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While some people may be able to relocate by themselves, hiring a local moving company in Seattle is the easiest way to move for most others. If you hire our professional Dunlap movers, you’ll be getting top-notch packing, labor, and relocation services that will make the whole process substantially less stressful and complicated.

This Community Is One of Seattle’s Most Diverse and Affordable Neighborhoods

The Dunlap neighborhood is located in south Seattle and features some of the city’s most affordable housing options. It’s also one of its most diverse communities, and the relatively short commute enables the residents to get to many exciting activities in the area quickly.

The Community Is One of the Most Racially Diverse Places in the City

You might find the community especially attractive if you identify yourself with any racial minority. Based on the US Census’s key demographics, the website Niche ranked Dunlap as the 4th most diverse neighborhood in Seattle. At 38%, African American is the largest demographic group, followed by Asian with 26%, Hispanic with 16%, and Non-Latin White with 10%.

Depending on the Means of Transportation, the Commute Time Can Be Relatively Short

Do you need a car in Seattle to get around the city? The answer is not so clear cut. Since Downtown is less than 8 miles away from the neighborhood, you probably think public transit is a good commuting option. While it’s true that some lines will get you there in 28 minutes, others will do so in more than fifty. While this may not seem long to some, it’s much more effective to travel by car. If you get on Interstate 5, you can get to some cool neighborhoods in Seattle in less than 20 minutes. This doesn’t mean that public transportation doesn’t have its purposes. When you want to visit some Seattle breweries (of which there are plenty in Downtown), and you don’t have a designated driver, please do us all a favor, stay safe, and take the train.

You’ll Be a Short Distance From Many Different Attractions

There are plenty of things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, and this one is certainly no exception. While it may not provide all the amenities that living in Downtown Seattle can, there are more than enough activities in the area to keep you busy for quite a long time:

  • The Museum of Flight – The largest privately-owned air and space museum on the globe attracts over half a million visitors each year. Its collection features over 150 aircraft, including the Boeing 747 and a Concorde.
  • Kubota Garden – This Japanese-styled 20-acre garden is undoubtedly one of the better parks in Seattle. This non-profit institution is open to the public throughout the year, meaning you can take some fantastic photos of its waterfalls and the moon bridge even during winter.
  • Numerous parks – The community is often included as one of the Rainier Beach neighborhoods, which feature plenty of outdoor spaces. The Be’er Sheva Park is right in the area, and the Lakeridge Park is less than 2 miles away. If you don’t have time to explore some of the best hikes near Seattle, the latter park’s excellent hiking trails can be a suitable alternative.

Dunlap’s Housing Prices Are Some of Seattle’s Most Affordable

Dunlap’s housing prices are in line with the more affordable Seattle suburbs. According to Niche, the median home value of $337,100 is 44% lower than Seattle’s $605,200. Renting is also more affordable, with the median rent of $1,150 being 23% lower than the city’s $1,500. If you’re renting for the first time, make sure you read everything there is about Seattle renters’ rights.

Find the Best Seattle Moving Companies by Going Through Their Reviews

With so many moving companies in Seattle, WA, it becomes difficult for the average person to decide who to hire after reading so many reviews. If you’ve already committed to finding the right company, don’t just go for any cheap movers in Seattle. Going through a company’s customer reviews should help you narrow down the list of potential service providers. However, this won’t be necessary since you’ve already found a reputable mover. With over 15 years of experience and 20,000 satisfied customers, Seattle Professional Movers continues to position itself as one of the best local moving companies on the market.

Our Seattle Moving Company Provides Various Moving Services

Relocation companies get all kinds of requests, so they provide a variety of options that serve many different purposes. If you need moving services in Seattle, take a look at some of the things we offer:

  • Packing service – We can’t talk about relocations without mentioning the packing process. If you don’t correctly pack everything, you might end up having to replace many of your delicate belongings. Get our Seattle movers, and you won’t have to worry about losing some of your favorite items in the transport.
  • Residential move – Relocating to a new home doesn’t necessarily need to be stressful. Our team is more than capable of handling any house, so all you need to do is sit back and relax and let us take care of everything.
  • Apartment relocation – While an apartment is easier to move than a house, the building itself may prove a challenge to an inexperienced mover. Thankfully, our team is more than capable of handling any challenge these relocations may present.
  • Commercial move – Companies need to be relocated in a quick and professional manner. Hiring our local movers in Seattle will allow you to focus on other commitments, knowing that your business is in good hands.

Need to Take Something in-and Out-of Storage? Our Dunlap Movers Are Here to Help

In-and out-of storage service is one of our company’s more unique features. When relocating from a bigger place to a smaller one, you may want to consider putting away some items into your storage unit. On the other hand, your new home may be a lot bigger than the last one, so you might want to take some stuff out of the storage. Whatever the case may be, our mover is here to transport the belongings in-and out-of the unit, saving you the hassle of having to do it yourself.

Our Movers in Dunlap Provide Some of the Best Labor Moving Services on the Market

Similar to the previous service, labor-only moving is an excellent option for those who have a truck in place already. If you need help moving boxes in Seattle, we’ll provide you with an appropriate workforce that will load all your belongings into the vehicle and unload them at your new destination. With this mover in Seattle on your team, there’s no need for you to exhaust yourself by lifting heavy furniture. Before getting any service, you’ll need to deal with some items movers won’t move, such as toxic substances, explosives, or anything that may be uninsurable.

Getting a Free Quote Will Enable You to Plan Your Relocation

We went over everything our business has to offer, but we haven’t yet mentioned the pricing. Our service is transparent, without any unexpected hidden costs. The price may vary on many factors, such as the distance, the size of your home or business, the necessary workforce, and more. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about calculating this all by yourself. Contact our mover today, and get a free quote, which will allow you to plan your moving budget on time.