Moving Stress – What It Is and How to Deal With It

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Let’s face it: every person has to go through change at some point, and change can be very stressful. One of the biggest and most common changes is moving to a new home. According to health experts, relocation is among the top five stressors in life. So, what can you do to deal with moving stress? Fortunately, there are lots of ways to help people get a handle on settling somewhere new.

People frustrated about moving.

Set up a System to Help Manage Stress

Health and medical professionals often warn about stress as it can lead to many severe and possibly fatal problems later on. With all of the chaos that comes with relocation, even if you’re only going to the other side of Seattle, it’s easy to get lost and feel like you’re in way over your head. But, on a positive note, there are many good ways to handle stress. Some simple ways you can set-up a good system to help you manage your local relocation can be:

Be Practical When Dealing With Stress

Though having a positive attitude is a great way to approach relocating, being positive alone will not get the job done nor will it keep you from ripping your hair out later on. Having a solid plan is your best bet during the process and you’ll be able to get finished much easier. That is why you should plan your local relocation in advance and set out a detailed moving to-do list. If you decide to hire movers in Seattle to help you out, consider looking up the list of items movers won’t move and see how to eighter dispose of them or transport them yourself. Remember to research the safest neighborhoods in Seattle and find your future location in advance too.

Setting Aside Time to Breathe and Just Relax

Relocating is not at all simple, even if it’s local, so you can expect to burn out several times while you’re at it. Sitting down for a quick break here and there not only keeps you from tiring out, but it can even boost productivity.

Calling Friends to Help With Moving

Even during local relocation, there’s a lot to do, and handling everything on your own can be maddening. It’s never a bad idea to call friends to help you. It can cut your workload down and save you money. For instance, if you’re moving with pets your friends can do the pet sitting or even help you out pack one or two boxes. If some of them had a recent relocation experience, don’t be shy to ask for advice on how to pack dishes for moving.

Young woman planning her move.

Creating a system that works for you is a big help.

Prepare For The Local Move

Like anything new in life, it takes time to get everything situated. Which is exactly the case when it comes to switching homes. Preparation is key, and having a good plan can make the process a lot faster and easier. For starters, setting a budget is extremely important. Not having a solid financial plan can be rough on your wallet. Some things you might want to consider putting on a moving expenses checklist are packing supplies, professional relocators, transport, storage, etc. If you want to save up on relocation expenses, look up some tips and tricks on how to pack books for moving or even how to pack glasses for moving.
Next, you should take stock of all of your items. Knowing everything that’s going with you to your new neighborhood will make packing much quicker. That’s why you can start grouping items together to better organize when you start putting them in boxes. If you have some furnishings you’re not using anymore, consider donating furniture in Seattle.

Moving plans written down on table.

Getting prepared to move can make relocating much easier and less stressful.

Make Good Use of Your Time

Managing your day can be the difference between having a horrible experience or a smooth transition into your new home in another part of Seattle. There’s a lot to do when moving, so the sooner you get started the better. It will help you avoid falling into a trap of most commonly forgotten things to pack.
A technique you can start with is creating a task list and ordering the tasks by priority. Next, you can make a timetable for each task, so that you stay on track and keep a steady pace. A couple of ways to prioritize items is by association, such as:

Gather Any Furniture You Can To One Room

Though it isn’t a smart idea to try and lift or push heavy furniture on your own, you can try to put lighter or smaller items into one space. This makes packing much easier for you and anyone you’ve hired.

Organize Items By Use, Size, or Material

At first, it might seem like you don’t have that much stuff to pack; this is where things start to get difficult and you can get lost with all of your belongings. The last thing you need is to be distracted by having to figure out what goes where. Try organizing your items by use, material, or even size, like packing clothes together, kitchenware, pillows, etc.

Don’t Get Caught Up With Distractions

While working, try to keep away from daily distractions like your phone, laptop, or television. Though there’s nothing wrong with taking quick breaks, paying too much attention to distractions can eat up your day.

Man pointing at clock on moving boxes.

Setting a schedule for you to keep track of your tasks.

Know When To Hire Local Movers Near You

Having a good understanding of your needs before moving locally can help you decide when to hire professionals in your area. For larger homes, it might be wiser to wait in case your new home needs some type of renovation. For smaller places, you might be able to hire quickly if you have less furniture and call on trusted friends or those you love for the items you can handle on your own. Overall, dealing with professional local movers can be stressful, so it’s best to iron out all of the details just before you start your search. Lots of local relocation companies have the option to fill out an online form on their websites so you can get a free estimate and time your move much easier.
The main point of our articles is to provide actual help and useful information to the reader (the so-called added value of the article). But at the end of the day, we are still trying to sell them something, in our case, that something is our moving services. That’s why you should never dissuade the reader from opting for professional moving help, even though it’s perfectly fine to mention alternatives and various DIY solutions.

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When hiring movers, timing is of the essence

Let The Professionals Handle The Hard Stuff

A common mistake that a lot of people make is rushing to get things done, like trying to move large furniture without any help. Why take on the extra work when you have pros in your area that can handle it? Not only can they do it for you, but they can also save you time and keep you from risking damage to any furniture or injuring yourself. Another plus is that they offer many different services, such as labor-only or even packing services. Their key focus is guaranteeing quality work and making sure the process is easy for you.

Customer satisfied with move shakinds hands with moving foreman.

Professional movers specialize in making sure your relocation to another part of the city is smooth and easy.

Final Thoughts

Even though moving stress is a real problem, there are ways to handle it so that it isn’t a problem. Through planning, timing, and proper management, relocating to a new home can be smooth and with little trouble. Most importantly, by hiring Seattle Professional Movers and getting the local moving services you need, you can rest assured everything will go right.