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Are you thinking about relocating to Broadway, Washington State? You should think about booking our Broadway movers, as well. This is a really vibrant neighborhood with many restaurants and bars. It is the perfect place to socialize and have a good time. Commuting from the area is excellent – you can walk almost everywhere. Keep reading to learn more about this place and our offer.

What Is It Like to Live in Broadway, WA?

This is a major north-south thoroughfare. At Yesler Terrace, the 1.6-mile long arterial runs north from Yesler Way through the neighborhoods of First Hill and Capitol Hill to East Roy Lane. Broadway East continues north to East Highland Drive. This is a vibrant community, and there are a lot of shops, bars, and restaurants here.


This community is listed as part of a minor arterial street by the Seattle Department of Transportation, which also encompasses 10th Avenue East and Harvard Avenue East in the same corridor, from Yesler Way to the University Bridge. The busiest portion of this neighborhood is located on Capitol Hill between Madison Street and Aloha Street. Broadway marks the eastern border of the downtown grid as well as the western end of directional suffixes for east-west streets between Yesler Way and Union Street.

Things to Do in Broadway – Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is probably the most vibrant neighborhood Broadway passes through. It is home to performers and musicians. It hosts many concerts and activities during the year, and it is home to the Arts District. The Hill is also where Seattle Central College is located, just south of Washington University. In addition to the wonderful restaurants, stores, and cafes, you’ll discover three significant parks: Volunteer Park, Interlaken Park, and Cal Anderson Park.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is 35% higher than the Seattle average and 56% higher than the national average. The median household income is around $81,500, according to Niche. The median home value is $536,000, and the Median Rent is $1,500. The unemployment rate is 2%.

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Any moving to-do list is packed with time-consuming, boring errands, so it is definitely a smart idea to seek professional support. Our local moving company in Seattle specializes in a wide variety of expert services that address the most complicated parts of relocation. Our team will do everything from packing and loading/unloading to in-and-out storage transportation. Look at what services we have to offer below:

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We Also Have an In-and-Out Storage Service

Our company is one of the few moving companies in Seattle that have inexpensive in-and-out storage service. From one storage facility to the next, our team will move your possessions, all while making sure they are delivered undamaged. We will show you where to donate furniture in Seattle if you need to declutter before the move.

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