7 Tips on Throwing the Best Moving Away Party

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While there is growing excitement over the upcoming adventure and relocating to your new home, hosting a moving away party can be a bittersweet affair. This life change means saying goodbye to your old place that you associate with loving memories you had created with your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances – even if you’re only moving locally. But, how do you throw a moving away party? Let our Seattle movers pack you while you look at some great tips and inspiring ideas.
Party balloons floating

If parties are not your specialty, we have plenty of tips to share

#1 Begin the Preparations Early

When organizing a farewell gathering, you must start on time with your planning efforts. This has to be on top of your moving to-do list, so it is crucial to pick a date that is in accordance with your relocation schedule – you don’t want to throw a farewell party in your house filled to the brim with boxes. You must plan every part of the process carefully. If you want to alleviate all the stress involved in local moving, hire Seattle Professional Movers who know all moving hacks to help you with residential moving.
The first step is to pick a date that works best for you and your close ones. Think about who will be attending and whether you want to invite your closest ones only. Also, think about the date you scheduled your local movers in Seattle and their packing services. You don’t need additional moving stress. Ensure there’s enough time for everything. This is why it is crucial to begin the preparations early and determine your budget limitations.

Person writing down notes in planner

Start planning as soon as possible

#2 Build a Budget for Your Going Away Gathering

Before making any decisions, it is important to know how much room you have within your budget. If you already have a moving expenses checklist, just create another one for this occasion. Don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money because great farewell parties are not all about decorations and catering, plus you’ll need that money for your chosen Seattle moving company. Be creative and pick new exciting activities for your guests that can be worked into any budget.

Calculator and notes on desk

You can host a cost-friendly farewell gathering with a little bit of creativity

#3 Start Spreading the Word and Send Invitations on Time

It is crucial that you settle on the event date early, create a list of your guests and send those invites at least three weeks in advance and minimize the disruption of your guests’ plans. If you choose the convenience of digital invites, you can select one of the websites that provide easy-to-create online invitations to help you with that.
If you have an artistic inspiration for paper invites instead of digital, you can be sure your friends will appreciate the extra effort. If all of your friends and family live close to you, you can let them know about your planned gathering in person. What is important is that you start spreading the word as soon as possible. They will probably be wondering what do you say to a friend who is moving away or do you bring a gift to a moving away party, so give them some time to accept and prepare for the change.

Planner and laptop on desk

By sending your invites early, you’re ensuring that your event will be in everyone’s plans

#4 Pick One of These Themes for Your Moving Away Party

What do you do at a going away party? Well, this can either be a casual dinner, or you can do it in a glamorous style. Just don’t bother your friends to help you pack books for moving. Feel free to be creative and ensure that decorations and music all revolve around the chosen theme of your get-together. Here are three great ideas for a theme:

Popular Celebrity Icons

For a moment, forget about the bittersweet feelings of your move and transport to a red-carpet premiere in your own home. Shop the Hollywood-inspired decorations and centerpieces, and other props to turn your home into a glamorous setting if you didn’t already donate furniture in Seattle. Don’t forget to give your guests plenty of notice to decide on their perfect costume and host a competition for your neighborhood’s most popular icon.

80’s/90’s Throwback Party

Everyone loves throwback-themed parties, so if you and your friends appreciate the music and pop culture of the times, you should allow yourself to relive your youth or remind others of theirs. You can all be dressed up as your favorite music or TV characters, add fiber optic lamps, and have lots of bright colors and balloons decorating your home. Put together 80’s and 90’s inspired playlist, add brightly colored cocktails, and dance all night.

Karaoke Night

Do you and your friends share a passion for singing? If the answer is yes, make sure to give them a karaoke night they will cherish. Since karaoke-themed parties are all about decorations, consider adding special effects like haze, rotating disco balls, or spotlights. Ask every friend to sing at least one song, and don’t forget to end the night with a farewell tune of your choice.

Bar sign outside

Feel free to be creative with the theme of your gathering and take your guests’ interests into account

#5 Serve Your Favorite Comfort Food

Despite your efforts to keep the mood upbeat – the melancholy feelings will catch up with you. You can offset a little bit of that atmosphere and make or order food known for making people happy. If you already packed dishes for moving, call your best takeout in Seattle to order something, or set a small table filled with easy-to-make comfort snacks. Here are some suggestions:

  • French fries
  • Burritos
  • Biscuits or rolls
  • Any form of dessert, preferably a cake
Various food on table

To fight off melancholy, set up a small table filled with tasty comfort dishes

#6 Looking for Gift Ideas? Make a Guest Book or Album

No matter the theme, the decorations, or your food menu, a photo album or a guest book for your close ones to take with them is a must. You can put together a slideshow of your favorite moments from that night, or you can have your camera or photographer ready and send them off with a hard copy of photos and handwritten notes. Take a look at this video for another creative idea.

#7 Give a Farewell Toast

Don’t pack glasses for moving just yet. You’ll need that fancy one for the toast. Even if you are not a fan of doing speeches, no going away party would be complete without a toast from the host. Gather your guests, have everyone reminisce, share a story or a memory, and prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster after amusing anecdotes.

You’re Leaving Your Neighborhood

Whether you’re going to the best suburbs of Seattle after living in Downtown Seattle for years or vice versa, know that you will still be close to your best buds. You’re not relocating across the world. Your mover in Seattle will ensure everything arrives intact in your new neighborhood. Just don’t forget to clean everything before your chosen Seattle movers and packers arrive to begin with your apartment move. Give Seattle Professional Movers a call today to book your date.