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Have you thought about relocating to one of Seattle’s best suburbs? Before going over why this neighborhood is a great place for families, we highly recommend looking up some Grace movers to assist you. As a professional moving company in Seattle, we provide various services that will make your whole relocation experience a lot less complicated.

The Neighborhood Has Many Things Going for It

Formerly a census-designated place, the neighborhood is now a part of Woodinville, WA. Just over half an hour away from Downtown Seattle, the area has many things going for it. Its high incomes, low crime rates, excellent schools, and amenities make it one of the best suburbs of Seattle.

The Cost of Living Is About the Same as Seattle Average

According to AreaVibes, Woodinville’s cost of living is 38% higher than the Washington average, with housing being the most significant contributor. The median home price of $490,000 is 82% higher than the state average of $270,000. Interestingly, the housing value is about the same as in Seattle. However, the rent is not, as the median aksed price of $1,400 is about 12% higher than the city’s $1,250 and 33% higher than the state overall. Similarly to the city of Seattle utilities, electricity, and phone bills are about 20% higher than the state average. With other expenses also being more or less the same, the two cities have the same cost of living overall.

Households Earn Significantly More Than in Seattle

While their cost of living might be the same, higher earnings are what sets Woodinville apart from Seattle proper. While the per capita income of $54,150 is just over 10% higher than Seattle’s $48,700, households earn $106,300, which is 43% higher than the city’s $74,500. While the area might not be as cheap as some more affordable Seattle suburbs, higher earnings are more than enough to cover its expenses.

The Area Is Perfect for Raising Children, With Low Crime Rates and Excellent Schools

If you’re searching for the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, you might as well consider Grace. If we compare the number of crimes in Woodinville to Seattle, it’s estimated that it has 54% lower crime rates overall. Violent felonies are much rarer and occur 87% less often than in Seattle. According to the FBI data, the city has no murder on record in 2019.

Safety is just one of the reasons why this place is perfect for raising children. Like the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, the area features some excellent schools, evident by the test results and high marks. The average test score for residents in the city is 77%, significantly higher than Seattleites’ 57%, and the state average of 48%. More people graduate from high school, 95.6%, compared to 92.1% in Seattle, and 87.5% in Washington overall.

What’s There to Do in the Neighborhood?

While nothing beats living in Downtown Seattle in terms of amenities available, the neighborhood still offers many interesting opportunities in the area:

  • Visit Molbak’s Garden + Home – This Town Center site sells gifts and organizes some interesting workshops. It also features a cafe with various plants and outdoor furniture.
  • Enjoy some great wine – The Woodinville Wine Country is a site that features over 130 local wineries and microbreweries. Some of the best include Chateau Ste. Michele, Novelty Hill Januik. Silver Lake, Columbia Winery, and Tenor WInes.
  • Explore the nearby parks – Just as there are many parks in Seattle, the suburb has plenty of greenery you can explore. The neighborhood’s 70-acre Brightwater Park is filled with wildlife, hiking trails, ponds, and creeks. The Paradise Valley Conservation Area is great for nature viewing, hiking, and biking. Bassett Pond Natural Area is a protected habitat, featuring a pond and various species of plants and animals.

Look for a Seattle Moving Company to Assist You

It takes a while to prepare for a relocation properly. While DIY is not impossible, we highly recommend you look up some Seattle moving companies to help you out. These offer various services that can make your relocation experience significantly more enjoyable. One such company is our own Seattle Professional Movers. Our team is here to provide you with anything you may need during your move.

Our Grace Movers Provide Many Services

Depending on the nature of your move, you can get a few different moving services in Seattle:

  • Residential Move – Relocating doesn’t need to be complicated. By getting this service, you’ll be settled in your new home in no time.
  • Apartment Relocation – This option is best if you’re living in a high-rise apartment. You’ll need someone who knows how to maneuver these narrow corridors, and our movers in Grace are up for the task.
  • Commercial Move – We wouldn’t recommend that entrepreneurs get cheap movers in Seattle. Relocating a company needs to be done quickly, as extended downtimes lose a lot of money. Our reputable mover in Seattle will ensure you your business is back up and running in no time.
  • Labor-Only Service – Do you need some help with moving boxes in Seattle? If you already have a truck but need somebody to load it, our team is more than happy to assist you.
  • In-and Out-of Storage Move – This service is best if you have some items you want to get out of your storage unit after you’ve moved or into one until you decide what to do with them.

Packing Is One of the Most Important Services You Need

Packing all your belongings takes the longest to complete. Many people aren’t aware of the amount of stuff they’ve accumulated over the years. If you plan to DIY, it may take anywhere from a few days to several months to prepare properly. If you want to finish everything quickly, the smartest thing would be to get a professional packing service. Our local movers in Seattle will show you some neat moving hackshow to pack specific items, which materials to use and for what, and more. If you have any fragile belongings, we’ll make sure that they arrive at your new place without a single scratch. When getting this service, remember that there are some items movers won’t move, like toxic chemicals and explosives. These need to be dealt with accordingly for the move to continue safely.

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We started as a small family-run business some 20 years ago. Today, we operate in over 100 locations in and around Seattle. Whether you need to move to one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle or somewhere more suburban, our team has you covered. If you want further proof of our quality standards, check some customer reviews our previous clients left on our website.


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