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If you’re looking to move to a suburb in the Seattle area, we might be able to help. Our moving company in Seattle has some of the best local Henrys movers out there. We offer all kinds of professional services, such as apartment, residential and commercial relocations, which can all be suited to various customer requirements, enabling you to have a gratifying experience.

Affordable Housing, Low Crime, and Great Outdoor Opportunities Make Henrys One of Seattle’s Best Suburbs

Henrys is a neighborhood in King County’s Maple Valley and is often considered as one of the best suburbs of Seattle for many reasons. The area features affordable housing, great schools, almost no crime, and many outdoor opportunities.

Buying Is Relatively More Affordable Than Renting

The housing prices in Maple Valley and Henrys place them among the more affordable Seattle suburbs. The median home value of $377,100 is 38% lower than Seattle’s $605,200, based on the data provided by Niche.com. Higher earnings are one more thing that makes living in this suburb more affordable than living in Downtown Seattle. Maple Valley’s median household income of $107,300 is 25% higher than the capital’s $85,600. It comes as no surprise that 84% of all households are owner-occupied, far more than 46% in Seattle overall. If you’re in the minority who’s interested in renting a place here, the median rent cost of $1,850 is 23.5% more expensive than the capital’s $1,500.

Excellent Schools and Safety Are Some of the Top Reasons to Move Here

If you’re looking to move with a family, you can’t go wrong with Maple Valley and Henrys. The area features a few excellent schools, similar to some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. Furthermore, local students are a lot more successful on their tests; they score 73% on average, which is higher than Seattleites’ 57%. The high school graduation rate is also higher, around 95%, compared to the capital’s 92%. Another reason why you should consider relocating here is the area’s safety. The crime numbers in Maple Valley and its communities are very low, even when compared to some of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. According to FBI data from 2019, it had 326 report cases in total, of which only 15 were violent. Suppose we were to extrapolate the numbers and compare them with Seattle’s. In that case, we get that the area experienced 77% fewer criminal offenses overall, with violent crimes being over 90% lower, according to AreaVibes.com. Last but not least, year-over-year crime is decreasing by 16%.

The Suburb Is One of the Best Places to Have a Long Outdoor Adventure

While it may not have as many activities as some of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle, you’ll be a walking distance from some excellent outdoor areas:

  • Enjoy some fun activities in Lake Sawyer – The natural lake is the fourth largest of its kind in the county, with a surface area of over 280 acres. It’s extensively used for fishing, swimming, boating, and water skiing. Only a few parks in Seattle can provide all these activities in one place.
  • Spot some wildlife at Black Diamond Natural Area – This 1,240-acre forested area is home to all sorts of wildlife, including the beaver and numerous species of fish. If you want to go on one of the best hikes near Seattle, the park’s 17 miles of trails should be enough to satisfy even the most experienced hikers.
  • Explore Henry’s Ridge Open Space – The destination is popular with hikers as well as mountain bikers. It has 19 miles of interconnected trails spread out throughout its 248 acres, with specific routes being more suited for one group than the other. The park is very well connected to the two previous entries on the list.

Seattle Moving Companies Make Each Relocation a Lot Less Complicated

We can all agree that relocations are not easy to plan. Some moves are certainly more demanding than others, but each one is unique in its own way. Luckily, local movers in Seattle can adapt their service to fit any individual customer while at the same time simplifying the whole process. Anybody that hired a mover at least once knows that professionals make the moving experience significantly more enjoyable.

Want a Reputable Mover? Hire Our Seattle Moving Company

When looking for moving companies in Seattle, WA, check out some customer reviews. This is perhaps the simplest way to figure out if a local moving company is legitimate or not. If a mover has very few to no reviews, it may be better to skip them and get a reputable one. Fortunately, Seattle Professional Movers has had overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. Word of mouth has been a significant factor in expanding our business, enabling us to reach many more potential customers.

You Can Get More Than a Few Moving Services in Seattle

Our Seattle movers are trained in various relocation services, but before getting anything, let’s review what we have to offer:

  • Packing service – Getting professional help will make packing everything significantly more manageable. The team will do everything for you, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right supplies or learning how to pack specific things.
  • Residential move – Our movers in Henrys are here to provide you with the best relocation experience you’ve ever had. You’ll get all the assistance you need, as well as a truck that can fit all your belongings.
  • Apartment move – Though smaller in scope, apartments have additional requirements that need to be taken into account, such as the elevator and stairs accessibility, hallway width, and more. Otherwise, they are similar to a house move and include the same benefits, such as a truck and appropriate workforce.
  • Commercial relocation – Our mover in Seattle will enable your business to have a quick relocation. The team is well versed in handling any office appliances you might have. However, you have to deal with anything that’s uninsurable before the relocation starts. Things like explosives and dangerous chemicals are among the few items movers won’t move.
  • Labor-only service – With professional movers in Seattle, you won’t have to worry about heavy lifting or loading the truck. Our guys make moving boxes in Seattle look entertaining.

Need Some Items Taken Out of Storage? Our Henrys Movers Will Deliver Them to Your New Location

When your current location doesn’t have enough space to fit all of your belongings, you can always store them for later use. If you opt for our in-and out-of storage service, we will transport anything you don’t need right away to a unit of your choice. Our guys can also take some of your items out of storage and deliver them to your desired location. Also, if you want to donate furniture in Seattle, we’ll handle the transport for you.

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