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Do not hesitate to hire professional White Center movers to assist you if you are considering to move locally to this pleasant community in Seattle. This is a charming neighborhood that is home to small businesses, public parks, and welcoming residents. Also, the north end of town has plenty of restaurants and pubs. Keep reading to learn more.

Is White Center a Good Place for Living?

In King County, Washington, United States, this community is a census-designated place. The population is around 15,500. Due to the presence of a military Relocation and Training Facility after World War II, the White Center is often referred to by the term “Rat City”.

Fun Facts From the History

In 1918, to answer the issue of the thriving community, George White and Hiram Green discovered the right solution. White won a coin flip against Green, and the neighborhood was named the White Center afterward. Some of the biggest real-estate developers in Seattle were George and his brothers, Harry and Will White. Hiram Green acquired five acres in the White Center, which became the White Center business area.

Cost of Living

Based on the data provided by Niche.com, the median household income for a household is $51,898. The median home value is $332,800, which can be pricey for some, but on the other hand, rents are quite affordable. The median rent price is not much higher than the national, and it is around $1,100. Hence, almost half of residents are renting their homes.

How Far Is Downtown?

When relocating close to such a gem as Emerald City is, you’ll probably want to visit it more than once, especially if you plan to find a job there. Luckily, this neighborhood is not too far. It is only 7.7 miles away from downtown. If you drive, it will take you a bit less than 30 minutes to get there. You can also catch a bus line 120, and it won’t last much longer.

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Our White Center Movers Offer In-and Out-of Storage Moving Service in Seattle, No Matter the Distance

We are among moving companies in Seattle that have inexpensive in-and out-of storage moving serviceFrom one storage facility to the next, or to your new home, our team will move your things, all while making sure they arrive untouched. We will tell you where you can donate furniture in Seattle, WA if you want to clean everything before the move-out date.

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