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If you’re planning to move locally to the Maple Valley area in King County, contact our Dorre Don movers to assist you. We provide all kinds of services that cover everything you can expect to get from a professional. Whether you need some help with the labor or the full package deal, our guys are there to ensure you have an overall pleasant experience.

Besides Affordable Homes, the Area Has Many Things Going for It

Dorre Don is a part of Hobart, an unincorporated community in King County, which is also a census-designated place. The area used to be called “Vine Maple Valley” and was primarily settled by loggers. Today, the suburb is an excellent place to live, with relatively affordable homes, excellent schools, low crime occurrence, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

The Whole Maple Valley Area Is Served by Excellent Schools

All the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families have excellent schools, and Dorre Don is no exception. The suburb is served by the Tacoma School District, one of the best school districts in Seattle. While the whole Maple Valley area is covered by one middle and high school, their students perform significantly better on tests. They score 73% on average, higher than the state’s 48%, and even better than the 57% Seattleites have on average. Finally, around 92.8% of all adults graduated from high schools, slightly higher than even Seattle’s 92.1%.

Crime Levels in the Community Are Quite Low

While the FBI report doesn’t show any crime data for the community in 2019, some estimates show that Dorre Don and Hobart are as secure as some of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. One such estimate based on demographics such as population density, home prices, and income shows that the crime rates are around 53% lower than Washington’s. The same estimate states that the overall crime numbers are 72% lower than Seattle’s, and violent felonies are even rarer, occurring 77% less often. Furthermore, the year-over-year crime has been decreasing by 9%, making the area pretty safe by all standards.

People Tell Stories About the Landscape’s Beauty

Living in one of the best suburbs of Seattle has many benefits, including numerous outdoor opportunities. If you move to Dorre Don, you’ll be a lot closer to some of the best hikes near SeattleTiger Mountain is around 11 miles to the north, with many others like the Rattlesnake Ridge and Mount Si being only a bit further out. Going to any one of these will enable you to enjoy an incredible view of the mountain range.

Maple Valley area has almost as many open spaces as there are parks in SeattleLake Wilderness Park features the largest lake in the valley. Entry is free of charge, its beach is open to swimming throughout the year, and there are many sports fields in the area. The park’s arboretum features some interesting plants you can view, such as its collection of Western Azalea. All of this makes the lake an excellent place for having a Seattle staycation. Other notable locations include the Rock Creek Natural Area, Cedar Creek Park, Danville-Georgetown Open Space, and many more.

The Local Housing Market Has Many Affordable Homes

While it may not be one of the most affordable Seattle suburbs, real estate in the area is still cheaper than in the city. According to AreaVibes, Hobart’s median home price of $419,900 is about 13% less expensive than Seattle’s $484,600. The median rent price of $800 is 36% lower than the city’s $1,250. Interestingly even though the rent is a lot more affordable, over 91% of residents own their homes. Most of the home real estate is up for sale, but in case you do choose to rent, get to know your Seattle renters’ rights.

How Can I Find the Best Moving Companies in Seattle, WA?

How can you quickly find the best Seattle moving companies out there? Start by going through some customer feedback, and then narrow down the list of the providers that suit your needs, comparing the service price along the way. Some cheap movers in Seattle start with a lower price point just to make a sale, but these can often be brand-new businesses that don’t have a lot of experience in the field. Fortunately, you won’t have to look for a reputable moving company in Seattle for too long. Seattle Professional Movers has excellent reviews and provides a variety of services that will make any relocation a lot less complicated.

Dorre Don Movers Can Help You Move Your Home, Business, or Provide Many Other Services

No matter what the nature of your relocation may be, our movers in Dorre Don are more than capable of handling various requests, including:

  • Packing service – Getting this service is the simplest way to reduce the number of hours you need to prepare By using the highest quality supplies and materials, our team will ensure none of your delicate belongings get damaged during the transport.
  • Residential move – Home relocations are often cited as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. However, if you hire our Seattle movers, we’ll make your relocation experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.
  • Commercial relocation – If you need to move your business, our guys will reduce the number of work hours you need to spend on the relocation, minimizing your financial losses in the process.
  • Apartment move – Many older buildings don’t have appropriate access to all apartment units, making it difficult to move the big furniture piece. Fortunately, our local movers in Seattle know how to deal with all the problems that may arise in these types of relocation.
  • Labor-only service – Moving boxes in Seattle can be a lot easier if you hire the right professionals. Even if you already have a truck, our guys can load and unload all the containers, which will eliminate your risk of suffering a severe injury.
  • In-and out-of-storage move – If you’ve moved to a bigger place that can finally fit all your belongings, our team can transport the items you want from your storage unit to your new home.

Our Seattle Moving Company Operates in Numerous Locations in and Around the City

If you need moving services in Seattle, you’ve come to the right place. Our business operates in over one hundred locations in and around the city. Whether you’re in a suburb or living in Downtown Seattle, our team will go to the distance to fulfill all your requirements.

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