About Us

Seattle Professional Movers is a Seattle based moving company widely known for its high quality service, newest equipment and motivated workers.

We know how much stress moving can cause and we can promise to keep all the stress away if you give us a chance to prove our efficiency, motivation and hard work.

And what do we offer exactly? Well, we are here to help you deal with all the furniture disassembling, loading, unloading, packing and unpacking not only your home, but also a storage space, an office etc.

Seattle Professional movers maintain the 5 star rating over all these years and you can count on them to have the best service in town if you decide to hire our packers and movers!

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Our History

Seattle professional movers started working as a small family owned business two decades ago. We grew little by little and we have used every chance we got to improve our skills and our equipment along the way. Experience that we gained during this time has helped us to become true professionals in what we do and earn the trust of our clients.

A few years later Seattle Professional Movers expanded the business to other cities in our neighborhood, while still maintaining the relationships with our previous clients. We have also invested our money into all the newest tools, equipment and proper training our people.

We expanded the number of our moving trucks and added new services to our offers.

All this effort made Seattle Professional movers one of the best and most reliable moving companies in Seattle you will ever get the chance to work with. It is our pleasure to help our clients find the way into their new homes!!

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My spouse and I were so, so impressed with Seattle Professional Movers that we used their services twice in one week! If we ever have any other needs of moving stuff in Seattle, I will definitely be calling Seattle Professional Movers. They're not exactly "cheap" in price, but the cost is *well* worth it.

Bucky McKenzie

Our Mission

Seattle Professional Movers have one mission - to make your move stressless, quick and successful and that is what we will be focused on during the entire time of your move.

Once you start working with us, you will realize just how dedicated and motivated our teams are to help you have the perfect move of your dreams.

We have teams of the best residential movers in Seattle and our moving specialists will be more than glad to help you learn everything there is about them.

What you should know is that we approach each moving process with the same attention and enthusiasm. Every single move is tailored to fit the clients’ needs and wishes the best and to ensure the most enjoyable experience for all of our clients.Our goal is to make sure all of your belongings arrive at the destination perfectly packed and without a single scratch and with the experience and expertise of Seattle Professional Movers, you can count on it!

Seattle Professional Movers are the most reliable and reputable moving company in Seattle for a good reason and if you give us a chance, you will become one of our many happy clients!

Our Motto Is “We Can Always Do Better”

No matter how experienced we get, how many new techniques we learn during the process or how advanced equipment we get, we believe that we can always do better. When it comes to improving our skills and learning more about providing our loyal clients the best service, there is absolutely no limit for our Seattle Professional Movers.

We are our own competition and we are hoping to get better and better at the service we are providing with each moving process we do.

Since our clients and their satisfaction are our number one priority, our teams learn more skills each year and each year we get the newest equipment in order to raise the quality of our services.

If you hire our Seattle Professional Movers you can be sure that you have hired motivated and enthusiastic workers who will give 110% to make your move successful, yet an enjoyable experience for you!

We Offer a Big Variety Of Services

Now, whatever type of the move you need, it is very likely that Seattle Professional Movers will be able to provide it for you very professionally, efficiently and quickly.

When it comes to concrete moving services we offer, we are proud to say that you can hire us for:


Local Moving

Down the street or across town, Seattle Professional Movers can help you there.


Residential Moving

Residential moving is extremely common these days and if you want a professional service from experienced yet affordable movers in Seattle contact us!.


Commercial Moving

Seattle Professional Movers are also experts when it comes to office moving. All of your precious equipment and furniture will be safe in our hands!


Apartment Moving

Our hardworking movers in Seattle will help you pack and move all the possessions from your inventory efficiently, quickly and safely.

In and out of
Storage Moving

In and out of Storage Moving

No matter whether you are about to move your things into a storage or out of one, our movers in Seattle will help you do it faster and easier.


Packing Services

Seattle packers and movers will pack every single piece from your inventory very safely and professionally and move it to the new location in a flash!


Piano Moving

Our movers in Seattle will move all the upright pianos that are located on the ground floor very gently and safely. Your piano is in the right hands!

Labor only

Labor only Movers

Our Seattle movers are here to do all the labor work for you. We are experienced and skillful when it comes to lifting and carrying even the heaviest pieces of furniture!

We Offer a Big Variety Of Services

Now, whatever type of the move you need, it is very likely that Seattle Professional Movers will be able to provide it for you very professionally, efficiently and quickly.

When it comes to concrete moving services we offer, we are proud to say that you can hire us for:




We Offer The Most Professional Packing Service For Free

Our moving company is widely known for its amazing, yet COMPLETELY FREE packing service. Seattle Professional Movers have the best packers and movers in town and you can be sure that your inventory will be in perfectly safe hands if you decide to hire our packers.

Why would you spend hours, days and weeks learning how to properly pack your possessions and then packing it when you can have a professional Seattle moving company packing it for you?

If you hire our packers and movers, you are hiring motivated and skillful workers who have spent days and weeks learning how to properly pack every single piece of your inventory.

Are you hoping to pack your glassware? No worries, our movers in Seattle will wrap them in protective materials safely and pack them in boxes.

Are you worried about packing a TV from your living room? There is no need for worrying, our packers and movers will protect the screen and safely pack the TV.

The same goes for other electronics, breakables and all the other pieces of your inventory. Our packers and movers are experienced professionals when it comes to packing and will protect and gently move all the items you possess. Although our packing service is completely free, we do charge for the packing supplies we use when packing your possessions. Still, if you have your own packing supplies, our Seattle packers and movers will use them gladly.

wrapped couch

Our Seattle Movers Will Professionally Disassemble And Reassemble All The Furniture You Possess

Disassembling the furniture can quite often be a difficult task to do, especially if you do not have the right skills and equipment for the job.

Luckily for you, our Seattle moving company has all the necessary tools and equipment you can imagine and our workers are highly trained and experienced when it comes to disassembling any piece of furniture from your inventory.

No matter whether we are talking about a king size bed for two from your master bedroom or about your favorite bulky sofa, our affordable movers in Seattle are just the right guys for you.

After disassembling your furniture, Seattle Professional Movers will load it all into the moving truck and take it to the new location. Upon the arrival, our Seattle movers will unload everything from the moving truck, take it inside your new home and reassemble it.

Why would you get through all the trouble of watching tutorials about disassembling the furniture, buying all the different tools and carrying extra heavy pieces of furniture when you can have true professionals doing all the hard work instead of you?


When Working With Us You Will Be Working With The Best Moving Specialists In Town

When we said that our goal is to make your move a successful and enjoyable experience for you, we meant it. Seattle Professional Movers do not only offer the best teams of movers who will pack, load and move your inventory, but also amazing moving specialists who will help you plan and organize the whole process.

Our moving specialists have at least 3 years of experience and will provide the support you need every step of the way.

These motivated and enthusiastic workers will answer all of your questions, no matter whether it is about getting a moving quote or making a reservation, all you have to do is call!

Contacting Us Is Very Easy

There are a few ways to contact Seattle Professional Movers and they are equally easy, quick and efficient.

Our phone number is (253) 656-4996 and you can call us every day from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Our moving agents will answer the phone and help you get all the information you need.

You can also write us an email to our email address info@seattleprofessionalmovers.com. Our moving specialists are very efficient and hardworking and will respond to you in the shortest time.