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Are you planning to move to one of Seattle’s finest neighborhoods? Don’t worry, because there’s a lot this place has to offer. Hire our dedicated local Wallingford movers if you need assistance with your relocation. Focus on yourself and leave all the hard work to experts while finding out more about this wonderful place. If you’re interested in finding out more about the community and our moving services in Seattle, read on.

Is Wallingford a Good Place to Live In?

Wallingford is located in north-central Seattle, west of the University of Washington, between Aurora Avenue, I-5, Lake Union, and 50th Street. It has around 11,500 residents, and based on numerous reviews, it is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. But, due to its proximity to the University, it is also very popular among students. This place offers a great mix of historic and modern, but its proximity to downtown Seattle remains one of its main perks.

Cost of Living in This Community

Due to its close proximity to Lake Union, this affluent industrial community has at comparatively high prices. While the cost of food and health care is parallel to that of the entire city of Seattle, housing costs are considerably higher than the state average. For a one-bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay on average $1,300. That’s 16.9% higher than in the other areas around.

Read a Bit About Its History

This suburb is named after John Wallingford, a rich landowner who bought the property between two lakes. This community soon emerged under his leadership as one of the most prosperous communities in Seattle for residential homes and commercial business. It was incorporated into the city during the 1890s, and its expansion and growth started once it was connected to downtown with a trolley. In the next twenty years, this suburb became known as one of the fastest growing suburbs and gained a lot of popularity.

Traffic and Transportation

Since this is one of Seattle’s most walkable areas, people typically prefer to run most errands on foot, as it can be difficult to find parking. The presence of numerous bike lanes makes it also very bike-friendly. Residents are linked to the rest of the city by extensive bus lines, trolleys, and rail routes, making public transit very reliable. Downtown is only a short drive away.

Things to Do and Places to Visit

By visiting one of the three parks in the neighborhood, you can get away from the noisy city life. Overlooking Lake Union, Gas Works Park, a famous historic landmark, offers spectators a stunning view of downtown Seattle, especially on the Fourth of July. Explore the old machines from the factory or have a scenic picnic at the best location in town. On Sunnyside Avenue, Meridian Playground has a large grassy field and a playground. This park, nestled in a peaceful neighborhood, makes a great place for families and their pets. Remember to visit it if you are moving with pets. Come to the annual Parade and Wallingford Family Parade and Festival. Families travel from all over the region to witness the march down 45th Street, participate in the festivities, enjoy live music and wine tasting.

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It’s never easy to make a decision to move and transport all of your things to a new home. A lot of moving stress also comes with it, particularly if you’re relocating with kids or pets. In order to remain centered and coordinated through the relocation, we recommend that you make a moving to-do list and a moving expenses checklist. But first, you have to go through all Seattle moving companies, read numerous reviews, and find the right one. If you’re curious to find out more moving hacks or ideas on how to pack glasses for moving or how to back books for moving, try seeking the help of our local movers in Seattle. For several years, our Seattle moving company has been running continuously, which means we have a lot of experience and have enhanced our efficiency over that period of time. Don’t look for other moving companies in Seattle WA, we are the one you need.

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Storage Moving Service Is Also Provided by Our Movers in Wallingford

In-and out-of storage moving service is also provided by our inexpensive movers in Seattle. We will handle all your items if you need a vehicle to transport your things from a storage unit to your new home or if you wish to relocate your stuff into a storage unit. Our local Seattle movers are prepared and waiting for your call.


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