencement Bay view. Browns Point Lighthouse Park has a small but beautiful area, ideal for a picnic with a breathtaking view of the ocean. The beach here is also highly recommended by the residents. Browns Point Diners serves delicious food and has the best takeout in Seattle.

Safety and Education

If you are relocating with children, there is no need to worry about their safety or education. You can comfortably go for a walk at night time without any concerns. Crime rates in this area are low since this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. The top-rated public schools serving Browns Point are Science & Math Institute, Stadium High School, and Browns Point Elementary.

Seattle Professional Movers Is a Trustworthy Company, Among the Best Moving Companies in Seattle

If you are looking for trustworthy Seattle moving companies and trying to decide which one is the best for you, we highly recommend hiring our local movers in Browns Point. The first reason to do it is that we already have years of experience in providing excellent local moving services and many satisfied customers. You can check some of their reviews on our website and realize why we are one of the best moving companies in Seattle, WA. Our experienced packers and movers can make any moving stress or worries disappear as they never existed.

Browns Point Movers Provide Various Moving Services

Our company provides a variety of moving services in Seattle, including:

  • Residential moving and apartment moving services, specially designed for home relocation purposes. Your household inventory can be at your new home address in no time if you require help from our Seattle movers.
  • Labor-only moving is suitable if you, for example, have a truck but can’t load it on your own and need a pair of extra hands to do it. Just call our customer service, and local movers in Seattle will be there soon to help you out.
  • Packing services include delivering additional packing material to your address, such as moving boxes in Seattle and helping you protect all of the fragile belongings. Everything our cheap movers in Seattle pack will be under insurance, so there is no need to worry about possible damages.

Movers in Seattle Also Provide Storage Relocation Facilities

In-and out-of storage moving service is one more on the list of many facilities our local movers in Seattle provide. This service is designed for storage unit relocations. Your storage inventory can be relocated in no time with the right help of our dedicated Seattle movers.

Our Movers in Browns Point Can Offer You Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moving is designed for business company relocations. If you want to open a new business office somewhere around the local area, we can transport your office equipment to any address you require. We highly value your business, so we will follow your terms strictly and deliver everything quickly. You don’t need to worry about delays or other inconveniences if you decide to move your business with our moving company in Seattle.

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If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service at any time. They will answer your questions and give you all the needed information. If you have any comments, please leave a review. You can also request a free quote. That way, you’ll know precisely how much the process is going to cost. Apart from this, there won’t be any fees added at the end. There is no need to hesitate with terms like these – pick up the phone and book your move now.