How to Organize Important Documents at Home if You’re a Super Disorganized Person

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Not all of us are into organizing, but once you notice you’re drowning in a pile of papers and the file you’re searching for is usually nowhere to be found, it is time to change your approach. If you wonder how to organize important documents at home, you are at the right place since we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

A pile of papers

Take a look at our guide for some helpful tips and bring back order into your life

When to start organizing the archive? Do not delay arranging documentation. Although it is a rather tedious job, the sooner you do it, the easier it will be for you. Choose a day when you are in a good mood and go full steam ahead! Once you get all the paperwork in order, it will be easy for you to keep things under control. As always, when you find yourself in trouble, Seattle Professional Movers are there to help you. This text will reveal how to get all the paper clutter in order in the easiest and fastest way. Ready to move? Let’s go!

Learn How to Keep Important Documents Organized

Before you embark on the process of organizing, be patient and ensure you have enough time for this task. You will avoid the possibility of accidentally throwing away something that is important. Where to start? Considering that you have been collecting all those files for years, don’t expect to get rid of them in about twenty minutes. Sometimes it will take you a few days, but once you get everything in order, you will be able to quickly and easily find everything you want at some point. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

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Everyone can learn how to organize important papers

What Is the Right Way to Organize Documents?

If you are one of those who do not know where their unpaid bills and guarantees for electrical appliances are, you should put things in order. It’s easier than it may look at first sight. Follow our guide, and you will resolve the problem efficiently.

Organizing Important Documents at Home Step-by-Step Guide

Three simple steps will put your archive in order. Here’s exactly what you should do:

  • First step: it is important to gather all necessary supplies for the task to help you run everything smoothly and without unwanted stress. Visit the nearest bookstore and look for what you are missing from the list. You will need binders of different colors, stickers, markers, and maybe a few things more.
  • Second step: put all the documentation in one big pile. Photos outside the album, old mail, children’s drawings, old magazines, postcards, bills you have to pay, receipts, and so on. Take even what has never seen the light of day, old postcards, guarantees, or instructions for using electrical appliances. Reach every piece of paper you have, even the ones in the most remote parts of the closet, on the highest shelves, and other hard reaching places.
  • Third step: sit comfortably, order the best burger in Seattle and start sorting. First, sort based on whether you need them or not. If organizing is too exhausting for you, ask for help from a friend or family member. Although only you can properly classify your papers, anyone can help you sort advertising material, promo coupons for best takeout in Seattle, instructions for use, warranties, etc. You will quickly get the job done with short breaks and chat with someone close to you.

Moving checklist

To avoid mistakes, be patient and thorough

How to Organize Important Documents at Home?

Everything that is not relevant should end up where it belongs – in the garbage. Invalid guarantees, promo materials, bills paid a few years ago, instructions for appliances you don’t even use? Get rid of everything that collects dust unnecessarily. What’s left, sort it into a few piles.

Organize Papers in Your Way

If you plan to relocate, your house is probably full of boxes. However, you should pick a corner away from the chaos and keep all documentation there. Choose the system or method that suits you best:

  • A table with drawers,
  • All kinds of shelves,
  • Boxes of different sizes,
  • Cardboard folders,
  • Plastic organizers.

Don’t hesitate to use everything that will make your documentation tidy. Take advantage of self-adhesive stickers. Keep descriptions clear and noticeable, so you don’t waste hours checking where the paper is.

Notebooks with colorful tags

If you don’t know how to organize documents, use stickers

Start by Sorting Documents at Home

There are many ways to sort your documentation, and we reveal the most efficient ones. Divide everything into several groups depending on which area they relate, here are some sorting ideas:

  • Personal – passport, diplomas, birth certificate, social security number,
  • Medical – prescriptions, medical history, doctor’s reports, usual therapy, health insurance,
  • Financial – banking bills,
  • All kind of guarantees – flat TV, microwave, car insurance,
  • Work-related stuff – contracts, accounts, project-related stuff,
  • Other – everything that does not go into the above-mentioned categories, but you still want to keep it – travel memories, posters, wedding invitations.

Separate Everything Related to Moving and Make a New File

Things like contracts with your Seattle real estate agent, moving company estimates, moving expenses checklist, contract with your ex-landlord, moving to-do list, and many more should all go together in one binder. Whatever your reason to move is, you shouldn’t forget to keep all essentials related to it in one place.

Additional Sorting Tips for Paperwork

If you want, divide the main categories into several smaller ones. Sort the medical records into units. One compartment is related to chronic diseases, in another the dentist’s report, in the third acute problems or vaccination card—sort documentation in your way. If you don’t need some category, just leave it out and make a new one.

Different folders

There are many tips and tricks for archiving accounts

How to Store Important Documents and Records at Home?

What is the best way to store paperwork and records, and which storage is safest? Where to store important documents? There are so many questions, but luckily, we have all the answers. The most important records, those that are difficult to get back to, are best kept in a metal box for storage, protected from fire.
Instead of a box, you can also get a unique bag resistant to fire and water. Your document in it will be safe even in dangerous situations. At the same time, you will always have everything essential in one place. In case of an accident, you can always take your purse with you and save the data. You can keep less important things in binders, desk organizers, or file folder holders.

What Should You Do With Papers and Files You Don’t Need?

It depends on what kind of documentation we are talking about. If these are insignificant reports without personal data that can’t be misused, simply crumple them up and recycle them. If it’s something you don’t want to fall into someone else’s hands, it’s best to destroy it by cutting it. Discard by shredding all envelopes containing personal data, including full name, surname, and an exact address. Misuse of personal data occurs even in the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families.
When you throw away everything unnecessary, you will see that both the house and you breathe easier. Unnecessary piling of paper can make us feel anxious, while neat shelves bring a feeling of relief. Many people are not even aware of how much unnecessary stuff they keep until they put them on the same pile. To prevent yourself from drowning in piles of it, arrange the documentation at least once a year.

Shredded pieces

Make sure no one comes into possession of your personal information

Forget Paperwork and Go Digital

If you wonder how to store important documents at home, consider digitalizing all documentation. You will save not only space but also time. When you search for a document, you will find it much easier in folders than cabinets and shelves. A well-organized digital database will give you the answer in just a few clicks, which is great because time is something we all lack. If you do not have a scanner, use some mobile applications to ensure your archive is in digital form. Place the document you are scanning on a table or other flat surface. Turn off the flash, focus on the text, and make sure the data is visible in the image.

Be Careful With Your Digital Archive! Create One Account for Everything

Do not delete images from the phone until you transfer them to the hard disk. If you delete them before archiving, you could lose some important information. Remember to organize all digital files into different folders. Precisely defined categories will shorten the process of searching, and naming files adequately will help you find what you’re looking for in just a few seconds.

Laptop on a table

A digital archive can be a convenient solution

Organizing Important Documents Should Not Give You Moving Stress

While organizational documentation may seem like a nightmare, it isn’t. Follow our tips, and with a bit of will and time, you can function flawlessly. Luckily, files are not on the list of items movers won’t move. When it comes to moving large items, things are a bit different. Moving is a complex process that requires detailed organization as well as some relocation hacks.
Relocation is almost always accompanied by stress, but you can avoid it by hiring a reliable company. Save your nerves and leave the move to professionals. We are one of the most reliable moving companies in Seattle, and with our residential relocations service, we can transfer your belongings to another part of the city quickly and safely.

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Relocation does not have to be traumatic

Give Us a Call, You Won’t Regret

Now that you know how to store your paperwork and prepare to move, think about who will help you. Whether you are moving with pets, with your family, alone, or you’re planning a commercial relocation, we will help you. Among other things, we can offer you packing services. While our workers move your things, you can relax and have a cocktail in one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle. Do you wonder how to donate furniture in Seattle? Want to know Seattle renters’ rights? We will also teach you how to move efficiently, and you will learn many moving tips which will make you feel great. Check out why customers consider us one of the best Seattle movers.
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