Everything You Should Know About the Current Situation With Jobs in Seattle, WA

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Are you moving to the city from the surrounding areas, or just to another part of town and are without employment? If you are interested in the current situation with jobs in Seattle, Washington, you are at the right place. Today, we’ll tell you more about the market, what to expect, the conditions, and we’ll give you some tips on how to nail that dream job. So, don’t let your current unemployment let you down – while we are in times of crisis, there’s still plenty of opportunities in this town, and we’re here to push you in the right direction. Scroll down for more information.

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Here you will find some tips for a sure way to employment

What Salary Do I Need to Live in Seattle?

If you aren’t moving here from some of the best suburbs of SEA, but are living downtown when you’re out of work, you are bound to wonder – what salary do you need to live comfortably in Seattle? Someone has to cover those expenses on your moving expenses checklist, and your real estate agent has a fee, too, and you don’t want to end up being homeless in SEA. This is an expensive place, but you can always choose to live in some of the more affordable suburbs and cut your rental fees.

If you are renting, know your renters’ rights and stand up for them. Still, expect that you will need close to $72,000 of income to live comfortably around here. That’s if we go by the 50-30-20 rule, where 50% of your income goes to necessities, 30% is spent on discretionary expenses, and 20% goes to savings. Is 60k a good salary in Seattle? It is, but you’ll have to save a buck on these miscellaneous costs and cut down on that good Seattle nightlife.

How Long Does It Take to Search for a Job in Seattle, WA?

When we are between jobs, we want to find employment as soon as possible so we can get a tad bit impatient. No one can tell you with certainty how long it will take you to find employment here or anywhere else. But, knowing that our city’s market is doing well despite the challenges the whole world is facing might bring some peace of mind. That, and a visit to some of the serene local parks. Then, when you’re relaxed and back to your A-game, you can start searching. So, try not to worry too much about it – it won’t do you any good either way. Have a brewski from some of your favorite SEA breweries, finish this article, and get to (finding) work.

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We understand your frustrations, but it may take a while before you’re employed

What Are the Best Jobs in Seattle?

If you are moving to some of the safest neighborhoods with the best school districts, you’ll need a paycheck to match. So, what are the highest paying jobs in Seattle, Washington? Tech jobs in Seattle and IT jobs in Seattle take the lead, with health positions right there at the top with them. Business roles are also well paid and much coveted. Here are some of the highest paying positions as well as the average annual salary that goes with them, according to Northeastern:

  • Chief Executive – $213,410,
  • Computer and Informations System Manager – $153,220,
  • Natural Sciences Manager – $152,380,
  • Marketing Manager – $143,790,
  • Health Specialties Teacher – $140,440.

Psychiatrists and family doctors also have high salaries, with the former earning close to $280,200 and the latter around $241,000. So, whatever reasons to move you have, if you are in one of these industries and with experience, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to afford a home in some of the best neighborhoods for families.

What Jobs Are in Demand in Seattle?

Before you get on to figuring out how to move efficiently and where to make a mattress donation in Seattle, you’ll want to confirm that the skills you have are in demand. During these times of the pandemic, medical workers of all kinds are in high demand here, as well as probably everywhere in America. Besides them, the rest of the highest paying positions from below are also in demand, with tech positions and business managers taking the lead. Web developers, hardware and software engineers, business management, and leadership roles are much sought-after. If you have the skills and experience – you don’t need to worry about unemployment, at least not for now.

What Are the Most Common Jobs in Seattle, WA?

As you are trying to figure out if you’ll be able to move a piano by yourself or you’ll need to leave that task to movers in Seattle, you would probably also want to know about the most common labor roles. Software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers are running the game these days, taking the torch from retail workers, salespeople, and carpenters. Not that they aren’t in the game, they very much still are, along with nurses, waiters and waitresses, customer service representatives, and office clerks. If you are in one of these industries, you’ll also have a good chance of finding employment, despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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Tech and IT jobs are in high demand

Should I Use an Employment Agency? How Do I Find a Registered Agent?

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall on your search, you may feel tempted to hire an employment agency. What does an employment agency do? The goal of an employment recruiter or staffing agency is to bring the workforce to employers while helping the job-seekers find employment. That means that you, as a job-seeker, will go through processes of assessment and talent identification so they can determine the offers that are best suited for you. This ultimately leads to your employment.

This is a good option for those job-seekers who need an ASAP solution – however, it has its limitations when it comes to long-term employment. Some employers have rules to prohibit hiring workers from these agencies long-term, so that may hinder your future at that company. So, if you are running out of options and need something to make ends meet – give it a go; if you are looking for a way to build a career at a particular company, better refrain from these agencies.

Do Employment Agencies Charge a Fee?

When you’re unemployed, especially in a moving process, your main worry will be – how much does it cost to use a staffing agency? Usually, the company you are about to apply to covers the fee of a staffing agency that made the connection. Employer-paid fees are a system in which the employer assumes the sole responsibility of covering the agency’s fees, and the employee doesn’t pay anything.

This is the most common type, as opposed to applicant-paid fees, which are a rarity. In these cases, the agency claims a portion of your hourly pay until your contract expires. Another thing worth noting here is a warning for you to be wary of those agencies who ask for money directly for a company position, as no legitimate agency would do such a thing.

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Staffing agencies are a good solution for those who need urgent employment

What Are the Top Employers in Seattle?

Use the time you have while you are unemployed and make it into a Seattle staycation of sorts. That good weather is finally about to come, and there are plenty of rooftop bars in SEA, and romantic things to do that are worth a visit. You can also take the time to get familiar with the best companies to work for in Seattle to see if you have a chance for a career in one of them. Here are the top 10 companies in Washington that are located in the city:

  • Tech companies – Giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple, are present in the area and among the most coveted companies for those in this industry.
  • T Mobile – The famous telecommunication services company that employs over 10,000 people and offers great conditions.
  • University of Washington – One of the most innovative universities that provide excellent higher education to its students, ground-breaking research to the world, and excellent conditions to its employees.
  • US Army and US Air Force – These two military departments are highly respected and desired employers with bases in the area.
  • Nordstrom – Those of you in the fashion industry should consider Nordstrom, as it’s a giant fashion retailer with over $10 billion of revenue.
  • Slalom – If you are in the consulting industry, give this modern consulting firm another look – you may find something you like.
  • Boeing – The aerospace and defense company that continues to lead in innovation, despite being overthrown by Amazon as the top employer.
  • Walt Disney – The most prominent media conglomerate in the world is definitely a great place to be employed.
  • Bank of America – For all economists, working at this bank would be a great opportunity.
  • Seagen – This biotech and pharmaceutical company is an excellent place of employment for scientists and researchers.


Amazon is one of the top companies in the city

How Do I Look for a Job? Useful Information and Tips

So, how do you find a new job if you are not using a staffing agency? Let the internet become your friend – all the information you may need is out there. The easiest and most popular way to find employment is to browse the employment sites online. The most popular ones with the most offers are Simplyhired, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Check them out, and apply to all the offers that look interesting to you. Don’t be afraid to go for the ones that seem above your league – you never know, and you may make a good impression on the interview. Don’t miss a chance to visit any employment fairs, or simply ask around – be proactive.

How Do I Get a Job With No Experience?

If you are tangled in that vicious circle of not being able to get a job because of lack of experience and having lack of experience because you can’t get employed – fear not. We’ve all been there, and there’s a way out. If you don’t have the experience, don’t go over the fact, but rather address it and focus on what you DO have.

Emphasize your strengths like your motivation, how hardworking you are, and so on. Then, try to find some experience you didn’t know you had. Ever run a popular MEME page? That’s marketing experience right there. If you have a chance, gain some experience by volunteering or joining an internship program. If you don’t have a chance, but need a paying position ASAP, here are some positions you can apply for if you don’t have experience:

  • Customer Service Representative,
  • Real Estate Agent,
  • Public Relations Assistant,
  • Sales Account Representative,
  • Administrative Assistant.

So, you see – you’re not out of options, and you will get out of that circle. If you do get to the point of an interview – here’s a video with useful information on how to nail the interview.

Networking Is Within Your Rights – Use It

Whether or not you’ve got experience or higher education, you should know that networking is career life – turn to it. Tell your friends and acquaintances you’re looking for a job – maybe they know of something. Use social media platforms to connect with people in the same field as you – LinkedIn is a great platform designed specifically for that. Don’t shy away from contacting your college friends, or even high school ones – see what they’re up to and if they know of some opportunities for you. Nurture these kinds of connections and return the favor when you have a chance.

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Visit some local events and conferences

When Moving – Use the Service of One of the Finest Moving Companies in Seattle

That’s all regarding the job market. We hope we’ve been of assistance and wish you the best of luck on your hunt. If you are in need of residential moving services in Seattle, turn to us – we are Seattle movers you can rely on. If you use our packing services, you don’t have to worry about the most commonly forgotten things to pack – we’ll pack them all, and we’ll pack them well. We will make sure everything gets safely delivered to your new home. We have plenty of services available to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to get your free quote and see why we are everyone’s favorite Seattle moving company.