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Even local relocations take some time to organize properly. If you’re looking for a Seattle moving company that has Dieringer movers, you’re in the right place. We provide an excellent service that covers everything packing, unpacking, and everything in between. With so many options to choose from, you will undoubtedly find something that suits you. Contact us, and we’ll provide you with additional information and a free quote.

This Suburban Neighborhood Is Only a Short Distance From Tacoma and Seattle

Dieringer is a Pierce County neighborhood located in the city of Sumner. While both are small, their positions allow the residents to easily commute to many locations in the region. Besides being accessible, the area offers affordable housing prices and numerous outdoor opportunities, all of which make it one of the best suburbs of Seattle.

Commuting Won’t Last as Long if You Own a Car

Sumner’s commuter rail connects the area with Seattle, Tacoma, and numerous other places in the Puget Sound region. With so many public transit options available, do you need a car in Seattle? While Seattle is over 30 miles to the north, you’ll need significantly less time to get there if you drive than by taking a train or a bus. If you don’t own a vehicle, a one-way trip can take up to two or three hours, while crossing the distance with a car takes about 35 minutes. Although Tacoma is only 13 miles away, the commuting situation is very similar, and it takes about 25 minutes to get to the city by driving. However, if you’re planning to visit some Seattle breweries on your trip without a designated driver, it’s safer to take some of the public transit options.

The Nearby Lake Tapps Offers Plenty of Outdoor Activities

While there may be many entertaining things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, you may not always have the time to commute. Luckily the suburb still has a lot to offer on its own especially, especially if you’re looking for some outdoor activities. The nearby Lake Tapps is undoubtedly one of the larger parks in Seattle. The complexity of the reservoir’s terrain enables it to have about 45 miles of shoreline, and the lake itself offers excellent water sports activities throughout the year. If you’re looking for some of the best hikes near Seattle, you won’t be disappointed with the location.

Art and history buffs can visit the White River Valley Museum located in nearby Auburn. The institution features permanent and temporary exhibits that focus on the Pudget Sound history and the region’s various cultures. You can also check out The Karshner Museum, owned by the local school district, and The Ryan House, a private home turned into a historic building.

Living Here Will Cost You Substantially Less Than in Seattle

Lower housing costs and rent certainly make Sumner and this neighborhood one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs. According to AreaVibes, Sumner’s median home price of $234,700 is about 52% lower than Seattle’s $484,600, while the median rent of $1,000 is 20% lower than the city’s $1,250. As renting and owning are equally represented, it might be a good idea to brush up on your Seattle renters’ rights, just in case you choose to rent.

How Can Seattle Moving Companies Help You Out?

Hiring some professionals to assist you is the easiest way to ensure you don’t have a problematic and stressful relocation. While there are more than a few moving companies in Seattle, WA, you can quickly narrow down your selection by going through their reviews. If you want to hire cheap movers in Seattle that are also reputable, then our company might be perfect for you. With Seattle Professional Movers on your team, you won’t have to think twice about who to contact the next time you need some help with a move.


Professional Dieringer Movers Provide Various Useful Services

Besides being customer-friendly, our various services are suitable for a wide variety of customers. Let’s go over everything our Seattle movers can offer you:

  • Residential move – Though house relocations are very common, our team focuses on adjusting this option to fit the customer’s requirements.
  • Commercial relocation – A professional mover in Seattle knows that business relocations need to be quick. That’s why our guys are going to make sure no time is wasted during your move.
  • Apartment move – Apartments usually take less time to move than houses, but they can often present additional difficulties such as narrow staircases or small elevators. Luckily, we’re more than capable of handling any problems that may occur during your move.
  • Labor-only service – You don’t have to bother yourself with moving boxes in Seattle, even if you already have a truck. Avoid suffering a painful injury and let our guys do all the heavy lifting.
  • In-and out-of-storage move – If you want to take something out of storage, our team is here to deliver the items to your location.

Packing Is One of the Essential Services to Get When Moving in Seattle, WA

Getting a professional packing service is the only way to ensure all your items are properly packed. With the help of our local movers in Seattle, you won’t need to spend weeks wrapping up all your belongings. We’ll provide you with an appropriate workforce that can do everything in a single day. Furthermore, our guys can also show you some handy moving hacks that will make your next move far less complicated.

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