Commercial Moving Seattle

We understand first hand that moving an entire business is nothing to scoff at. You and your team are up against many tasks that can take a lot of time and effort. That’s where our commercial movers come in. Here at Seattle Professional Movers, we offer the very best local relocation experience for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that your corporate relocation needs are met with the best quality performance possible. You can’t go wrong with our pros, we are among the top commercial moving companies Seattle has to offer, after all.

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The best commercial moving services in Seattle

For the entire Seattle metropolitan area, we give our very best to all of our clients. We stake our reputation on high-quality commercial moving services. For our commercial moving offer, we take the extra effort to ensure that each stage in the relocation process is done thoroughly and professionally for a guaranteed smooth transition into your new office space. You should expect nothing short of excellence doing business with us.

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The benefits of hiring our office furniture movers

If you choose our local moving service, you can request a quote and expect to be contacted by one of our moving experts for a detailed walkthrough of your potential moving experience with Seattle Professional Movers. Our experts are well trained and will help you iron out all of the logistics, details, and reviews of your move. This includes packing and loading large items such as desks, chairs, TVs, tables, travel, unloading and unpacking, etc. Our professionals work hard to cover all of your bases, so you don’t have to worry. Keep in mind, however, that we do not handle specialized equipment such as lab equipment, medical equipment, or items with hazardous materials.

What determines the price for our office move?

  • Level of service – You can choose between a standard or full pack service. Packing office items is completely optional, but as a part of every service, our office movers near you will be disassembling and reassembling large furniture, loading, and unloading. A plus for you is that your move comes with a truck free of charge.
  • Distance between destinations – The cost is also affected by how far our trucks must travel between your old and new office space.
  • The amount of labor – Our Seattle moving experts are well seasoned in relocating everything from small companies to large corporate establishments. How big your company is and how much you have can be reflected in the price.
  • The number of moving experts needed – Another aspect of a full company move is how many movers are required to complete the task. For a smaller business, you shouldn’t expect more than two professionals. But, if you have a big corporate company, it might need more than just a couple of expert movers.

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Need additional help from our commercial movers?

We realize that finding good work these days can be hard to come by. That’s why we make it our business to ensure that you have a successful relocation experience. For us here at Seattle Professional Movers, a smooth and easy commercial move for you is our top priority. We offer transparent communication from our team, different services for your convenience at fair prices, and top-quality performance for anything you need for your move. Choosing us among all the office movers near you is your best bet when relocating your business.

Along with our company moving services, we also offer other services for your convenience. If you are only looking for help to pack up your office items and equipment, you can use our packing offer. Our experts come with their packing supplies and will pack all of your items for you. With this, you are guaranteed to have well packed and organized boxes that are easy to load up and move out. Contact our customer service line for further questions on other services we offer.

Contact us for a free moving quote

For your specific relocation needs, you can contact us by calling our customer service number or via our website for a free quote. After sending in a request for a price estimate, you will be contacted by a representative to go over the logistics of your corporate move. You will be given a free estimate based on the details of your move covering factors such as labor, distance, etc. We do our best to keep this process as transparent as possible, so you are always in the loop.