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If you thought about relocating to one of Seattle’s most affordable suburbs, contact our Seattle Heights movers to assist you. Our company offers all kinds of services, so whether you want some pro packing tips or the full package deal, our team has got you covered. Contact us today, and we’ll make your relocation experience significantly more comfortable.

The Neighborhood Is Only a Short Distance Away From Major Regional Centers

If you’re looking to get out of the city, this Lynnwood neighborhood might be perfect for you. The location features affordable housing, numerous shopping options, and plenty of outdoor possibilities. The distance to the nearby cities is not that long, and commuting has been made easier by the intersecting highways.

Relocating Here Is One of the Better Moves for Your Budget

Lynnwood serves as a suburban bedroom community for people commuting to work in nearby cities. Fair housing prices make the neighborhood one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs. Renting is also cheaper and more in line with state prices. According to AreaVibes, Lynnwood’s median home cost of $300,400 is 38% lower than Seattle’s, while the median rent price of $1,050 is 16% less expensive. If you’re renting for the first time, make sure you learn all about Seattle renters’ rights.

The Location Is Relatively Close to Major Regional Centers

You might have wondered, Do you need a car in Seattle? For this neighborhood, the answer is a resounding yes. Since you’ll be commuting often, crossing the distance would be a lot easier if you have your own vehicle. Luckily, the area is close to a nearby junction of Intestate 405 and Interstate 5, making traveling relatively easy.

The county seat and its biggest city, Everett, is just 16 miles to the north, and Bellevue is less than 20 miles away. If you planned to visit some rooftop bars in Seattle, the city is only 15 miles to the south, so it won’t take you too long to get to all the action. Just don’t drink and drive, and you’ll be fine.

There Are Many Things to Do, No Matter Your Lifestyle

While living in Downtown Seattle would likely provide more varied activities, the suburb still has more than a few things you can explore:

  • See how planes are made – There are plenty of things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, so why not see how airplanes are made? The Boing Everett Factory provides tours of its airplane assembly facilities seven days a week. With a volume of over 472 million cubic feet, it’s one of the largest buildings in the world and covers around 99 acres.
  • Visit the Alderwood Mall – Some of the biggest and most famous retailers in the US have a store in this regional Lynnwood mall or its vicinity. These include Target, Macy’s, Costco Wholesale, Bestbuy, and many more. When you’re already here, why not catch a movie in the AMC or Regal movie theater.
  • Explore numerous parks – If you can’t spare time to travel to the best hikes near Seattle, don’t worry. The area offers some great outdoor opportunities on its own. Similar to how there are many parks in Seattle, you won’t have to look too long to find one close by. Some of the best include Lunndale Park Picnic Shelter, Southwest County Park, Scriber Lake, and Wilcox Park.

Which Companies Have Seattle Heights Movers?

When thinking about getting some help, you’re probably wondering which one of the moving companies in Seattle, WA, to hire. Since many cheap movers in Seattle flooded the market, the easiest way to find some good professional services would be to look up previous customer reviews. Luckily, you won’t have to search for reputable movers in Seattle Heights for too long. Seattle Professional Movers provides the most customer-friendly service on the market. We believe that customer feedback is the best way to review our service. Our clients’ overwhelmingly positive reviews give us the support we need to become one of the top local companies in the business.

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If you have any questions you’d like to discuss, feel free to contact our mover in Seattle. Our team can provide you with anything you may require and is happy to give you a free quote on all our services. Before getting an estimate, learn more about what our moving company in Seattle has to offer.

Packing Won’t Take Nearly as Long With the Help of Our Local Movers in Seattle

Packing everything by yourself is the fastest way to give yourself moving stress. That’s why getting professional packing services should be the first thing on your moving to-do list. With our Seattle movers there to help you out, the whole process will be completed within a day. You don’t need to worry about getting the right supplies, as our team comes prepared to handle everything you throw at them.

Our Company Provides Residential, Commercial, Labor, and Storage Moving Services in Seattle

Local Seattle moving companies should provide a variety of services to fit all kinds of customer needs. We have many different options, so you’re bound to find something that suits you, no matter the nature of your relocation:

  • Residential Move – By getting this full package deal, your home relocation will be like a trip. You’ll get everything you need, including packing, a truck, and the appropriate workforce.
  • Apartment Relocation – Apartment moves require some preparation, as high-rise buildings can have substantially different access points, various sized elevators, and other limiting factors. Luckily for you, this mover has had more than enough experience in these types of moves and knows how to handle even the most challenging conditions.
  • Commercial Move – Saving time is crucial in any business, so the relocation would need to be executed precisely. If you hire us, you won’t have to worry about suffering any unnecessary unexpected delays.
  • Labor-Only Service – Have you already rented a truck, or perhaps you own one yourself? Even so, you can’t single-handedly load all the heavy furniture. Relax and allow us to do the hard part for you.

We’ll Handle Any Items You Need to Put in or Take Out of Your Storage