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When thinking about relocating to a neighborhood in one of Seattle’s neighboring cities Kirkland, look up and hire professional Finn Hill movers to assist you. These local companies usually offer a free quote on various services that will make your whole relocation experience much more comfortable. Let’s see why relocating to this neighborhood is an excellent choice and which service to get when doing so.

This Kirkland Neighborhood Is a Short Distance Away From Many Major Regional Centers

Inglewood – Finn Hill used to be an independent Washington census-designated place before being annexed by Kirkland in 2011. Today, low crime rates make the neighborhood a great place for families, while the short commute makes it an excellent choice for professionals working in the city.

Housing Is Cheaper Compared to Seattle’s Average

According to BestPlaces, the cost of living in Inglewood – Finn Hill is about 37% higher than the state average, with the most significant contributor being the housing costs. The median home value of $646,800 is about 70% higher than the state’s $381,300. Compared to Seattle’s median price of $721,400, the neighborhood is about 10% cheaper. Just like the city of Seattle utilities, expenses like electricity and phone bills are about 30% lower than the national average. Other fees are also similar, like transportation, which costs about 20% more than the state average. However, commuting is efficient, so the higher transportation costs are worth it. While it may not be as cheap as some more affordable Seattle suburbs, residents earn more than enough to cover all the costs.

Many Locals Are High Earners Working in Some of the Best Companies in the Region

Although the housing market prices may be steep for some, most of the neighborhood’s residents are high earners. While income per capita of $47,500 may be about 8% lower than Seattle’s $51,900, an average home in the neighborhood earns more than its city counterparts. At $93,500, the median household income is about 17% higher than Seattle’s $79,600 and 62% than the US average.

Kirkland and the Neighborhood Experience Very Few Crimes

According to AreaVibes, the city of Kirkland, WA experiences about 23% less crime than the state, with violent crimes occurring about 62% less often. Compared to Seattle’s numbers, the city looks even safer, with felonies occurring 54% less frequently overall. Violent crime rates are about 80% lower, which is significant considering these rarely happen in the Emerald City. If you were looking to move to one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, you might as well consider one of the Kirkland communities.

The Short Commute Time Is Great if You Have Some Business in the City

A long commute time can often discourage people from moving to an otherwise ideal area. The best suburbs of Seattle are accessible, enabling you to easily commute without having to plan your trips too long in advance. Besides relying on public transit, do you need a car in Seattle to get around? While the Emerald City provides many options, it’s best to drive if you’re planning on living in Kirkland. Luckily, the area is only a short distance from many regional centers. If you have some business in the city or want to enjoy the best burger in Seattle, it takes about 25 minutes to get to Downtown from Inglewood – Finn Hill. Bellevue is just under 20 minutes away to the south, while it will take you 15 minutes to get to Redmond.

How Can Professional Finn Hill Movers Help You Out

It takes a lot of time to properly prepare for a relocation. While it is possible to do it all on your own, the smartest thing would be to look up and hire a local Seattle moving company. They can provide you with various services that will make the whole relocation process significantly easier. One such company is our own Seattle Professional Movers. With us on your team, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any difficulties during your move.

Our Company Provides Many Moving Services in Seattle

Our moving company in Seattle offers a few different services. Depending on the nature of your move, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Residential Moving – Having a stress-free experience is very important when switching houses. By hiring our movers in Finn Hill, your relocation to this neighborhood will be done in no time.
  • Apartment Relocation – This service covers all high-rise relocations. While most cheap movers in Seattle won’t be able to maneuver these buildings’ narrow corridors, our team is well trained and knows how to handle itself in these situations.
  • Commercial Move – Saving time is crucial when relocating a business. If you’re an entrepreneur that needs to move their company, our local movers in Seattle will ensure you can resume your work without any delays.
  • Labor-Only Service – Do you need help moving boxes in Seattle? This service is best for people who already arranged a transportation unit. You can relax, knowing our mover in Seattle is there to handle all the necessary heavy lifting.

With the Right Seattle Movers at Your Side, It Won’t Take Too Long to Finish All the Packing

Packing is the most time-consuming part of every relocation. Many people aren’t aware of how many items they’ve accumulated over the years. If you try to DIY, depending on the size of your home, it may take you anywhere from a few days to a whole month or more to complete everything. The easiest way to finish everything quickly would be to get professional packing servicesOur packers only use the highest quality materials, ensuring all your belongings arrive at your new place without a single scratch. Besides getting top-notch service, you’ll also learn some neat moving hacks along the way. We’ll show you how to pack glasses for moving, along with other delicate items. When getting a professional service, keep in mind that there are certain items movers won’t move, like toxic materials, flammables, and explosives.

Hire One of the Best Moving Companies in Seattle WA

While our company started as a small family business, we’re now covering over 100 locations around the Emerald City. Numerous customer reviews on our website serve as proof of our company’s quality standards. If you want to avoid experiencing any moving stress during your move, make sure you hire one of the best Seattle moving companies.

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