Frequently Asked Questions

The movers always wrap the furniture with plastic wrap and moving blankets and provide wardrobe boxes for the safe transport of clothes. If the customer decides to go with the full pack service the movers are going to pack all the smaller items into boxes as well.

Our movers can move safes without any problems. The weight limit is 450lbs.

Movers are in charge of the assembly of the furniture, wrapping of the furniture and belongings with wrap and moving blankets. Since we include the truck in the rate, the movers are going to load all your items in the truck and move them safely to your new location. Once we arrive at the drop off location our team of professional movers is going to re-assemble the furniture and place every item where you want them to.

There is only a small list of items that our team won’t be able to move. If you are planning to move heavier items you have to be aware that the weight limit is 450lbs.We do not move hot tubs or saunas as well. We always advise customers to move those particular items with a company that specializes in these items. If you are not sure about the size of the item, you can always give us a call and we can make a personalized quote for your move.

Our team has experience in moving pianos. We move upright pianos if there are no flights of stairs involved in moving the item.

Moving during a light rain does not cause any problems. Our team is prepared for any kind of weather. We always bring blankets and plastic wrap to cover the items and the floor after we arrive at the destination.

Our moving company advises customers to move the plants on their own since potted plants and flowers are very fragile and not easy to move in a moving truck.

When moving, there is always the dilemma if it’s better to move yourself or to hire a professional mover to help you out with your relocation. A professional moving company is a more efficient choice, since the team of experienced movers are more efficient at handling bulky items such as furniture and at transporting them in a truck and placing them in your new home. We are fully equipped with all the tools needed for disassembling the furniture. Besides, even under the best of circumstances, moving is very stressful. Hiring a professional moving company to carry all the baggage can help carry the stress out of your relocation.

Our moving company charges by the hour. We offer an all-inclusive hourly rate with no hidden or extra charges. The only obligation that we have as a fully licenced and insured company is a 3 hour minimum. There are no additional mileage or gas fees. The clock starts at our parking spot and stops once we return.

Our moving company doesn’t include tips in our pricing and tipping the movers is a nice gesture of our customers. If our team has done the job at your satisfaction, you can always leave a tip for them.

Professional movers can be found on our website, by requesting a quote on the website or by giving as a call. We also have a yelp page with all the necessary information about our moving services.

Whether you are planning to move from one apartment to another or moving the entire office, professional movers is always a good idea. Our team is always prepared to help you out with your new project.

It is always a good idea to schedule your move as soon as you have a moving date. We advise our customers to make a reservation four to six weeks before the moving date. If you found out that you are moving in a couple of days, you can always give us a call and we can check the availability for that particular day.

After the movers finish everything at the drop off location the customer pays for his move.

There are a couple of payment options for our moving services. The customer can choose if he wants to pay with cash, cashiers checks or money orders, or credit cards at the end of the move.

Our moving company requires a deposit to make a reservation. It is fully applied towards the final balance, so the customer only pays for the rest of the move when the relocation is done.

We are a licensed and insured moving company and because of that all of your items are insured as well. Basic coverage insurance is covered in the hourly rate. All of our movers are highly professional and well trained. But sometimes accidents do happen, but in that case we have a great customer care team who will find the best solution if any kinds of damages appear.

As any other professional moving company, we are not allowed to sell any higher level of insurance but the basic coverage. Seattle Professional movers has the basic liability insurance with a coverage of 60 cents per pound of weight.

Seattle Professional Movers is a local moving company serving the Seattle, WA area. We can accomodate moves in the cities in the area, such as Redmond, Kent, Issaquah or Kent.

Our moving company does not have a free cancellation policy. We require a deposit to make a reservation and it will be fully applied towards the final balance. If the customer decides to reschedule the move, the deposit will be applied to the new moving day if the customer reschedules at least 48 hours prior to the original moving date. In the case of cancellation, our moving company keeps the full deposit.

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