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Your search for the most reliable Sultan movers is over! If you’re eager to move to this small-town wonder, turn to Seattle Professional Movers. We’ll provide you with the right people for the job. Our team will make sure you are settled down in this lovely community in record time. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Life Like in Sultan, WA?

The town was first established way back in 1880 at the time of a small gold rush. In the past, it was known as a center for mining and the timber industry. Since then, it has become a bedroom community for large business centers in the Puget Sound area. The neighborhood has several public parks, a distinctive festival scene, and is situated near Cascade Mountain’s outdoor recreation areas. If you’re looking to settle down in affordable Seattle suburbs with a dynamic environment, this is the place for you!

The Story Behind Its Name

The region around the eponymous river was inhabited by the Skykomish, a faction of the Snohomish tribe, until the arrival of English colonists. The Skykomish had a permanent confluence settlement, along with a nearby fishery. After the discovery of a rich gold vein, the land around the confluence was reclaimed as a homestead by John Nailor and his wife. The town and the river were then called “Sultan,” an anglicization of Tseul-tud (or Tseul-dan), the leader of the Skykomish people. That’s the story of how the town got its unique name!


Parks and Recreation

The neighborhood has four city parks, all situated close to downtown, and several sports and recreational facilities. The biggest one is the 76-acre Osprey Park, located along the eastern bank of the Sultan River and home to the regular salmon spawning grounds. With a picnic table, a football field, and a basketball court, it’s one of the best-equipped parks in Seattle. If you’re moving with pets, you’ll be happy to know it has a fenced doggy playground on the premises! The town is also home to the Boys & Girls Club, the national association providing voluntary after-school activities for young people.

Traditional Festivals

The town has a long history of festivals that originated in the Summer of Love. The Sky River Rock Festival and the Lighter Than Air Fair, one of the first outdoor music festivals in the US, was held at the Raspberry Farm in 1968. The three-day event, hosted by the KRAB radio station and the Helix journal, drew an estimated 20,000 hippies from all over the country.  It was widely considered a forerunner for later festivals such as Woodstock. Unfortunately, the jamboree turned out to be too much for the small riverside community. Nowadays, the festivities tend to be a bit more low-key. There’s the annual three-day street fair in July, renowned as the Sultan Shindig, founded back in the1980s. It celebrates the heritage of the Skykomish Valley by holding many logging events, including ax tossing, wood chipping, speed climbing, and wood carving. It also includes carnival swings, street stalls, live music, sports, procession, and a car show. Another festival is organized at the end of September to celebrate the return of spawning salmon to the river. With this amount of family-friendly entertainment, it’s definitely one of the best suburbs of the Seattle metropolitan area.

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If you keep your belongings in storage facilities and wish to transport them safely to your new residence, our crew can handle it for you. We are among the few companies that specialize in in-and out-of storage service. Judging by our customer reviews, we are also the best in it. However, there are some items movers won’t move. We recommend you contact our agents beforehand and they’ll advise you on how to transfer them yourself.

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How We Determine Relocation Prices

The prices are determined based on an hourly rate. The final number includes the number of workers, the cost of gas for the truck, and the type of service you’ll have used. We can assure you there won’t be any hidden expenses with our Seattle moving team. In case you have any doubts about our transparency, we encourage you to read our customer reviews!

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