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If you are looking for a peaceful residential area to set up your home in but still be close to big cities, consider Eastgate in Bellevue. A reliable Seattle moving company will provide you with the right local Eastgate movers to facilitate your move. We help you choose the right one and introduce you to your new home.

Eastgate, Bellevue, Washington – Neighborhood Guide

Eastgate is a neighborhood that was annexed by Bellevue in 2012. It is in King County, and it’s home to just short of 5,000 people. If you are looking for a sparse, suburban feel but want to be surrounded by big cities, it’s a great choice for you.

An Impeccably Maintained Upscale Community

This is a sprawling area with an abundance of greenery and surrounded by mountains. The real estate is mostly made up of single-family homes with beautiful gardens. It’s well maintained, and you will definitely feel safe here. If you are moving with pets, your little or big fur ball will have lots of space to run around free. If you have kids, they will get to go to above-average schools and be taught by teachers who really care.

Getting Around and Things to Do

If you choose to reside here, you will most likely need a car. The traffic is not hectic, though, and even though you can expect a longer commute to the surrounding cities, it will be easy, and things are accessible. In the neighborhood, there are plenty of things to do. There are playgrounds for the little ones, parks with off-leash areas, and excellent restaurants. Issaquah is nearby if you need to do some larger shopping and other cities are easily accessible, as well.

Cost of Living in Eastgate, Bellevue, Washington

This is an upscale and well-maintained neighborhood, and the cost of living here is above the national and Washington state average. If you choose to buy here, it would be a good investment, and it would cost you around $780,000, which is the median home value around here. If you rent, get to know Seattle renters’ rights, and plan on spending about $2,300 on rent each month. If you can afford it, go for it; it’s a great place to live.

Seattle Professional Movers Offer Moving Services in Seattle and the Areas Near It

The first step you need to take when relocating is creating your budget, moving expenses checklist, and a moving to-do list. A big portion of all will be deciding on a Seattle moving company to entrust with your move. Seattle Professional Movers are, as the name says, proven professionals and a safe choice. We have been in this business for over twenty long years, and we’ve been at the top. We can handle your move no matter the distance or the size of it efficiently and promptly.

Our Local Eastgate Movers Will Go the Distance to Meet Your Needs

During the relocation experience, you want to make sure you avoid all the moving stress and focus on what really matters – making a new home for your family, and perhaps, planning that moving-away party. That’s why you need the help of our experienced local movers in Eastgate. They’ve been around long enough, and they have the skills, experience, the moving hacks, and are willing to go the distance to meet all your relocation needs. You can’t go wrong if you choose them.


Leave the Packing to Our Experienced Packers

If you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to pack dishes for moving or how to pack glasses for moving or risk them breaking along the way – contact us and choose our packing serviceOur packers will pack you rapidly and properly, and their rates are affordable. Have a glance at the most commonly forgotten things to pack to make sure you have them ready when our packers arrive.

Our Residential Moving Service Is the Star of the Services

No matter the distance of your move, you can count on our team to move you successfully and swiftly if you choose our residential moving service. Our team will go the extra mile to make sure all your needs are met and everything goes exactly as you envisioned it. However, there are certain items movers won’t move, so it’s best if you familiarize yourself with them prior to packing.

Our Movers Can Help You Carry Your Furniture Out of the Truck

If you decide to take the DIY road and handle your own relocation, you won’t be able to do it all by yourself. Carrying heavy and bulky items into and out of the truck is not easy and can lead to damage or even worse, injury, if not done properly. To avoid it, opt for our labor service, have yourself the best burger in Seattle, and let our professionals load and unload.

We Can Transport Your Items to a Storage Facility or Out of One

It’s always good to declutter before you move and find where to donate furniture in Seattle or Bellevue. If you still need to rent a storage unit, contact us to transport your belongings to it or from it using our in-and-out-of storage service.

Google Our Reviews to Get a Full Picture of Our Business

If you want to get the true picture of a business, use Google to find reviews of their services online. Our customers like to review and rate the experience they’ve had with usso google our reviews. You will get a glimpse of what to expect from us and our services before you book your move with us. Such reviews are helpful to us, so we know what to improve, but they can also be helpful to you.

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