Wondering How to Pack Dishes for Moving? Here Are Some Tips

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During a relocation, kitchen supplies are the last to pack because we use them every day. Kitchen items are also very tricky to load because they are very fragile. Even if you are only going from one part of Seattle to another, you still need to handle this carefully. Follow our simple tips on how to pack dishes for moving and be sure your glasses won’t be broken on the way to your new home.

Wine glasses displayed on table.

The glasses must be packed carefully in order not to break.

Get Packing Supplies

The first step is to get all the packing materials you’ll be needing to protect your kitchen objects during transportation. While old clothes and towels can save you some money on wrapping supplies, it is essential to acquire materials named down below:

  • Packing paper: You’ll need plenty of this for better protection. First, be sure to cover each side of the box with it. Then, each dish must be wrapped, and additionally, all the empty spaces will have to be filled with a lot of crumpled paper.
  • Small and medium-sized boxes: Don’t risk the security of your belongings with big and heavy cardboard. Put your fragile kitchen objects in small and medium-sized containers because you don’t want the box to be heavy and risk dropping it while moving.
  • Duct tape: Wrap the bottom, then cover the top of the filled boxes with tape because they can get heavy when filled with a lot of objects.
  • Labels and markers: Mark your cartons with big letters and label them as fragile so that your local movers know what the box contains.

A Dish Box Is Crucial

Be sure to include dish boxes among your other packing materials. These are stronger and thicker and are specifically designed to hold your fragile kitchen items. During transportation, they will provide extra protection to breakable objects.

Person putting tape marked "fragile" on box.

Be sure to put fragile tags.

Consider Unusual Options: Borrow Restaurant Racks

You probably have a favorite cafe or a restaurant in your neighborhood that you often visit. Don’t be shy to contact the owner and ask to have some cartons. That way, you’ll avoid purchasing additional cardboard and other material. Plus, you’ll have more free time to prepare other things for the move. Since you are moving locally, you can return those racks at the end of the day once you unload all your stuff in your new home.

Picture of restaurant.

Go to the restaurant you often visit and ask to borrow racks for relocation day.

Follow These Steps on How to Pack Dishes for Moving

After you acquired all the materials, you can start preparing your kitchen items for transportation. Follow our tips on how to load specific kitchen objects so as not to break them during transport.

Don’t Load Bowls and Plates Flat

Packs that contain bowls and plates should be loaded vertically. Remember to wrap them individually in packing paper and then arrange them on the bottom. Don’t worry about them being different sizes. The empty spaces can always be filled with more wrapping material for security.

Take Care of Dishes Such as Pots and Pans as Well

You might think pots and pans are less susceptible to damage, but they can also be scratched easily during transportation. That’s why they too must be wrapped individually. Remember that you will have more free space, so be sure to fill them with extra crumpled paper.

Fill Cups and Mugs With Crumpled Packing Paper

It would be best if you first filled each mug and all cups you have with crumpled paper. Then wrap them one by one. Old clothes such as stockings might come in handy in this case. If you can hear the rattle while lifting these packs, you can add old newspapers to fill the gaps. Remember to load them vertically.

Make Sure to Wrap Your Glasses Carefully

The most difficult objects to pack from the kitchen are glasses. Just like cups and mugs, first, fill them with crumpled paper. Cover them carefully and make sure to place each glass above other heavier items from the kitchen that you have already packed. If you have thicker glasses that cannot be easily broken, put two into the same sheet.

Wrap Stemware Cautiously

Crystal objects are delicate, and they can be a nightmare during the relocation. However, you can still transport them safely. Just be sure to wrap them in a double layer. These can also be wrapped into old stockings, but be very cautious when unpacking because you can easily break a stem. Check out the video below, and be sure to follow all the instructions to pack stemware properly when moving.

More Tips on How to Pack Breakable Kitchen Items

There are a couple of additional steps you need to remember to take when preparing your dishes for the move:

  • Pack your heavier things on the bottom;
  • Be sure to fill each box up to the top;
  • Always fill all free space;
  • A packed carton must not be too heavy;
  • Use a dish box for vase and lamp bases;
  • Double-protect your knives with bubble wrap.

Pot with kitchen utensils.

Knives must have extra protection and be packed using bubble plastic.

Be Very Gentle When Loading Boxes Into the Truck

Whether you are hiring local moving services near you or transporting your things by yourself, you must be sure that these boxes are being placed into the truck very gently. They must be placed on the floor of the truck where they can’t fall. Another useful tip is to put them underneath the furniture. That way, they won’t move during transportation.

Mover moving boxes.

Boxes must be placed on the floor of the truck or under the furniture.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article will make the packing of your kitchen items easier. However, if you are still unsure about packing kitchen material by yourself, be sure to call a local moving company near you, such as Seattle Professional Movers. We can also provide packing services and handle all dishes carefully. Finally, if you need your dishes to be transported to storage or they are already in one, Seattle Professional Movers will pick them up and transport them safely; all you need to do is order our in and out of storage transport solution.