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Our Duvall movers will whisk you away to this lovely tight-knit suburban community before you know it. Unlike other companies that specialize in relocation, we are determined to meet your most specific requirements. If this charming town is the perfect place for your new home, we will do everything we can to get you there in record time!

What Is It Like to Live in Duvall, WA?

Historically, the region was home to the Snoqualmie people and other indigenous Tulalip tribes. The land was homesteaded by two Civil War soldiers after their resettlement under the Treaty of Point Elliott. Though the two were brothers, it’s said the town was explicitly named after the logger James Duvall. It is a small but diverse community, rich in both tradition and history. The people here come from all walks of life and display an exciting cross-section of different cultures. It’s among the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families with its small-town charm and exciting recreational opportunities.

Iconic Festivals and Parades

Duvall Days, the biggest and most famous festival of the year, is held in the downtown area on the first weekend in June. It starts with the Grand Parade down Main Street and proceeds with art exhibits, petting zoos, live music, and so much more. This year marks what would have been the 60th annual celebration. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cherished festival has been postponed. However, the cancelation is a testament to why this is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Surrounded by the Great Outdoors

The beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery encompasses the entire town. You will be able to spend your days exploring the outdoors if you decide to move here. The Cherry Creek Falls Trail, located within the Markworth State Forest, is a favorite among locals. Enveloped by beautiful old-growth trees, with a 25-foot waterfall at the end of the path, it’s considered one of the best hikes near Seattle, Washington.

Even after winter has come, the outdoor fun doesn’t stop! The town is situated right between two major ski resorts – the Peak at Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass. You can travel to either spot in less than an hour. Snoqualmie Peak is a great place to try Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and snow tubing. At Stevens Pass, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding all year round.

A Small-Town Community Close to the Metropolis

The neighborhood is one of the best suburbs in Seattle, especially for families who rely on the Emerald City for work. Although it’s just a 35-minute drive from Seattle’s urban core, life in this community has a very small-town feel to it. The convenient location makes it possible to raise your children in a warm, slow-paced environment without losing any of the perks of living near a metropolis.

Seattle Professional Movers Have the Best Duvall Movers

Here at Seattle Professional Movers, we put our customers’ needs first. Our local company provides exceptional and diverse relocation services. If you decided to move to this small-town gem, you could rely on our team of professional Duvall movers for a pleasant experience. Saying hello to our trustworthy staff means saying goodbye to moving stress! But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews left by our satisfied customers.

We Provide Expert Moving Services At Affordable Prices

Every moving to-do list is filled with tedious, time-consuming errands, so enlisting professional help is always a good idea. Our local company specializes in a wide range of expert moving services that encompass even the most challenging aspects of relocation. From packing, loading/unloading the truck to in-and-out storage transportation, our team can handle it! If you’re interested in what our former customers have to say about the quality of service, read the reviews included on our website. Here’s what our company has to offer:

  • Packing Services: Packing requires a lot of energy and a significant amount of time and money. By hiring our professional packers, you’ll make sure everything’s packed and ready before the date arrives. Our team of experts can also provide you with high-quality packing materials. Don’t worry about how to pack glasses for moving or how to pack dishes for moving anymore because our packers have more than a few moving hacks up their sleeve.
  • Labor Only Service: With our labor-only service, you won’t have to lift a finger. Our employees will safely load your stuff on and off the truck. They can manage everything from small boxes to bulky furniture. However, there are some items movers won’t move, like flammable or hazardous materials. It’s better to get in touch with our agents beforehand to confirm.

Our Company Provides a Residential Moving Service

Having to move your entire home to a different location is a demanding task, no matter the distance. To ensure the whole process goes smoothly, book our team of experts to organize your residential move. Our experienced staff will help transport all your belongings and make sure you bring even the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

Our Duvall Movers Also Manage Commercial Moves

Whether it’s a corporation with several office spaces or a small ma and pa shop, our team can make it work. If you sign up for our cost-friendly commercial services, you won’t have to worry about the logistics of relocating a business. Our team of professionals is well-trained for handling anything, from office furniture transportation to packing electronic devices.

We Specialize in In-and-Out Storage Service

We are among the few Seattle moving companies that offer affordable in-and-out storage service. Our crew will transport your belongings from one storage facility to the other, all while making sure they arrive unscathed. If you want to declutter before the set date, we know where you can donate furniture in Seattle, Washington.

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We pride ourselves on being among the most reliable local moving companies in Seattle. If you read the wonderful reviews left by our former clients, make sure to contact us. You can reach us through our customer representative line or by filling out an online form. One of our agents will call you back within the next 24 hours to set a date for your relocation. We will gladly help you with your moving expenses checklist if you opt to get a free quote. You can rest assured full transparency is guaranteed, and there will be no hidden expenses. Contact us today, and start your journey with one of the most reputable companies in Washington State!

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